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"Hush hush" The silence kills me Pin drop. Cold and haunting, It claws at my throat, screeches gainst my hollow ribs, tears my bloodied heart apart.   My mouth opens.
You're sick in the head, your entire being is dark as nightHow can you do the things you do and think its right? 
Walking down the block It's like any other day really They say "Don't worry bout the guys strolling there" "They don't do shit"
Nobody really ever listens until you're at your lowest. Until you start ignoring other people. And then all of a sudden you're the bad guy. All of a sudden, every little inconvenience is your fault,
A smile is illicit in this city Where policemen hang their hats On the beaten bodies of little boys And bribes And just not giving a shit about whoever Whatever It's not their problem
Trauma layer cakeCrack your teeth and give you A stomachacheBefore your shift at the Holiday InnBeading customer complaints out your skin  
Accepting what we cannot change only works When what we cannot change is acceptable Otherwise, there is misery or apathy But don't you dare be serene  
Accepting what we cannot change only works When what we cannot change is acceptable Otherwise, there is misery or apathy But don't you dare be serene  
They've given up on me And I on them Ordering my days by How to best pretend We stand a chance Selfishly numbing what I can't takeOf their circumstance  
I hate myself I think jesus hates me too I’ve taken a bite of the forbidden fruit and it tastes like blood Maybe I’ve just been holding my tongue too long I’m a whore who turned her back on the church
Sometimes when I’m alone I cry. The tears that come from my eyes  They are more bitter than unsweetened cocoa. I cry because I have a soft heart 
I was bred into chaos and catastrophe Torn down by hands that were meant to raise me Can't face the truth so they turned their backs perpetually Lest I remind them that they should feel guilty
My relationship with my mother Has been a series of trust falls And she's never once caught me . But I keep leaning backwards And hating myself When I inevitably hit the ground .
You are the enemy of love and light You are the enemy of trust You take the form of all you hate You take advantage of lust. I am hurting in ways I can't tell I am afraid of your touch
Some of you have never had to Walk home with your head on a swivel Your hands clutching keys Your head filled with fear Some of you Have never had to wonder If you’ll make it home in one piece
Isn't it funny how sometimes The fear doesn't come until the danger's already passed? . But then it hits you, all at once, As if to try to make up for it For letting it's guard down
                                                    Mais do que você me despreza Mais do que você me diz bobagem Mais do que você me abusa
The first thing I remember loving was my cat- My first best friend. And my baby brother, And dinosaurs. - I loved my stuffed animals, And worms on the sidewalk. I loved the people in movies,
Two   Always two   Just two sides   For you to choose   White or black  
You made me feel gross You think I don't remember But what you don't know Is that I will live with this pain forever On my body I make cuts Cuts to carve away at parts that feel
It's funny how the brain works, Suddenly reminding me of the abuse I unconsciously tried to forget. Leaving me alone with the feelings of guilt and regret.
This body that no longer feels safe With a heart that carries great ache Your dirty hands make me sick The thought makes me shake This body no longer feels mine My body dirty and disgusting
On top of a mountain, We will meet-  Like chalk stains and the rinsing of knuckles.  Tonight a salamander has slayed a dragon.  
Is that really us? What happened to our graphic tees? The white tube socks? Do we always cuff our jeans now? How do you make it look that neat? We never really do neat Or I guess we never used to.
We used to write, you and I, When I was too small to grasp The world or anything in it, And you were afraid Of what I would find if I knew; So I waited by the mailbox For your watchful answers.
When I was small, I was told to smile Or else I could never be loved, So I smiled.    When my uncle died, They said I was too young to grieve, So I smiled.   
it felt like screaming until your throat went raw, fighting for your breath under an 80-pound weight, or purposely breaking your own bones.   that, my dear, is what love felt like before you
I don't know why I keep writing to you Like I'm sending letters to someone in prison - As if you were the one who's been trapped Ever since that day - They say that justice brings peace,
Title : [Redacted] Date : 6/2/21
Stumbling through the rape Over and again I'm stunned by your lack of humanity Your lack of feeling My lack of numbness Your embracing it I don't understand how you could do that
Roses are black, Violets are blue, Like the hue of my skin Since I got stuck on you.   Your soul is still black, My heart is still blue, But I got away, I hope they do too.  
Never to bed, early to rise Adds to the rings beneath my eye The gray and purple, these colors shine through You'd call them your favorites if you had them too No rest for the wicked's what I always said
Oh mother, sweet, kind. A farce of true compassion. I'm your diary. 
Can I be your dog? Fed a bowl of cigarettes in the stale morning,   bowl of you at night. I'll wag my tail when you're home, follow you around.   Can I be your dog?
You’d think I'd be over it by now. I forgave him so long ago. But how do I forgive myself?   How do I move on, when I can’t.
  Live by memory    Wander and haunt within   As a ghost you kill   As a man, you impress.    Snow couldn’t purify you  
hot summer sunrays a flower growing between cracked cement   behind an abandoned house after the animal activist event   he ravaged my body and took my innocence   only sixteen, 
They promised it'd get better.I told them I believed them.It's been 3 or 4 years.And I still don't see a thing.For who am I doing this?This hasn't been worth it.I'm waiting and waiting.I'm not allowed to say I'm not strong enough, I've come all th
is this abuse? if it wasn't before you tell me i'm invalid a monster a cruel being to this beautiful world you brought me in , you can take me out threats, how obscure
Sometimes The most painful reckoning Is to stare in the eyes of the sinner And watch them smile and pretend As if they've never burned you 
So Let Me Quickly Advise That This Set of Rhymes... Has Repetitive Lines For Those Who Don’t Like... ......... Reading Verse of This Type ............ !!! So How Many More Times Will Humans Act Surprised...
