Take it Away

Your pain is my pain.

My pain is yours.

We share that just like we share blood.

Struggling to get up each morning.

Praying that we make it through our day.

We are our own warriors,

in our own war.

A war that we want to stop fighting everyday.

Wave the white flags, and just end it all.

Crazy how brother and sister share a different tragedy,

but sadly dream of the same fate.


And if not from me, then from him!

Take the pain away.

The pain that slowly tares us apart inside,

and shows on the out.

Sad right?

Take it away.

I'll take it away tonight.

It's gone for good,

and never coming back.

No one can remind us of what we lack!

No one can point out what makes us "different".

No one!

No more doctors.

No more hospitals.

It's all over tonight.

Sickle Cell.



And if not me, then him.

I'll take his pain away.

I'll change that today.


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