Through the Eyes of an Animal.. We Can Feel Too

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 19:09 -- scw1215


We as humans go about our day, simply living our lives

Using cosmetics, soap, and basic cleaning supplies.

But how do some of these things come to be?

How is it determined their level of safety?

Let us look at these companies,

Examine them more closely,

One can only imagine the evils we will see.

Animals in crates sized much too small,

Fearing their fate as they cower against the walls.

One can only wonder what these creatures are feeling,

How their minds must be reeling,

Let us pause and look at the world through the eyes of these animals...

Where am I, what am I doing here?

This place is so strange, it fills me with fear.

There are humans all around me speaking strange words,

What are they saying, oh dear some are stepping forward.

I must try to hide, to flee, to escape,

I have a terrible feeling I shall soon meet a horrible fate.

Oh no, they have me, what are they doing to me?

Someone is holding me down, shaving the fur off of my body.

Now they have put something on my skin,

It burns, oh how it hurts, could this be the end?

Now I'm back in my tiny cage still feeling this pain,

I hope this stops soon.. or surely I will go insane!

What did I do to deserve this, humans, what did I do to you?

When will you see that we animals can feel too...

Now look through your own eyes again after seeing how they feel,

Do you now understand that an animal's pain is real?

So now I ask, I plead with you, do not support animal testing,

There are more humane options, that is all I am suggesting.

If I could change one thing about our world right now,

I would stop this and all animal cruelty, some way, somehow.





Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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