New Beginnings

The once was a time when everything was right, right? But now its a different story...there used to be a time when there was no thought of loving anyone else, but today its a different is not like it once was, it is not like the beginning and it is definitely not the end, but were caught somewhere in between a cross section of what was and what could be and who it could be with. I am sure the option is not really a decision to make when it comes to you...I know it's not for me, but I still want to feel like you are fighting for me! Like that love we once had was never ending, never diminishing, never torn apart by outside actions and forces. It's time to start new is not the our first beginning it will never be, but I want to start fresh...I want to start fresh. I want to feel that fight, that love like I did before, before anything ever happened...that I hopelessly love you and I can not stand to be without you feeling. That feeling of I do not want this to ever end feeling...I want our new beginning again.



I hope you get your new begining


Thank you I do to :)


Can you read my poem? I was REALLY nervous about posting it and I need someone else's opinion. Its called "Your Heart"

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