Dancing on the Wind

The wind kisses me on the cheek and sings of wondrous things,
Of mountaintops covered in snow and forests shining green.
Adventure calls me through the wind; I'll follow it if I dare.
As long as the wind is calling me, you'll find me dancing there.

Some say the wind is cold and fierce. It treads a winding path
Through fearsome places heroes of old would be loath to pass.
But I shall follow it, if I may. The wind is calling me
To dance with it until I find my hidden destiny. 

I will follow its winding path through the hurricane
Until it leads me back to my home again. 
Above the dark and lonely trees and down the mountain road
And then I'll finally leave it when I reach my home. 

Adventure's song is sweet and fierce. It has a throbbing beat.
It calls for me to answer it by singing with my feet. 
Do not fear for me at all, my family and my friends.
As long as Adventure calls me, I'll be dancing on the wind. 


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