You Look So Cold


Boston is such a beautiful city,

Especially in the winter.

Don't you love the lights that shine

On the trees near Quincy Market

And the laughter you hear

From the people all around you?

That couple walking down the street

Looks at each other with love in their eyes

And it makes me feel warm and happy inside

Because this place is so wonderful.

The happy couples, and pretty lights,

They make it hard to see

The sad parts of this city.

On a bench right next to me,

I see you shivering,

You look so cold.

Winter must be the hardest time for you.

These Boston streets are your home,

But that wooden bench is not warm,

Home is supposed to be warm.

I wish I could build a house around you

And give you a safe place to sleep.

My heart goes out to you

Because I could never live like that.

I wish I could change the way

You are living in this wonderful world.

I wish I could help you see the beauty in life

But I know that's hard when you are suffering every day.

If wishes really did come true,

I would wish that you weren't so cold.


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