The Power of Two

Words have power beyond our control.

The power to heal, the power to kill,

They tell what has happened, and sometimes, what will.


Words paint pictures that are vivid and full.

With brushstrokes and mastery unrivaled by all,

With images full, bright, and incredibly drawn.


Words create language we share with our peers,
Ideas, thoughts, images thrown to and fro,

With processing flying and telling us “go!”


Words imbed music that caress our ears,

The tones of the words work to give us a hint,

Of the song’s basic purpose, and musician’s intent.


These sounds we call words fly around us so wildly,

They jumble and scramble in the air left and right,

Conveying ideas, thoughts, poems, music, and sight.


A word spoken harshly, or ever so mildly,

Gives a tint to the message that it will bear,

It turns a jab to a joke, or a plea to a prayer.


Yes, words have their power over our bodies and minds,

Millions of words travel into our head,

We get troubled and worried over what someone said.


But two simple words, spoken by the Creator of mankind,

Can give us a peace we don’t understand.

He tells us, forever, to remember, “I AM.”




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