The Crown

Sun, 10/27/2013 - 22:17 -- a.lee1


The Crown

The bearer of the crown is not the same as the wearer

Perhaps sometimes they can be the same, if the wearer is

Not a puppet on strings of words spun from silky mouths

Those that bear the crown are most burdened indeed

Liars, Murderers, Sluts, Defilers, and Hatred-Furnishers,

Innocents, Philanthropists, Protectors, Truthful, and Peace-Keepers,

Can you account for them all?

You, the crown-bearer?

But no-

Your people go ungoverned

Impoverished, Hiding, Stealing, Cheating, and Surviving

Heavy is the crown that claims your brow,

And darker is its intent than the shadows of your heart

Its power will crush you,

But you will survive

As a sliver of your former self,

Half-formed and weak,

The power of the crown will control you

It will eat your hopes,

And flay your heart

You will have no other answer than the surrender you will give it

And the crown will chuckle-

It knew what it wanted all along

Your soul

The kings will not go unpunished

In fact, their penalty will be greater than that of the common man

The crown rules you-

How long will it take for you to throw it away?

Or will it die with you, and be buried in your coffin,

And live to see the worms eat your body as it did your mind?

Do not allow yourself to be tempted by the power,

For it will prove too much

And the day will never shine upon you such as it once did

For you will become the crown-bearer

The Ruler, Ruled


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