An interpersonal Dialogue: Why Change?


 Tell me Sterling, what is "change?"

" A verb; to make or become different.

Whether it be yourself

Or the things around you."


Why would someone want that?

      " They may have a burning passion for innovation  and creativity,

Or perhaps are dissatisfied with the current state

of the problem or entity they wish to change."


If this is true, why do many people sit and let their problems worsen?

" Because change is jarring

and sometimes mortifying.

As human beings we fear what we cannot comprehend

and Fear begets hate"

Could you explain.

"For example, many wish to erase hate from the hearts of others,

yet they cannot seem to ignore the physical or ideological differences 

between themselves and others.

  In addition, many blame others for being overzealous and greedy

but they themselves are boastful about their accomplishments and advantageous characteristics."

You seem to echo some religious values dogma

 "I cannot help that

its ingrained in my Baptist upbringing

and in our society general.

 Some avid atheists even structure their philosophies after christian principles."

That being said, if you could change anything what would you change?

   " If I said myself, then that would be to shallow.

   If I said the world, then many would consider that overrated and superficial.

    So I decided that I would say both

 and be both shallow and superficial.


I would make sure everyone has a means to  education,

I would abolish  violence and war,

I would find a remedy for depression and sorrow.

Everyone would everyone have optimal health care and nutrition."

     As for myself...

I would make myself a few inches taller

Give myself athletic ability

Raise my IQ by 200%

and make myself more attractive."


Do you honestly believe you can implement all of these changes?

"No. I was wistfully speaking of the hypothetical."

So what is one feasible change you would make?

" I would abandon my negativity for a more positive perspective

So that I may encourage others to be innovative."

What's the hold up?

Perhaps it's my fear of change.

I am human after all.

But each day I am taking small steps to eradicate that fear.


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