Mon, 09/29/2014 - 15:33 -- jmarr13

Born of copper intertwined,

On a hot press in 1969.

Never meant to be worth more than a cent,

Carrying a rigid core that could not be bent.

With all of the shoving, moving tossing and throwing,

It was that core that kept him going


With over 45 years of circulation,

 he strolled through every state in the nation.

A long and eventful life well spent,

Considering he was merely a cent


As he tumbled around in yet another dryer,

His thoughts grew heavy as the heat got higher.

He felt just like you and me

And did not know his destiny


He tumbled into the pocket of an old shirt

 Where he found a new sense of comfort

 In Moments like this, he remembered he had no home

He had always been one and too often alone


The other coins in his life came and went

  to other banks and shops to be spent

He wished to be bigger and smaller than none,

The very next moment.. the dryer was done


His shirt was pulled from the rest,

And now laid near a little boys chest

He felt the thumping and

The little boy’s heart pumping


The boy then walked to a nearby garden

And in the middle, there stood a fountain

He gathered all the hope he had left

And placed it into that one cent


With a face full of tears

He wished for a few more years,

 Held the coin firmly in a fist

Lifted his hand and flicked his wrist


The coin fell to the fountain floor

Where he was not alone anymore

 He thought, “The universe had answered, how strange,

A wish for a wish, an even exchange!”

Now, surrounded with friends a new job to do

The coin worked on making the boys wish come true


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