Sisters To Strangers

Dear broken heart,

The comfort of childhood friendships

ripped away by the appeal of high school recklessness and self discovery.

As you seem to find yourselves,

I dive deepper into the forest of rejection and fake smiles.

"Come back," I whisper,

but you are already skipping away

nonchalantly carrying the broken pieces of my happiness I once gave you like a charm braclet. 

While you get lose in thoughts of your new found futures

I am here obsessing over our old glory pasts.

You're drinking juice out of wine glasses,

signing leases with crayola,

throwing yourself into a world you have to understand.

"Come back," I whisper,

but a force much more powerful than any of my words has you 

hypnotized, compliant.

A force known for her long, blonde hair and

compulsive lying.

I should have known you weren't going to be strong enough to resist it

the boys, the popularity, the secutity,

everything I could not give you.

We were supposed to be there for each other

through thick and thin,

but right now as I stand here on a wire too thin

for me to balance, 

you are not here.

In fact you are so far gone

so gone that when I see you I no longer see

the young girl that used to let me win at board games so I wouldn't get upset.

No, now we are playing big girl games

in this pond of a school

and everyone else refuses to give me the rules.

So, you win,

I lose.

I lose you.

When I see you I no longer see

girl who would tell me all her secrets because what was hers was practically mine.

To the girl who once called me her sister,

all I see now is a stranger who found it too easy to walk away

without even knowing they were doing it.

My mother keeps telling me no let our connection be tossed aside,

forced to take a side 

robbed by the plastic princess

she says you have to fight for what you love.

But how do you fight for someone

when they don't even realize there is a war?


This poem is about: 
My family
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