Keep Moving Forward

I have to keep reminding myself that I knew that this was not going to be an easy task,

And it is simple to keep it together during the day, but lose it at night when you take off your mask.

But everyday, as if nothing ever happened, you get up and try again,

And you force yourself to keep moving forward despite all of the pain.

And it's not the kind of pain that you can just put a band aid on and everything will be fixed,

Because the people around you try to understand, but it leaves you with feelings that are mixed.

On one hand, you know that they are trying their best,

But in other ways, it makes you feel like they are like the rest.

That they have the best intentions, but they are constantly trying to fix something that they can not see,

And it leaves you wondering, that maybe there is something wrong with me.

Despite whether that is true or not, you need to give yourself more credit,

Because you can't just go back in life and leave some changes and edits.

I know that you wish you could, I think we all do,

But all of the things that you went through, the good and the bad, make your story part of you.

Without all of the times that you got knocked down, there would be no interesting part of that story,

Because everyone loves the underdog that finally got to reach their glory.

And whether you want to admit it or not, your moments of failure and despair are the highlights of your tale,

Because they remind everyone that you can keep going, despite the fact that you think you failed.

And one day, your story will reach everyone and it will have a major impact on them,

Because everyone will be able to see that you can change at any point, regardless of where you come from.

Sometimes that may be the only thing that is keeping you going, 

And it can be the one thing that will keep pushing you forward when you feel yourself slowing.

That maybe this whole time, you have been looking at this whole thing all wrong,

And you have wasted so much time, because you have been doing it for so long.

Maybe instead of focusing on proving the people wrong who want to see quit,

And who keep knocking you down every time you take another hit,

Focus on the ones who want to see you succeed and go far,

Because those are the people who love you, and will take you as you are.

They take you with the good and the bad, and even everything that is in between,

Because they are the ones who will eventually help you to get clean.

But helping you move on one step at a time from the bruises, the scars, and the cuts,

And they are the ones who are going to help you get out of the rut.

Because being stuck in your own and not being able to get out is a terrifying feeling,

And having your head spinning in so many directions can leave you reeling.

But you need to remind yourself that you have gotten out of it before, and that you need to take it just one step at a time,

Because eventually, as you continue to heal, you will be able to take control and change your own mind.



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