Women's Rally: The Annoyance of Ignorance

Women standing in the crowded downtown,

Hold home-made signs in their hands.

Many of them read, 

"Keep your laws off my body".

I am one of these women who stand,

Although my hands are empty.

I am too young to understand 

What they are "fighting for".

At least that is what people say,

When I argue that America has made progress.

The people who fight so hard for their rights,

Condemn those of us who are considered young.

To that I say, 

Your rioting, your signs, your rallies,

They are useless in the eyes of the government.

Change is made by actions,

Not with vulgar words.

We went from a country where 

Even the president owned slaves,

And where women going to school

Was unthinkable,

To a country where people 

Who love the same sex,

Are able to get married.

And those women who stood with their signs?

They are able to vote. 

We are able to dress the way we want,

Talk the way we want

While women in other countries don't have that freedom.

I know that America is not perfect,

No country is.

But we are getting there. 

So when I found myself in a women's rally?

I turned back around, 

Knowing that no matter how hard they screamed,

It's those who are tactical about change,

Who are able to make it. 


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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