This Ain’t... “ Away In A Manger “... !!!!!! There REALLY Is... DANGER... When You’re NOT A TRUTH SAYER... !!!! ... "Wait a sec there playa’ !“...
There was a time where seeing you felt like home.  I wasn't in love with you, nor am I now, But you were as my brother, I tried giving you a home, a family, 
She wore tragedy like a fine diamond  And her court were tiny dolls  So easily broken; The queen of jilted hearts and plastic pearls.    
Begging with your strong fingertips You grasped into my vacant soul For dear life Your eyes screamed for my body A stare so heavily It burnt the clothes off my body Reckless, you left my heart
Hiding in mundane scenes of normality, somebody's vacant kitchen feels like it could never feel like home to anyone, it's haunted by the living
Born to be unloved. Made to be broken. It’s tough love and shoves. Quick slaps whenever miss spoken.   Made to be broken.
I want edges in my jaw like ice And I want you to cut yourself upon them I want words in my mouth like venom And I want you to poison yourself on my kiss I want light in my eyes like sunshine
She broke you So many times That after awhile you couldn’t Feel a goddamn thing So I cried for you And you couldn’t understand why  
I have a simple question to ask first to my mother, when you look up at the stars, what do you see? Do you think of yourself? Just as I think of myself?
  "I have already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be."  ~ Joan Dideon  
My Father is a Beast   Ap Dorji is a father of mine, With whom I live in a tiny town, The beer stinking beast crawls home on four,
By: Jaiden    I´ve always been a boy  I just couldn’t be without getting hurt Held done in my coffin-like hiding space
It’s none of your business! Interjected quickly and often, Becomes an all too familiar sound But those five words can’t soften,
So Nowadays It Seems That WE Should All BELIEVE... That ONLY Presidencies That Now Rule CURRENTLY... Are Those FILLED With ..... EXTREMES ...... !?!
I found a flower on the ground today. It was purple- an artist would go as far as to call it lilacand I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.
Neglect Abuse Abandonment The beginning of our undoing. Separation Deprivation Time
Look at you. The blame is all yours. You should have kept your mouth shut. This is your fault. You should have suffered in silence.
The one that comes after you will be trustworthy He will be honest with me But I won’t believe him because I won’t understand it  
When you turn up the loving it heals the broken parts of me. You create a love so strong it takes my sight, it’s blinding. Feels so damn good, there has to be something special about me.
Now My Name’s NOT Shaggy... But It’s Clearly NOT ME Who Will EVER Be... A Star Like Those Who Hold BIG Shows... Where Droves And Droves of People Go... !!!
I’m not a toy to be played with, become bored, then discarded. Can’t even say good morning, this mess is retarded. I fail to see love in those brown eyes reflecting back at me.
Revolving door, I guess I’ve come back for more of course. Spirit numb and heart can’t take much more. Only takes a smallest of gestures to have me banging on your door. Begging, pleading for just a little more.
How do I believe that or whole relationship was fake? An act to get close to me, never give, only take. I’ve done the research, such much sounds shockingly familiar. Words described you to a tee, seems clear, yet unclear.
Deja Vuvu, I'm alone and you're out doing you.  Only difference is that there are no tears being shed over the absence of you.  Heart numb from repeating the same things needed, but dismissed. 
I‘m holding the keys, I'm driving this car. Played games, pushed me way too far. I’m setting higher standards, and raising the bar. New beginning for me, mind my business from afar.
Disrespect at an all time high, I hate myself for loving you the way I do.  Periodically ghosted and ignored as if I don't matter to you.  Your word means nothing, empty promises the norm.
Remember that time you tried to hurt me? That day when you put your hands on me? That day when you took away what was once so precious? What possessed you to rip away the soul of a child? That kid was so innocent.
BWOY This DISRESPECT Thing’s... ..... Really INTERESTING ..... !!! Many CLAIM Disrespect... Because of TRUTH Said That Upsets Their Heads... !?! Well In My Experience These Heads Are DELIRIOUS... !!!
soft plum crimson red bandaids and scars
all i could think about when he pushed his way inside of me was his enchanting stories of a better life
i am the sun -- bright and joyous, rarely clouded, warm and friendly, unknowingly smothering.   he is the moon -- cool and collected,
i feel so weak.   i am a beggar pleading for change   from a man whose hands i'm afraid will never give to me again.   i only yearn for those few small tokens of affection.  
he grabs my heart, clutching it as hard as he can.   his words stab every vessel, each cut deeper than the next.   "i thought it would go away."   me too.   but it hasn't.  
you are blue in its dullest and brightest forms.   you are the sky, throwing your arms open above me with no clear idea of what you're trying to reach.   no matter where i'm looking, i always see you.  
you are every shade of blue imaginable.   you rush in like the waves of the ocean, never fully satisfied sitting in one place.   you suck me into your embrace until i feel like i can't breathe,  
Taking The Train Is NOT Quite The Same... Cos' I'm Now A DANGER In IDIOTS Brains'... !!! Time And AGAIN... It's The OLD... " Same Ol' Same "... !!!!!
The perfect family lives down the street from me. The mom is so sweet. She doesn’t judge me when I yell at my kids. They live in the green house with a long driveway. They have a boy and a girl and two dogs.
You're leaving   The broad expanse of your back is the gallery where I 'II hang my dreams. Always on your way Out When will I go with you? I'll behave like you want
You're leaving   The broad expanse of your back is the gallery where I 'II hang my dreams. Always on your way Out When will I go with you? I'll behave like you want
Can you soothe a black hole if its matter Is made of hate? Gravitational field Strong as blood and as painful as laughter. So consumed with itself it cannot yield.  
