I woke up 30 minutes past eight,

And School starts at nine.

I know that I will be late,

So I give up trying to be on time.


I walk into the class ten minutes after the bell

And you say ‘get a tardy pass’

I don’t feel like going through hell

Just because I walked into the class.


30 minutes later, I hear a voice so light

Murmuring about a test or two,

I wish you would disapper out of sight,

Because life would be better without you.


Five minutes before the class must end,

I fall asleep, and you start to fuss

As you yap, I want to kick your shin

Which would explain my obvious look of disgust.


Just Shutup, for goodness’ sakes!

I don’t need any lip from you,

If you continue, I’ll get out the mace

And that will be the end of ‘teachers rule’.


But I am a good child,

So I will endure this pain until the end!

I will pass your class so wild.

And once I pass, I’ll burn my books

For I’ll never take you again!


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