Revolutionized Living


The white sandy beaches crash against the waves as if battling for the territory of land.

The birds fly through the air sending signals of impending danger

to their nearby relatives.

The sun passes through the sky as a referee,

indicating the commencement, half-time, and the end of the games.

I watch the water as it bends and observes the tactics of its opponent:

rethinking its attack based on those of its counterpart.

It readjusts to a higher form of combat in order to overcome its competition.

That higher form of thinking has gotten many the job few are capable of dreaming.

Observing the traditions of the cooperate world, many have opted to do more.

They’ve opted to be their own boss: to change the way they change the lives of others and


They’re entrepreneurs, and they’ve inspired me to do the same.

Rethinking my economic strategy

I take the reins of my company and guide my life to financial freedom.

I guide my life through the uncertainties and risk,

bending and folding like the waves of the ocean with the doubters as my sand.

I am the writer of my destiny,

the master of my fate.

I take my company, my plans, my dreams

and I turn them into beach money.

Money that gives me the freedom to come and go as I please,

to work and change lives the way these entrepreneurs did mine:

Creating a culture like no other,

having friends you can call family across the world,

and creating memories while earning a fortune.

So when the sands of the beach meet the waves of success,

and future generations look back to see what I’ve done,

my company will  show the commencement, half-time and completion of my dreams.

And the dash on my tombstone will say

“He challenged tradition and won.”


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