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I've been...more places than I thought I would be. Shared many opinions with people that see, eye to eye, lie to lie. Why do we cry? Because people keep dying. Life is change, but it's much more deranged to remain the same. I can't contain, all of my feelings, cause I'm too deep in them. Is anybody listening? I mean anyone, the pendulum is swinging and its almost done and I try to run, while smoke fills my lungs. Gun to my head, make prayers instead, he's dead. In his coffin, coughing, with the demons mocking. But you can't mock a king. Aint enough gold rings to get you angel wings. Aint enough money to buy you everything. Just be a man, stand while you can. Because time heals all wounds, but ages too.

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You have a lot of potential. I was told it is better to focus on the poem and not yourself, be the on looker and not the narrator, or switching between you might need to transition a little better. Definitely Love it though.


I appreciate it! It is my first time posting one of my poems, but i will definitely take those things into consideration

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