I am three and I am shakingSqueezing my eyes shut to the dust and the sun and the cold tile andI am in the cornerBreathing heavyI want it to stop
Let's connect to reality; turn off the electricity, lie in the silence that invades us. I'll hear you for lack of the other sounds that made us bearable, one to the other.
He wraps his sore hands around an ice cold beer Bartender asks how'd you make your way here? He could barely hold back the tear rolling down his face He has tried everything to stay out of this place
I feel dead inside  When will the crippling fear end? Am I a lost cause? Could I have changed the course? I could have told them I let them believe the lie If only they knew 
Parents, teach your daughters. Don't let them walk through life Like this broken girl before you. Who did not know her rights to leave,  To let that word, No, so bitter on her tongue, pass through her lips.
I am from moving boxes scattered, littered on hallway floors From unpaid utility bills, arguments and slamming doors I am from tax return Christmas gifts and food stamp Thanksgivings
  *THIS POEM contains bad words and other nasty, gritty, poo-poo.  DONT read if you are easily disturbed or young.     
The dark eyed mom is here again. I hope she’s not here to stay. There will be no meals or good-time feels And no, This mom don’t play.
You, my dear, are nothing special. No more significant than the dust On your unread books.    No more important than the stale  Ambition in your eyes, Or the grey clouds in the sky.  
 I never said stop, but I never said go.Now people at school call me a hoe.What was I supposed to do?
Small delicate fragile bodies that drip from the tip of the tongue Of the dog who lays underneath the Miles of death and decay- who gently Lays them in their graves.
I would rather hate you then love the idea of you. That's the world I've been inhabiting for the last few months. My stream has emptied into the sea of your emotions, and I am tossed around in the malestrom of your moods.
You are the wind which batters the trees hitting harder and harder while I fall with ease   You are the thunder which shatters the silence screaming louder and louder destroyed my defense
You are the wind which batters the trees hitting harder and harder while I fall with ease   You are the thunder which shatters the silence screaming louder and louder destroyed my defense
I was 3… how could you do that to me? “This is our little secret” you would say. Didn’t you know they would find out one day? Because of you, I grew up too fast. Because of you, I can’t forget the past. I knew that what was happening was wrong...A
I was 3… how could you do that to me? “This is our little secret” you would say. Didn’t you know they would find out one day? Because of you, I grew up too fast. Because of you, I can’t forget the past. I knew that what was happening was wrong...A
you love me.you love me.you love me? love is a broken boomerangheavy from despiratation.and of course it would be,what could possibly reach my expectations?
Why did you stay so long when we begged you to leave?   Do you wish you had listened to us years ago when we told you he scares us?   You stayed for your kids is what you said in June, 
i was like a puppy    always going back for more      bruise after bruise    i still came back    
I can still feel his breath  on the back of my neck just as humid, unwanted, as it was on yours.   The look in his starving eyes
We were just friends But it wasn’t meant to be I loved you But you didn’t bother with me Left me on read
  I remember the smell. His hand against my mouth The dirt and grease  That will always be lodged in my memories  
i want to make my hatred large and whole . if i wasn’t a coward I’d take those solid cow balls & slice them, separately off as everyone watched. i’ve already planned what i’d do  for a pleasurable Kill, a slow soft ending.
it’s okay to talk about things it’s okay to speak i’m begging you to wear your heart  on your sleeve and your tongue
it’s easy to be lonely in the lights of this city wondering why you can never look me in the eyes when you tell me that im pretty  
“i never knew a mind could be so dark” well i, i have never known a mind so light flower petal eyelashes flower garden you growth sprouting from your palms
do you remember the fireworks back then when we hid behind purple walls praying they wouldn’t see the clouds of lavender smoke that our passion
What is real What is fake How much more Can you take Do you look back Can you still see The person that You used to be
I live, I live, I live. I don’t want to be that girl. I don’t want to hear them sing.
A Tribute to My Mother || Written 2 Years Ago   You have painted flowers on my spine Twisted your love into my ribcage Shattered my aching bones, I am you
it was as though he was helium, and I just happened to be an empty balloon.  often we found nothing but tedium,
blood colored stains under my skin left from the pressure under your finger tips pinning me down with love because i dont believe its true if it doesnt hurt
"You're like a roller coaster. And I want off." His words still linger in the back of my mind, the way his hands used to linger at the bottom of my spine. Unwelcome, yet so intoxicating. Uninvited, yet so addicting.
The laugh, the voice My mind can't place it So familiar, yet so far away Two strangers lie intertwined Bodies bare and warm Like a small pool of summer amidst the winter storm Carefree and open...
With the light shining on my face, You told me I look full of grace. When I flared my nose while I was upset with you, You told me it was me you wanted to pursue. When I cried about something so small,
Smoke to ease the pain away just for a little bit My brain moving at the speed of light I be thinking ‘bout some real shit The feelings of depression falling over my shoulders with that blanket feeling
They expect me to stand here in silence to find worth in how they deprived me of who I truly was .
Head under water Held in place, trapped I'm losing my breath Held in place, trapped Still, you keep me there Held in place, trapped It is all my fault Held in place, trapped
Well CLEARLY Ruth Kelly .... Something's ... A Bit SMELLY ... !!! Employment For PERVERTED Sorts ... !?! Now Then Dear Ruth What Is The TRUTH ... ?!? It's Time For Scores ... Say CERTAIN LORDS ... !!!
don't touch me again. get your tiny, sweaty hands off of me i want your Axe body spray smell mixed with B.O. out of my nose i can never go to the park again not after what happened on the bridge
BEFORE YOU READ THIS PEOM INVOLVES RAPE   Look down Keep your phone out "Take" a call That way he won't go after you.   Don't look Don't smile  Don't laugh
How Many Is A Simple Question ... !!!! How Many Now Require DETENTION ... ?!? How Many Times Do We See Crimes ... But Then Incline To Turn ... "Blind Eyes" ... ?!?
