Growing up I had a perception of the world, 

one that was filled with happiness, love, and friendship,

but it soon began to slowly fade, just like past memories.

It started when I began to see the hate in all things around me, 

the end to long friendships, money, and war.


I lost a friend, someone that gave me a better view of the world,

someone that is known as innocence.

Seeing the hate, hunger and depression in the world made me realize the 

reality of how hateful it is.


Why is it that we hate, why is it that we tear each other down, break each other down, 

we should be loving each other, helping each other, giving towards each other.

Seeing all this, the hate began to grow in me, I didn't find hate in others, but I found hate in me.


I had false perceptions of beauty, false limitations put in young girls like me,

I realized the world wasn't how I imagined it in my little head.

I was different, it was hateful, complicated, and dangerous. 


I realized I can make a change, you, me, us, WE can make a change.

We can help better the world by going to school, learning, helping others.

I learned that although the world might be full of hate, I can teach to love,

I can teach to help, to work hard, to be a model for others around me.

We will be the ones who save the oceans, who help those in need, who break barries. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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