One Day

Fri, 11/09/2018 - 11:19 -- Abdur

One Day


Abdur Raheem


When there is nothing but hate, only the people shall rise.

Do what we must do, with no rules to abide.

In an ongoing war we must try

in order to keep our spirits alive and survive.

We may not be equal to the “people’’ that we live in society with,

but hear this!

One day we’ll wake up and everyone will love among each other,

no fear of one another, no killing among each other

no hatred towards a Brother.

Just a peaceful world, just because of your skin

shouldn’t mean you get special things.

We breathe the same air, live among each other.

We are all humans, our skin may be different

but we are alike in so many ways.

You may not realize this now but eventually everyone will realize.

Change will come and as of right now we shall speak,

speak until we prove to them that we aren’t weak,

prove to them we all share privileges and

the best privilege of all to us who are black……

 is being Black and Living.


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Our world


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