I cried when you left but not for the reasons you think, I no longer had to deal with you and at first I believed it to stink, You and I had so much history, But the reasons shouldn't have come as a big mystery,
If You LIKE Coc' REMEMBER This Quote ... !!! You May One Day Just End Up Broke ... !!! COCAINE Gives Lows As Well As ... " Highs " ... And Has DESTROYED Some Peoples' Lives ... !!!!!
Sickened I find myself Unsettled By who I swore I would never become She would never Hurt me Not like that I tell them Bruises Internal
I learned early ​­           my body is a weapon Regardless of my intentions ​­           it would be treated as such With hungry eyes ​­           I'd be blamed for someone else's actions
Traversing the brim of ill determination stuck walking in eternal night   Existing only in those rusted hallows purely pursued out of spite  
I've Just Read A Poem ... About ... " Child ABUSE " ... !!! It's Touched Me So Deeply ... !!! I'm Now Feeling ... BLUE ... !!!! It's Filled Me With SADNESS ... And FILLED ME With MADNESS ... !!!!!
I'm Being ... ABUSED ... !!! I'm Being ... ACCUSED ... !!! These Days I Feel Cheated ... Because I'm MISTREATED .... !!!!! My Job Is A PAIN ... !!! It's A STRAIN On My Brain ... !!!
Behind closed doors she hides herself and what she has become,  the cuts, the bruises,  the angry words said - that should never be undone. But luckily she lives and so forgives "Him" 
What's With People These Days ? Societal Decay .... Is On Constant Display ... !!! So What Do You Stand For ... ? At The End of The Day ... ?!? Do You Stand For ABUSE ... From Ignorant Youth ... ?!?
Some Youth Are SO RUDE ... !!! Their Language Is Crude ... !!! And Most Have A PROBLEM ...
Ghosts fade in the wind Savage beast with human skin   Sing and rejoice As the king makes his choice   Children muted by fate Bruises taint their small gait  
do you know the word home? do you know what it means? do you know what it  smellstastessounds  like?  do you know what it  feels 
Rape Culture I was raped. He took it all away. And what could Athena do? I do not blame her. She gave me power.
Like emotion and color Time is a lie It puts into perspective Death and Life Black and White Night and Day
     barely a woman at all, at 14 i began a search for love. to prove to myself that  i could be loved. i began a search for a feeling. to feel anything.
I died my hair bright red the other day; now my curls are poisonous snakes. Twisting, turning, tangling.   We know that in nature, bright colors mean posionous.
Her face is like the midnight sky. The whites of her eyes are half moons, and the stars escape when she cries. I hope she doesn''t anytime soon, but I've tagged her with graffiti constellations,
You aren’t ready to hear what I have to say But I wasn’t ready to find out, so I’ll tell you anyway. The past decade has done nothing but brainwash my heart and my soul I did nothing but what I was told
Jinx knew she was in trouble when she saw his name flash across her screen. He, the almightly nail-painter, combat-boot-wearer, bipolar feelings-fucker, he needed her. I mean, she was assuming that's what this was about.
I can walk into an all-you-can-eat buffet, and my brain will light up like a gambling addict's. Numbers running in my brain, neon signs floating above plates counting fat and carbs and sugar,
I was twelve and rebellious, far from God and home at curfew, and my mother worried. Of course, the logical way for any modern mother to solve her daughter's issues-
Cause things got so much harder on the west coast. When i moved here i realised i needed you most. One week i had a lover, the next, a ghost.
If castle doors my hands did crack Pound palms till blood burst Smashed on stone walls like pumpkin It was all of my own invention  
Time is passing, still procrastinating.    With much to endeavor, won’t last forever.   Dream so wild, yet aspects mild.    One moment in time, A thoughtless rhyme.  
After: The White Man’s Burden by Kipling 1899After: Cool Hand Luke by Stuart RosenburgAfter: Preamble to the Constitution of the United States
It's not fair, It's not right, I lost power, I lost might. One's eight Who can't skate One's two Who never knew. The little one's Not yet one, He just wants To have fun.
Sometimes I feel like A caged animal longing to be free Knowing if I flee That he'll come after me. My thoughts are not mine, I belong to him. My ways I can't have, He won't allow them.
We've turned into monsters Said we never would Saw it shown on t.v. Said it never could. It could happen to you I heard them all say, Never say never 'Cause never's today.
Speckled shadows on my collarbonesWhere your greedy hands wrote your name,Where my selfish whispers angered you,My desperate pleas denied youThe prize buried deeply in my chest
I still remember in vivid detail the first time my father made me bleed. It was a cold November evening and we had just finished dinner. I was all dressed up in my golden basketball jersey ready for a game.
'Thud', pushing the door open, I storm into my house. Running, trembling. As fast as I could, I'm shivering, babbling.
I wish you would just hit me But you got inside my bones and split me from the inside. I hate that I’m that girl who writes poetry about a boy to feel human again. But you’re not a boy,
I just stood there Almost paralyzed by your beauty  Yet, Letting your hurtful words cut me so deep I started to bleed from my wrist My blood was as red as her matte lipstick 
  I am from Starbucks and skinny girls in mansions. I am from can I feel your hair and is it real ?
    I can’t help but think about going back in time. To find myself in shaders of pain. To see myself hate where i stand, and worship the people who make me hate myself. 
Every winter I pull down my sleeves Portraying the mask of my scars' identities  What once the pain summer brought, My heart was filled with nought No longer afraid to show,  The struggle I once woe
13 Years Too young Innocent   Tossed out, Cold concrete to catch my fall  
your touch it lingersit lingers on my skinyou were so warm I never wanted to give inas tears fall from my eyes now I can finally seeit was never you it was meI want to see youI want to feel 
To wake up is pain. Divorce is not the only strain. Depression, anxiety, it hits me like a train. Bankruptcy, torture, is this all fun and games? All I see and hear is her name.
