It's Not Okay

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 11:03 -- JCyrus9

It’s not okay

You know, it’s just not

It’s not okay that I can’t just be me

You say that me is all I can be

But, then, tell me why I can’t be me when I’m with thee.


It’s not okay that I can’t be Black

You may think that I’m being paranoid

But I see your stares

I hear your thoughts in my head as loud as day

I hear you try to claim me and take me away from my people that they call them

I can't dress like them

I can't act like them

I can't be like them

But it’s not because of my own volition

It’s not because I want to conform to your twisted sense of decency

It’s because I have to

It’s because I don’t want to be put in your box

A box of the broken, oppressed, and depressed

Shot down in the street, left to bleed without arrest

Beaten down and trodden upon

And not a century ago, we were hanged and drawn upon

But they’re my people

How can I not be there for my people?

You think that they aren’t my people

But they are my people, every day, in every way

They are my community, my racial family

But according to you

That’s not okay

But according to me

It is okay


It’s not okay that I can’t be Bisexual

Like I have to be Gay or Hetero

But, even then, according to you

Hetero is the way to go

Why can’t I be both and more?

I will stand in front of every homophobe and say it loud and clear

I like guys and girls, and everyone in between, and there’s nothing you can do about it

But your small brain can’t comprehend that, now can it?

Someone who likes more than one gender?

Someone who’s attracted to even the same sex?

The hate suffocates me

Those who tell me that I can’t be me

That I can’t love me

That I can’t love others

For far too long we’ve been kept in the shadows

Denied God's blessings by those who would slay us

But we, the queer, we are strong, we are prideful, and we are brave

We are perfect in His image


In every way


It’s not okay that our youth are forced to struggle

With a school system that only cares about a 3 or 4 digit number or a 1 letter symbol

With the presence of drugs that tear apart the families they need and love

With a society that seems to just not care about them.

And that’s not okay

It’s not okay that we can’t be ourselves

It’s not okay that we’re forced to wear these masks made of stone

Wearing down our beautiful faces and covering up our gorgeous bodies

These masks, that keep us from loving ourselves

These fake personas, telling us how to look

How to walk

How to talk

How to feel

How to act

How to live

That is not okay!


But, unless we make the change today

It will be our destiny in future days

And that’s not okay

It’s Not Okay.


~L.L. Livingston

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



I love this. your words are powerful."the hate suffocates me" I really felt this statement.

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