Miles of Smiles

I am not feelin’ good.

Instead of staying in my sheets

I will hit the streets

It was a bad day

But this will be a good run.


I decide to wear one of my “marathon finisher” shirts

It reminds me of what I love to do

As soon as I start to have second thoughts,

My running shoes are pulling me out the door


And then I’m off

My feet strike the ground with emotions

Sad, angry, stressed, the pavement feels it all.


My pace is fast

I am flying, my shadow dancing behind me

The wind rushes in my face and the cool air runs through my body

Now I am feelin’ good.


One mile isn’t enough, I know it too well.

Of course I can do more than two, I smile to myself.

Five miles later,

I’m left with nothing but a smile.

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