Love Thyself



Who do I turn to when I feel trapped?
The walls cave in and the room is black. 
Before all this I thought my future was fine
Now I see life isn't as fine as wine
No one to help or to give me a hand
Life isn't so sweet 
Because it ain't candy land!
I'd spread out my arms at the tip of the peak
All because I think my life starts to reak.
I think to myself if I let go
Will death come at me fast,
Or will I start to flow?
Flow down to the shallows
So that I have time to think.
And I realize I need to put in the effort to turn my life pink
God will pull me out before my shatter. 
After asking him for help, it always starts to get better.
Even though no one else extends out their hand.
I know I will have to do the best that I can.



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