Why I Write

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 00:10 -- hegreer

My first day of School!
I write because Mommy said so.
My teacher is beautiful; I really hope she likes me.
I write because my cursive needs practice.
I need an A in English for my allowance.
I write because I have an essay due.
Summer is always the worst; everyone else is at the pool.
I write because there’s nothing better to do.
My friend Bridget is an archer and Jenn is an artist.
I write because I need a cool hobby.
I am in love with Edward Cullen.
I write because I want to be the next Stephenie Meyer.
Why can’t my parents understand me?
I write because the words are the only things that keep me happy.
All of my friends are really talented. What am I good at?
I write because I have to get better.
Why does it seem like I never agree with Mom anymore?
I write because I need to get these crazy ideas out of my head.
I’ve finished my third story.
I write because, what else would I do?

I write because I have found that there is no room left to grow within the confines of myself.


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