A Change Of Plans

For all you who think you have your life set

Your dreams and your plans, the goals that you’ll get

I have a small warning that you should hear

Chaos will happen; the future’s not clear.

I know it’s true. The story of my life

has been full of change, though not always strife.

Some people think that their own way is best,

but paradigms can be put to the test.


Twas freshman year, my world turned inside out

My dream was to be a singer, no doubt.

Then the chance to go to Cambodia

would be the first to combat my phobia

of the hint, chance, or possibility

that missions was where God was calling me.

I hesitated, but He tugged my heart

and through prayer, I decided to take part.

A chance that I took and do not regret

The way God moved there, I’ll never forget.

During English Camp, deep friendships were built.

God’s great love blossomed and will never wilt.

It’s clear, full time missions became my heart,

but when overseas is not when that starts.

The Great Commission is no more my fear.

Now daily I’m a missionary here.


Again, I’m surprised at where the Lord leads.

I gained a passion to serve special needs.

Hesitant to join the BREATHE ministry,

to work with kids with disabilities

God tugged on the strings of my heart again

and called me to be a very special friend

a Buddy, in fact, is what I am called,

and every single week I stand enthralled

at the amazing ways God has used me

to bless the life of my buddy Robbie.

Although the future has no guarantees

I want to take this outreach overseas.

To far off countries where life seems hostile,

I’ll share love through this and preach the Gospel.


Life couldn’t get much crazier than this

but there’s one more story I couldn't miss.

I established values about dating

and because of that found myself waiting

at least until college to think about

saying yes to a guy who asked me out.

The most important quality to me

was for this special future guy to be

a mature, souled out follower of Christ

for me to even consider a tryst.

I gave God my heart and said I’d never

date someone in high school, but however...

I met a special guy three months ago

whose souled out heart for Jesus always glows.

I knew that we’d be great friends, nothing more

but then after we hung out more, I swore

the conversation I dreaded would come.

I prayed I wouldn’t make a choice so dumb

as to throw my past promises away

so when he first asked, I told him delay.

I had many questions about this thing

and I hoped that twenty-one wouldn’t sting.

He prayed about each question with such care.

I’m so surprised that he didn’t get scared!

Next week, we went to Panera at one.

My mind was blown at what Eric had done.

Packet of answers, seven pages long

I realized God brought me him all along.

Now we're official despite my past plan.

Never thought I'd find such a godly man.

Our dates have been filled with time in God's word.

Any outsider might think it's absurd

that we think the world's view of love is skewed.

So with our relationship, we elude

the mundane routine that our culture brings.

We’re more interested in lasting things

like sharing God’s love with someone in need

or growing more through a good Bible read.

We've so much in common, I've named a few

We both want to be missionaries too.

I’m stunned by how well we fit together!

Does God make mistakes? Now that’s a “never”!


I had my own long list of dreams and plans

but surrendered my life into God’s hands.

Giving him control was hard, I admit,

but fear’s outweighed by his love that I get.

I once beheld a long list of nevers

but God has changed my heart for the better.

I trust that He has awesome plans for me

I gave Him my all, now I’ve been set free!


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