Forget the wants, it's all about the needs and necessities


Food, water and shelter

That's it..

That's what I would focus on

If I had the chance to change the world.

I'm serious, all other issues aside


Food, water and shelter would be my key topics


A starving little child getting the proper nutrition

Everyone on Earth should be provided,

He could cure skin cancer


Or syphillis


Shelter, food and water

What about the Vietnam veteran?

Who went off to war to be welcomed back

By homelessness.

He could have a nice, warm cozy house to sleep in at night,

Instead of the cold, mean streets

Were he stir lonely and forgotten


Water, shelter and food

How about a child in Indonesia who doesn't have excess to clean

Viable water?

She could be strong, confident and healthy if only she had water,

The most precious substance in the world,

Above money, clothes and jewelry.

Simply water..


Food, shelter and water

I CHOSE these three because they are interconnected

They are the reason a lot of pain and suffering floods

The world I live in,

And causes many hardship and pain

So in turn they are no longer three words

but one.

We are all one.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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