***Trigger Warning***   “Boys will be boys” “Let bygones be bygones” “Forget about it” “Get over it.”
I’ll use my broken bones as a splint My black eyes will start my eye shadow You can’t keep me away with the danger of bloody noses Violence won’t wash away la vie en rose
you really could be delectable but… i can’t take you home you’re too much i wish you were less
How can I hate those who raised me, When I am their baby? And I know that they hurt me, But I have been learning, That they are people too, There's a bunch of fucking shit that they went through.
You dont understand what you doin to me Should I spell it out for you to see Death means absolutely nothin to me Imma keep doin what I do, it sets me free     From all the pain and humiliation in the past
I have grown up six times. The first time, I was stitting on a couch, watching television when my father stormed in with eyes red as hot embers yelling at my mother who pretended she didn't remember cheating
strong, independent, full of life finally finding love you thought would be right.  falling fast deeper and deeper in love   quickly becomes something you'd never dream of. 
growing was slow, then sudden like tectonic plates drawing near, then clicking together, leaving a trail of collapsed buildings in its wake-
You beat me, You yelled in my face,  You slammed my head into the walls. You broke my soul,  it came crumbling down today.    I always said that I'd forgive you,  but I haven't,
If I've fallen and I can't get up will you save me? Will you help me to stay strong?   If I've fallen  off the edge of the earth will you help me? Will you tell me
No.  Repeat it back to me.  No, you say.  The thick blanket of unconsciousness threatens to suffocate me.  My eyes shouldn't close because I am not safe. 
As I stare at the photos that once captured the deadbeat I can’t help but to ponder and sob as I remember how it never caught the beating the deadbeat gave to me, I cried until he untied me, I feel like the mission was to end me, now I look at oth
Number 1 - become his best friend      Remembering the smell of long nights     newly blossomed, pink lilies        lying on the carpet        of a forgotten home
A breth of fresh air never tasted so sour, I bear the heaviness of regret on my shoulders, Again with your games of deciet and lies, Your words cascading down the mountainside, 
A breth of fresh air never tasted so sour, I bear the heaviness of regret on my shoulders, Again with your games of deciet and lies, Your words cascading down the mountainside, 
You told me I was your little pearl. Glimmering and white, Pure and loved, A beauty to beat the rising sun. I was naïve and innocent,
She didn't deserve to hurt  She didn't deserve all the pain she felt from  Friends, Family, Teachers She didn't deserve to be tormented and ostricized  Because of some scars on her arms 
What love is not Love is not cynical Love is not unkind Love is not controlling Love is not blind   Love does not harm Love does not boast  
What can I say to make it better? What can I say to make it not hurt?
silent   wont talk she just nods scared to speak up she wants to be heard but knows nobodys ever truly listening she tries to trust  but shes struggling
before you judge  before you point and laugh  before you mock someone think about this what do you really know about them  that boy with the bruises on his legs he gets abused at home
You don't know what you're talking about. Stop acting like you're smart. Those statistics are all lies. You can't trust anyone. Stop talking to people. You have to keep it all a secret.
Panic is a bathroom sink, Grime-covered and overflowing, Tearing the skin off my hands With its vicious heat splashing, Burning cold through spilled ink.  
Unborn and already A path has been chosen By those that are not them - To become another cog In the inescapable machine that is society.  
  I am from handmade red canoes, from farm land and a white well.   I am from broken bones and bleeding hearts, and crumbling floors and whispering walls.   I am from a pear tree
DISAPPOINTING when the only expectation that matter is to be loved   EMPTINESS caused for not listing   CRYING without reasonable reason   EVASION of the more simple things in live  
A year ago as I wept and cried. I felt depressed. I wanted to die. 2 bruises here and 2 bruises there A cut on my leg, covered with air. My lip was cut; My heart was crushed
Ode to the girl that died insideOf meMy best friend tells me to conjureUp her dead soul and shake handsWith herBut it would be like misery isshaking hands with sunshine and flowersHow oddOdd,
What drugs made you think of me, My helpful little helper bee? The pollination of disease, Upon your naked worm I feed,   I wish that I could free your soul, My whirly, girly, rolly-poll,
Once, you claimed a kind of love, unbeknownst to the receiverRememory*A mother’s desperate love; one in which she sacrifices allRememoryDo you truly love your children, or only what they are able to accomplish?
i. you said they came with rocks so i built a fortress for emotion brick by brick from bitter lies about how you thought it was, to love a woman.  
crying at night laughing by day she was too weak to speak up  suffering through his abuse silently listening to screaming feeling the punches but one day he went too far
Rows upon rows of tennis shoes jumped and played around, sweet voices and laughter filled the air. Eyeballs were everywhere, observing, absorbing, deducing, condemning.
Calm overwhelms me   Breaking and splintering the anger and painThe words you spoke to me may heal with time But scars take far longer to fade    I stand tall  
When we kiss , i taste the bitterness of love from your lips ,  When we hug , i feel bondage and enslaved  But after the unbearable screaming and kicking and choking and pleading...  you say you are different .
Black pools ripple in her eyes Dilated spheres of emptiness Proof that she’s gone again   She often does this Invoking her own insanity With those little white pills   She is home
First came the hitting, Then I was sheltered from everything. The fear was normal, It was everyday,
I told another lie today I pretended I was well Covered the bruises, hoped they'd fade Because you told me not to tell.   Though I whispered, "please stay" I want it to be over,
The door is inching open the light hits her face her Daddy needs to hear her pleas in their secret little place   oh my Baby oh my Baby Daddy needs you so so much oh my Baby oh my Baby
To the life of the naked eye, both your skins are the same but to me, neither strain is the same. One call with an arrogant whisper the other with a sweet knock. The whisper quiet and simple had me working to my knuckles.
