Young Ladies

Thu, 07/10/2014 - 12:02 -- quiness


Young ladies too young to know what real love is. Too young to be dropping out of school. Popping out 3 or 4 babies at a time, spreading your legs for anything that walks by. Do you have any respect for yourself? Love yourself enough to get an education. Stop being so blindsided by the words that you hear. You are beautiful Queens, Black, African, White, Latina, Hispanic should I go on. You deserve more than that weak dream, strive for that American dream. Go to college prove everyone wrong. Instead of trying to be the badist b*tch, with your fake ass and titts. Posting naked pics on the gram just for some 2,000 likes. Standing in the snow wearing booty shorts and a crop top. Are you scared to buy some real clothes? Young ladies use your brain, nobody is going to respect somebody who doesn't respect themselves. Yet you still get mad when someone calls you a thot, b*tch, hoe, slut all over facebook and the gram. But yet you potray yourself as something worth less than human. Stop posting videos and pictures of you giving your body to these unworthy boys. And start posting pictures and videos of things worth presenting, like your good grades or family. Young ladies growing up in a society where the sky is the limit and you can be anything you want if you work for it. Stop being so narrow-minded with your opportunities, and bowing down to these men instead of rising up. Young ladies lets take a stand and change this dreadful generation into something worth mentioning.


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