The Little Flower

The seed of the little flower was dropped by a mother bird trying to feed her little chicks. The seed happened to drop into a yard where it was overtaken by weeds and was savagely destroyed by pollution. Days passed and the little seed found it's way into the soil, and it started to grow it's roots. It had to fight for it's water because the weeds were bullying the seed and taking the water that the seed needed to grow. This was not a yard for a seed to thrive... definitely not this little one. The little seed was not going to go down without a fight. Behold! The small seed started to make it's way up from the ground. Pushing through the weeds and the many oppositions. The soil was impenetrable, but the seed made it's way through to ingrain it's roots. The weeds were bothersome, but the seed obtained the water that it needed to survive. The seed was a seed no more, it became a beautiful flower. The flower brought beauty and meaning to a desolate place. This flower was nothing but a seed, but it went through a vigorous metamorphosis. Is it still the same thing? Yes. It's a seed that was dropped, but fought to become something beautiful even when the odds were against it. So, are you willing to go through change like the little seed?


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