So little time, so much change.

I look back on myself from the beginning of 2016

The insecure, worrisome, self-conscious girl.

The one who would pretend that all was fine,

Nothing was remotely wrong.

The girl who would cry over her appearance.

Over her identity.

The girl who would only smile a mask of happiness,

In the facade of the masquerade,

In order to keep up the act.

Sure, she could've had it so much worse.

She could've been beaten, kicked out of her house.

But to her,

This was torture.

This was a living hell.

That girl sat silently for half a year.

Silently suffering.


The end of the year came

Once again.

She meets her end

And stands there

And takes her pain

Despair, Hate

Love and Joy

Grinding it up

All in a bowl.

The powder

That is made


It is so colorful,


Full of life

But having a hint of death.

And we gather

And stand around in a circle

As we slowly pour

Our past year

The powder of our lives

Drizzling into the holster.

As the cap closes

And the fuse is set.


The fire is lit

And we all step back

As our feelings

Shoot up into the sky

Exploding with a bang.

A display of color

As the fireworks erupt

Bang after bang

Joy displayed in yellow

Love in a bright red

Envy in green

And sadness in blue


She smiles as the colors splash

Against the dark night sky

Leaving her old self behind

And finding her new goals

As we dance under the bright works

Erupting over and over

Burning away what we were

To reveal the new coming,

New love born,

And goals set.

As she finds a new year

And says goodbye to last year

With our lives'


This poem is about: 
Our world


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