Lost but never forgotten

Life would never be the same without you.

My small world was forever changed on that November day.

I never really understood why this had to happen, and I cannot say I do now.

It happened in the matter of one day, time flew by so fast that I didn’t see it coming.


I didn’t cry the first few days because I was so shocked.

I don’t think I did anything for the week mom let me skip school.

I kept expecting you to walk through the door every day for months.

But I do not think I’ve felt that sad since then even though it still hurts.

So I eventually stopped denying it, and I came to my senses.

I realized you wouldn’t want me to feel this way, so I started to make an effort again.


But I’m alright now, and so are you

You’re in a much better place and I know that but it hurts.

Although, you’ll always be here through the things you did for this world.

Even if you didn’t realize it, you did so much for this world.

You would have given the clothes off your back for someone if they needed it.

You would be there for everyone you loved no matter what.

Most things you did was for the benefit of others.

You always looked out for your family.

And you’ve forever imprinted this world


This poem is about: 
My family


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