If I Could Bring You Back

Thu, 02/27/2014 - 14:55 -- kirby49


If I could ask a simple favor,

from memories I simply savor,

I would change my history,

to bring my bestfriend back.

A four legged friend,

a happy friend-lost to a broken heart.

It was an utter surprise,

that I truely dispise,and then we were torn apart.

If I knew his death was near,I would change the thing thats dear:

I would change to fufill his happiest days,

and join him in his glourious plays.

Rolling in grass and pouncing in flowers,

giving him joy in his rightful powers.

I would change how time went by,

and at least say my rightful goodbye.

But I'm afraid to say our play is paid,

and his paws now walk in a holy way.


I say "goodbye, I'll see you again!"

But only if I could change one more time, just to say hi,

joined in our bonding once more.


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