I am.

It´s not about how good you are,

It´s about how good you want to be.

Write words cuz I feel better about it,

Live and love are bad words.

Thought love would come not hit.

I remember ever crease in your skin,

and the lips where I put my lip.

Live and love are bad words and I ain´t afraid to say them.

Time never works for you.

Time never replays for you.

Chicks that would die for you,

Are the chicks you find a fool

Makes you sit back and reflect on the fact that you´re just a tool.

Messed up from the very first date

Let lust catch up and beat out love

Now you reflect and find hate and shame

Wind back and inch forward

to find a little emoition to kick you towards

licking your own pain off a switchblade.

Cut, cut, cut and stop

You bleed in the mirror

Realize now you´re not

and you´re not that bad shot.

Assasin would be your profession 

if looks could really kill.

But took your time to change the inside

Heard, might and mind.

Not cuz she needs it but because you feel.

Common sense isn´t so common.

Thought I had it, now

Paint pictures with my words in the limelight,

Drop bars, lines, and hooks when the time´s right

Judge my words cuz you uptight.

Burns your chest keeps you all night.


More money, more lady, less family.

I just want to grow and be a daddy.

Cuz in the end I am. In the end I am.

I spoon feed these suckers with my lyrics.

So hard down your ears to your throat 

to the tips of your toes.

So for two years trying to right my wrongs,

now I´ll be writting my wrongs and wronging my rights,

and writting them down till we both get the story right.

Immortalizing our names on a side walk, side wall, side of a tree.

I´m trying hard to keep to the rules of litteracy.

Trying to not write for a buck cheap

But reviewed only once in sleep.

If you gave me a dime for every time I spit game

I would earn more than with this ryhme cuz I got game.

Now I dont mean any disrespect,

Since there is beauty in the opposition,

But that doesn´t take away from the fact he don´t look good on you,

or you on him, guess it´s your point of vision.

Sorry I had to. I guess I´m not as bitter as I once was.

Said you weren´t sure.

Still got you though.

I talk about spitting game

since after two years that´s all I have in my brain.

Making up for lost time, 

making out to make up,

Make, make, make, tell me what you want

Make me happy, 

make it sappy,

make me mad,

made you glad,

make me win.

 Won, went, and came.

Took you to school and schooled you.

I´m a bus, I do it every day.

Now, I don´t know what that means,

but I know that she was a burden,

at least I´ve learned but I´m still hurting.

Pale tan skin hugged your sweet bones,

till spring,

But summer is not close.

So glad to say she leaps

So sad to say it reaks

Girl gained good ground in two weeks.

However it took two people.

And it took me two years, 

and two hearts,

and it took two ears,

and two eyes,

and two hands,

two feet,

two lovers,

One me,

and one the other.

To realize that I can just be,

since you dont define me.


I can be everything I want to be.


I am.


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