The Strike The Final Blow My word? No.   No was used to stop the abuse No was said to blow out the fuse.   The fuse of anger had turned to grief, and the fuse
You taught me to be silent You stole my voice You told me to be small You stole my strength You pushed me down You stole the ground from underneath my feet   But today I stand back up
There’s purple everywhere Purple paint
When I was five I had a Daddy He was tall and kind And he called me his princess But he was scary when he was mad I told a fib and he grabbed my arm
I lie in bed every night, The guilt seeps into my dreams,   Someday they'll catch you, And I'll be waiting, Gripping smoldering justice, Like a loaded gun.   I'm eternally conflicted,
You don't scare me, mister. The way you threw me to the floor. Ran me through your fingers, Like sand and broken pieces of myself.  
I pull myself deeper as my mind is a weight that pulls me down into the ocean where all the strange and ugly creatures make their home in my abandoned temple worn down by the hands of 
I have never doubted the ability of a womans rage, and the floppy arc of a chosen mans black leather belt marring my skin with the days when I was ​bad, but you were good 
I watched as my entire soul crossed a threshold. Time slowed and I saw his face. It was him. They said I’d never see him again,
The rain is my peace. My eyes were the ocean. My heart in ruins. I shook violently as the droplets struck me. . The rain is my peace., For she cannot see my tears.
I was wrong; I didn't fall in love with you. I jumped.   ~awatr
You watched me from my window and took out your anger on my body with your eyes.   ~awatr
He shook me furiously and the thunder shook the house surrounding my fragile skeleton.   ~awatr
She painted her face the way she painted her body, To cover the pain and tears he left behind.   ~awatr
Common Pain   The young woman traumatized The events that guided taught her lessons about life Rich in memories and lessons, while others are broke
They say she once smelled of burning ashwood and cinnamon.The smoky aroma enveloped her being year round,
Now that I've said it It doesn't seem so wrong. What was so hard to say out loud Kept me from being strong. So key to me That now I see I think, I can move on.
how did I overcome one of my fears?/well, there were many days of failure./days of grief that destroyed me./days of sadness that buried me./days of darkness that blinded me./but, between the hurt,/the pain,/the suffering,/there were days of joy./d
Bleeding, crying and hiding. Scared of the train that went past your house at exactly midnight, but really just scared of everything. You were supposed to run wild and build blanket forts.
How wonderful you cannot choose The place and part you least will bruise For all the phases: yellow, green Some unsightly, some unseen You would miss out, you would not get The new from different sustance skin
Never expected his hands to grab there, Invading my body that parasite, His arm on my throat I could catch no air, He would never hurt me he wouldn’t bite.  
His tendrils wrap around your body and pull you closer, His gummy hands caressing your neck, His hot black breath whispers in your ear.  
Someone moves;  I flinch and instantly my mind is pulled back to how you were.   ~awatr
You were wildfire. Someone lit you and left you to burn. So when i came along, Your ashes and flaming embers, landed upon my skin and ignited me. Your smoke wafted into my lungs
Crawled and Bawled in tears Ponder the overcome Deep dark Donder white Suddenly wishing there was light  Seek help  No sight Please stop Please stop Please stop Silence
I like to make connections Creating connections is funBut creating connections creates a contagion -of comparible compatible connections Concise connections, carefully crafted containing continuity 
You've always compared me to a rose and I never quite understood why. Is it because I'm pretty? Or is it because I have thorns? Is it because, if you get too close you'll hurt yourself?
I am only two years, seven months older two x’s don’t bother me now and they came round    this summer, remain adamant  name is going to be Aaron, one who is a mountain of strength 
 When the rain has dried on windows, do you think of me? The aftermath of a downpour Nothing but a resin left, ugly, tainted Or do you hire the cleaners out? wipe away any memory, start fresh New windows  
Who are you? I do not know you. I do not know you vile ways,The way you take pleasure in wounding me so.
this letter is me saying goodbye. this letter is everything i couldn't say when you were in my room that night when i asked you to stop to leave me alone and you persisted in touching me
Alcohol wasn’t brought about to abuse it, It was brought about for fun. She doesn’t see; she just sits there, Drink, after drink, after drink. It hurts me, when I can see it coming, 
As a little girl I was neglected   but I didnt let that stop  me,I went on with life    because it goes on no matter what the situation may be    I always said the best
At the verge of losing control, a dagger, enters my chest, sent from his eyes, filled with indifference, one tear, no feelings, poison gushing from his lips—   Breathe.  
Of course You're a good person.   You only lied to me Because you only wanted me to
Dancing on the floor Singing cheerful songs The world rotates for each movement that is made Stained in vibrant hue are the lights that illuminate the room
Hypnotized, brainwashed, tortured yet I never leave.  
I am vast and I am blue and more than you can see I am loud and I will be heard by everyone So with this crash I say -No- I decree That I am my own being and I cannot be undone
During my journey as an artist, I’ve realized that my dream career is to be a professional illustrator.
bright striped leggings and rubber boots outside but inside something much darker   something she has seen
I never knew how to count before youThe day I met you you told me I didn't need to listen
To whom this may concern,You always taught me
Ode: (n.) a poem meant to be sung Hands touch, hearts jump, all of my senses start to go numb. Love strikes, arrows fly, how did he make me become so shy.
so when Geoff sings “here’s to this year I never thought I’d make it through” I put my arms around someone else who did make it & swayed along as the clock swung itself past midnight at the end of December
Looking up with innocent eyes,  young, cute, funny. Your favourite.  Im not your fucking princess.  Dead as the cut flowers you loathed so much, loathed like you deserve. 
