Yesterday can be Today.

As I write these lines

I hope it revives

The past generations, the past lives

To realize scrutinizes what Im about to say.

If I were to be heard, it would be now.

But in the past.

Not the people from the present, nor the future.

Becuase hear my words, none of the above is pleasant.

You see we have lost love, hope, respect.

Mankind is brutal.

But you have a chance, you had a choice.

You imagine what this world would be now?

If the past knew the present and the future.

Thats why I write to the past.

Change your ways.

Love your neighbors.

Dont discriminate.

Embrace individuality.

Motivate and enjoy.

Dont discriminate and destroy.

If there was a generation that has the most influence of our future.

It is our past.

So I write today, not be heard now, but to be heard yesterday.

So that tomorrow will be a better day. 

Now, for those who see or hear my words.

You can be the "yesterday" of tomorrow.

We all have a choice.

All we have to do is listen and just say

"hey, today can be the day."

Let yesterday be every tomorrow. 

We always look back into our past 

And tell ourselves.

"I wish I can go back and change my past" 

Well, you can't change the past.

What's done is done. 

But I tell you people of "yesterday"

Hear me now.

You are our tomorrow.

So please I beg you!

Change our yesterday, So that tomorrow can be a better today. 


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