The Way a Summer Begins


United States
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The end of school is soon,
But yet I don't want to say goodbye.
When the clock strikes noon,
I feel as if a part of me will die.

I am fully prepared
For my last final of the year,
So that is not why I am scared.
But why then do I shed a tear?

I come out at ten happy as can be
As I have aced my test.
Then I remember what this day is to me
And solemnly go back to my nest.

On the way back I can only think of her,
My one and only honey.
I dont know how I can last a summer,
Just thinking about it makes my eyes runny.

Finally I'm back and with tears in my eyes,
I knock on her door and sob,
"Babe lets say our goodbyes".
I hear no answer so I turn her doorknob.

When I walk in the room is clean,
With not a trace of anyone there.
I look around and all that is seen,
Is a posted note on her chair.

Holding back a knot in my throat,
Thinking she can't have left with nothing said,
I bend over to pick up the note.
The short note read:

"I'm sorry I had to go,
It is over for you and me.
I just couldn't bare to show
how emotionless I would be to leave."

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There is always another one out there. In most cases there is more than one perfect match for somebody.

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