Change: What Do You Mean?


to make something different, transform, or convert,

making a difference in lives, or committing to work,

for change is never accomplished because it is always needed,

and if it isn't effort put forth than any work feels cheated.

Because there is no such change that can give something new, 

because there's a different perspective coming from me to you.

You can change the signal but the response is still the same,

why are we repeating history steps like if it was a game.

Change is good and beyond any measure its pretty grand,

but tell me: how exactly what change has been caused by your hand?

If I would change anything, I would make change be nonexistent,

because without it than the world would already be perfect.

We live a life of change day to day without even knowing it,

either by the way you see or the way that you hear it.

Change isn't a word, it is a symbol which can be seen as good or bad,

but do you know how much is enough? How much have you had?

Civil rights brought color into the world and that is a blessing it's true,

but what do you do when there is no electricity because the bills are due.

Technology has advanced us and brought in more income, it's true,

but out of the hundreds you know, you only keep up with a few.

There is new standards of education and safer laws in place,

Yes, its true. But does that make it better or worse depending on the race.

I am African American and this is not an outcry,

because my identity is in something greater than my color,

for what I know is far beyond my years and that I do try,

but to seek change is controversial to one or the other.

Now, I may be bashed when I say that change should be changed,

because with anything of the like it seems to bring both help and pain.

I've undergone a change and it has been nothing but joy and wonder,

that its bridged hearts of millions and brought plenty of us together.

Now if you want to know that change then I can surely tell you,

but it's going to cost you the way you think, the actions you do.

For I surrendered my life to Christ and that in itself seems complicated,

but making that choice is easier than love and hatred.

So don't lack in faith and pursue after the truth in justice,

but through Him alone, the true change comes and that is a real difference.


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