As the government cleans itself,

As the government cleans itself, it sees what is outside itself as more dirty.
After cleaning for years and years,
Humanity looks upon its clean world.
But a clean world is a dead world.
Concealed with concrete,
Dirty air, all this war...
What went wrong?
It is a chain that wont break.
It will only melt,
With love as its fire.

I want to melt the chains of oppression with my own firey heart.
I wish for peace and to be unrestrained.
Why keep the poor man behind bars,
While the rich man can pay his way out?
I have seen the ugly face of domestic violence.
I have witnessed racist snickering.
But I know that none of this is natural.
All these issues are man made.

I do not believe in rulers.
I believe in the mother earth.
I am a daughter of this world.
The breathe of life is my proof.

The earth has seen the begining of our time
And will be the last to watch it end.
I would like to die knowing that I have tooken this life in my hands.
That I have fought for my values.
My greatest fear is being a waste to those that have sacrificed for me.

As I tred upon the lonely streets,
I imagine a world that is built on hope not on backs.
Knowing, that the gift of a human mind
Is enough a tool to create the justice and change.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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