Love is the Cure


If I could change the world, I wouldn't change it. 

For we already have the capability to rearrange it. 

We are a feeling species.

Full of love and of hate.

Yet we cannot appretiate that fact. 


We are so diverse by the means of our emotions 

That they conflict with each passing notion. 

One will love the color blue. 

But someone else will hate that hue. 

If we all were able to simply love

Everything the same.

This world would be much more humane. 

Yet we cannot tap into that power. 


We simply dream of the idea of love. 

What it feels like;

its first touch. 

We read about it in stories. 

How they had first met.

How their place in the world finally felt set.

And when they kiss its all said and done. 

Love is a power. 

It shouldn't be run from. 


If we weren't afraid of love 

The walls would break. 

Hearts wouldn't ache. 

History would remain in the past. 

The broken bones we've caused will finally heal inside love's cast. 

If we all simply learned to love

and be loved in return,

the world would be forever changed. 

This is why I wouldn't do a thing.


Love as much as I can. 

And take each day in stride. 

Love with my soul.

Love all my life. 


And take everyones hand. 

Walking side by side. 

This world we live in, simply needs to be loved. 

 I will will do that...

Beyond and above.


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