Take a big whiff and smell the pungent smell of name brand perfume and fumes This nigeritis chokes the esophagus with promises to bring human carcassesShiny belt buckles match the color of these infected smiles hoping this trend lasts a while Money man Sam must flaunt his green to remind everyone of the money he is getting has always been the same thingWhite man in the mini van might want to roll up his Windows and turn on the a/c fans Cus This disease is quite contagious, effecting the majority of our race throughout this nation.Cutting the elation between father and child while mother chases promised consisted cash flow to live off This epidemic goes unnoticed to my disbelief No Red Cross relief delivering antidotes Instead anecdotes are told of shootings and cop beatings Wheezings off of overdoses and Notions on barbecue toasts  But, Oh man this pandemic will be the death of weHope not to effect my ethnic siblings But I see no line in front of the clinic to bring amends to this monstrosityThe monsters to cause this wide spread infection go quite content To successfully blind us of what life truly contendsWhile having us contest amongst each other over frivolous things  The man most contagious of the cancerous nigeritis has with him the goldest of teeth to symbolize his yellow beneathThis man has pants below the waistband to remind his value is as low as it can goThis man pursues a career in street pharmaceuticalsLosing those closest to the things that he continues to sell  Oh well oh well the welfare will cover the check, because this nigiritis going unchecked seems not to mind the attention of those it mindsBecause as the infected always say-If I ain't broke then why brake it?-

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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