Guilty Descendants


300 years of slavery,

300 years in chains,

One hundred years of bravery,

This finally led to change.

Fifty years later followed Obama’s campaign,

Somehow we are still scared from all the previous pain,

Another child was slain probably raised by a gang,

And nowadays it seems we adapt to the slang,

Because in our society it is not hip to sound scholarly,

Four-hundred years ago we were considered property,

This is why I am celebrating,

They fought for our generation,

Prayed for integration,

The demise of segregation,

A history of inspiration,

From slaves to inaugurations.

This is simply a reflection of our progression from oppression no longer present,

Thanks to my God, who is omnipresent.

Lord knows I appreciate my roots,

But lord protect the future of our youth,

Because all our role models either rappers or they hoop,

And the world expects us to be dead by twenty-two.

Or if we are still alive,

We are doing twenty-five to life in prison,

Guilty Descendants of men and women with vision

We take for granted what is given,

And that is nonsense,

Pray you understand my concepts,

Let my mind rest and God Bless,

Guilty Descendents

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