This thing called life changes from good to bad. Where were the signs? I should have saw the signs. All my fears comingto life. Disbelieve is my heart, for the road i have to take there's longsuffering and malaise.
Whose abusive mother is that? I think I know. Its owner is quite sad though. It really is a tale of woe, I watch her frown. I cry hello.
I want you. I don't tell you but I think it every day. I want you. Putting emphasis on every word I say it three times over.  I want to kiss you unil are lips are raw and there is no emotion left to be shared. 
You can no longer hurt me.  Physically, mentally.  You were the monster in my closet.  Only monsters are myths and you are real.  The first day was love, 
We humans, we stand united. We humans, we stand so strong. But some rights we are denied and We're told we do not belong.  
He Hit And Ran Slam bam No thank you ma'am
Take another. How much harm can it do, really? Drink me down like water. Skip the slow sips, guzzle down the burn like setting fire to your chest. Everyone's an addict.
    no one   saw  what you   did except           the crickets    in the        garden     who            chirped a       melody
You asked me to be honest So I told you I was fine Because I know That's what you wanted to hear   Time has moved forward since then I no longer fear your hands Even if they never
Eve Edgar Power Poetry 23 September 2018 Winter Weather
You don’t know how you plucked my heart like a rose and it skipped a beat as you                   whispered the sweetness of sonnets.
My mentor, my dear mentor, How terrible you have been to me, And yet I must thank you.
A girl just the age of seven Encountered a man He said "This will be heaven" Sneaking into her room at night after her mom was in bed Again and again, broken down and violated in her bed
Her life becomes a mess of Red lipstick defenses Red lipstick state of mind  Look but don't see Look but don't touch
For the woman I’ve never met   One who has lost more than I have,   Resurrecting the memory of her mother and brother, murdered in cold blood -  
He is Helmsman. There’s no way to tell what’s real and what’s hell   A man, he says you fail. without speaking a word
I don't care if your here I dont care if you're not I don't care if your a woman I don't care if you're a man I don't care if you're young I don't care if you're old
by Ariel Douglas (2 June 2018)   I believed you I trusted you You broke me You used me You never loved me You took my heart
With golden locks of lace I waltz around this town This is no modern palace This is my old home town   The people pass me by And whisper to themselves Am I the man that used to cry
SAINT MARY OF THE SEA POSTS A LETTER: TO THE SIREN HUNTERS, BE WARNED        i saw            what    you   did when  you     made         sure    no   one was      looking
I fight the darkness of the heart The hidden and dangerous part Closed with a bolt, local and key The secret of forgotten past left to be Lost, there is no way I see out, Deepening darkness creates my doubt
My life was a hot mess. The daily abuse Left me in spirit Alone and confused. Five years of this stuff Was more than enough To reshape my person And turn me to mush.
I blame you. I blame you for my completely shattered trust, i blame you for the countless arguments of dramatic cussing back and forth and each day ending in acts of lust. 
I come to see you during lunch My heart, in pain to much You open the door and you see Me, in all of my vulnerability But you don't bat an eye, much like the other guy You hug me, But not out of love
::Build me a home of stone and dustLight up the fire with roses and lust//Lay me a bed of feathers and cloudsSing me a song of the torn and the vowed//Show me dissenters with rocks in their slings
glittery souls, half-took breaths rest-less hearts, uncleansed mess coated daggers, red-stained walls unseen brutality, unseen by all a cripple depression, unheard cries no long here, a thousand lies
My heart is pounding. My head is racing with every single outcome in my head as my phone sits in between my palms with a decision to make that wouldn’t be easy.
You walked away with my dripping heart. as you let the rest of me rip apart its been so long
I’m so scared I’mscaredI’mscaredI’mscaredI’mscared I don’t know What to do How to act What to say I’m so scared
the body of a woman is no place for a man’s pathetic desires.
I was eight and life was simple Simple enought to ride my bike whenever I wanted I wanted to explore, find new places Places like hidden paths and back roads Roads that led me to a church that was empty
Dirty blonde hair that was always greasy because your family had one bathroom with six seven eight people and you always came last to every single one. Sisters' boyfriends and strange neighbors
he was a secret that I regret keeping locked away, deep inside my soul he stayed he shook hands with my fearshe befriended my pain
He taught me how to feel…To feel his red hot grip on my throatSo that I would grow cold. He suffocated me in his embrace and now, I am cold… And catatonic.  The red lace,That once was a symbol of our passion,Would turn on me And use its body inste
bodily betrayal my fault still inside me years after the assault complicated nonconsent complicated discontent wasn’t drugged
my past defines me, i am, the girl he keeps from his friends, a secret, not good enough, unheard
They call me Medusa, a monster forgotten; and here? No katharevusa. The fickle-eyed ancient damned my life in a proxy fight; jealous? Of what, the rape of an innocent acolyte? The lust of a capricious potency,
Love is like a rose, maybe that's why roses are givin' to loved ones on special occasions Such as; Valentine's Day, anniversaries, special events, and sometimes just to say I love you. 
I wish this wasn’t something in my life But when someone else does it, it becomes my strife. You crack another can open; I feel it cut into my soul. I won’t keep the sorrow unspoken; dying must be your goal.
Frantically trying to swallow away the double knot you left in my vocal cords This, my beautiful award, for craving the abuse you effortlessly enforced.  Mercilessly invading every independent thought
She gave him everything she had. Her body, soul, and heart, She thought they would be together forever. Her eyes folded into her face,
Twelve years old with a huge fabric binder, a new pair of shoes, and the exact same wardrobe as the year before. The shoes were maroon and grey and "only cost fifteen dollars!" my mom said.
