Mornings ARE not the best part of the day

if i was able to change one thing, i would probably change dealing with people in the morning at school. I am NOT a morning person, and i get irritated very easily during the a.m.

Don't get me wrong, i am a nice person and i can be lovable. i am a dramatic, funny person (when i choose to be) and i can be as patient as a snail. No, i do not know how I got snail from patience, but I'll figure it out later in life. ANYWAYS...

I can not STAND the gulpage of someone drinking their beverage next to my ear socket. If I can HEAR you swallow the substance of your liquid, you will probably find me staring at you with a look of disgust, wonder, and irritation.

I despise the drumming of one's pencil against the metal of the desk. Now, i don't mind the drumming, I mind the fact that the drumming has no sort of rhythmic beat. Who wants to hear a bunch of metal clacking, uncoordinated, disappointing, so-called music for an hour? I don't.

I loathe the people who are late and have the NERVE, the DISRESPECT, and the AUDACITY to bring starbucks or mcdonalds. You trifling Child of God! First off: You are late. Second: I'm going to have to hear and watch you eat your greasy morsel, and hear you engage in the slurpage of your orange juice.

There are so many more irritations, but I would like to change particular characteristic about me.






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