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Walking the dreams of something that will never come true

Why love when you know rejection is on the way

When a boy is going to laugh and call you a hoe

Why bother to courage yourself with love

A boy is just like society

Cruel and Mischievous

Who said there wasn't going to be a heart break

I try to hide from the pain

But when you say it verbally

What else can I say

You tell me that you love me

But is it really true

I write your name on my arm just so I can be with you

Now that I learn that your a disappointment

You broke my heart

Just like my dad did my mom

Why bother to try at love

When love was what I thought I had

They say a mind is the strongest thing you have

But mine has been weakened

I tried to ignore your words of cruelty

But all I remembered was my dad

Now I sit back and write this poem

Writing this poem

Because I wish that you would call or text back

But hey I cant make you

I don’t need you

But yes I want you

You weaken my

Heart, Spirit, and Mind

Just because you called me a”thot”

You wouldn’t be the first

That’s all people think of me as

So, Yeah your right maybe I am

Maybe I'm a teenage screw up

Maybe I was desperate

Or blinded by your squeaky voice

Or the way you pretended to comfort me

Was that really real

Were you just trying to hit it and quit

Am I a tissue to you

Because you blew my mind

Now I'm not sure if I'll ever love the same

I mean come on I waited for you

For 2 years

I could finally say 11.12.13

Or did you say yes because you didn't want to say no

The lies on your face glow

You've always been a pro

At talking to girls

You meant a lot to me

Now you're nothing more than boy

I can't deny that I didn't and still don’t love you

This was just how God planned it

For me to meet a bitch like you

And this is all true


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