“Do you think you can forgive me?”   He asked me this while there was still blood between my teeth.  He asked me this while I held my own right thumb, because
Leaving me broken Out in the open How can you call that love Leaving me stranded Alone and abandoned How can you call that fun knowing im damaged Bruised broke and bandaged
you ignited an uncouth flame a knife to sharpen and a thing to blame but forever we were
I am a fucking phoenix. You can tear me down You can burn my body Leave me in the ashes of memories And even blow them across the floor
My body has been burned Scorched and used From the times my feathers were ripped from my body In a pillow fight I will never win. My bones are fragile
I told myself I was done with you last night. I am so over feeling used. I am far too good at goodbyes Hating the way I try for you
I want to forget the way your words became teeth, Sharp, gnashing, unforgiving. You talk ‘pretty’ now. Your canines ground down and polished,
All I want is to be free. free of the demons that haunt my nights Laughing in glee as my eyes droop down. His face fades into place like the cheshire cat.
I don't know why I was attracted to you Its not like you were a good person from the start But after it was all over, you left me blue After you left you still made my life fall apart  
Peer pressure something everyone deals with... right? But in some ways, it was more drastic for me... Does it make you feel better getting a look at my bare skin? Soft, smooth with many insecurities.
A shiny, new, bustling city.Full of people.Each with ideas.Each with thoughts.Each with emotions.  But then It starts. 
I forgive you for breaking my heart You took a healed wound and reopened it You poured acid onto it & let it sit The pain is still there, but I forgive you   I forgive you for leaving me vulnerable
Computer: *BEEP BOOP* I am Learner 5000 *BEEP BEEP* I am designed to enable learning *BOOP BOOP BEPP* Today, the lesson is poetry. Poetry is used for a number of reasons including, coping with hardships.
     do you think i'm stuPid? did yOu Really think i wouldN't find out? you told me you quit months ago but, i had my doubts. i didn't asK you to stop because I wanted to controL you. you toLd me about it before, why are you hiding it now?
The body remembers what the mind forgets. Forgets, you say?Oh, no, no, never. No way. Locked away.Maybe to resurface someday, when the momentSeems safe enough to allow what was held at bayto return.
  You were my best friend Or at least I'd like to pretend But i guess every story has two sides I remember that morning you were more than just my friend,
I keep my heart locked up in a box Guarded by a dextrous black fox   But with a glance from you the fox was slain My heart thrown into a hurricane   Round and round it tumbled and swept
you were my sunrise my warm happy day the sky under which children played  and people dreamed they looked up at you and would see beauty  you were my purple orange red yellow sunset
It's been 2 years, 8 months, 25 days since i felt your hands Since your hands were on my hips. I can still feel them. I can still feel how your fingers dug into my skin.
for so long you've been sinking belly full of stones i press my lips to yours with the notion that breathing outward might send you upward  but somehow accidentally i breathe in
Red.   So Red. That's what color you seeped out. But please don't get me wrong, it's not because that's the color of  love and passion   No.  
Attracted to your glimmering mirage, blind to the consequences. Sweet poison dripping from your lips, numbing my senses.  
Meeting eyes with you was like staring at a picture that has been hung in the living room my whole life. You were so familiar, yet you never failed to catch my attention.  
We were in love once, not long ago. You said that you could never let me go.   You kissed me with all of your energy Maybe that's why you set me free  
  Instead of giving me a necklace Made up of his hands   We sit in his Grand Cherokee And listen to our favorite bands  
My Mother is the greatest actress I know She's able to portray the "perfect" wife when she's around friends because they're all BFFS She is a volunteer junkie because she cares that damn much
Dear Daddy,   Can your sins be forgiven if you have forgotten? Should I not hate you if you don’t remember the pain you’ve caused, Or is that all the more reason to?   Why did you forget anyway?
To the one who took my life from me:   The way my nightmares used to speak I thought it would be in screams and in shouts.
Dear My Beloved Copy, I cannot recall the day that you came into my life that well anymore (I guess I am a bad mother) But I can remember is the complete euphoria of cracking your spine for the first time
When I was growing up I had a pretty happy childhood. I came from a broken home, however it never was an issue for me until I turned 12.
Dear Untouchable,   Proven divine, your soul glows like gold under glistening sunlight; its own halo that just doesn’t happen to gleam right.
I often struggle with words, which for me either come out wrong or don’t come out at all. In fear of the first happening, it's usually the second.  Here’s the result:   What I Never Got to Say
To my "Love,"   No will ever love me like you, What you told me over and over like a broken record skipping on a familiar riff:
Dear Eskinder Nega,     Before today your name held no meaning I did not think of you for I was still naive  I foolishly assumed that I had such great wisdom But Eskinder, that I can no longer believe 
Sometimes at night, when the second-hand ticks endlessly, forever mocking me for my inability to grasp the embrace of sleep because I am too busy thinking about you and the burn
  Dear Women who have seen their darkest days,   The lights buzzed, as machines hissed, while this little one graciously empties from your womb.
Dear Lover,  I am not a puppy or a little plaything you can choose because you think I am cute,  I am not a creature you can punish for not behaving how you would like me to,
I had no arms to remove you, no voice to tell them to stop. But I had a door, and I let hope in for you.   Dents line my walls, as the movers carried out my memories:
Mommy I took my first steps today, You were smiling, Under daddy’s arm giving kisses like you first met, Only 16 with an older man, He told you don’t worry there just love taps,
We had no plans and began to drive Into the small town that had tried to hide   From a paper map, hung on the wall it would seem to be fields that only stretch on  
Dear Daisy I think about kissing you I wonder if you think about it too We were waiting outside to go dancing I was high and
Dear Father,  Why did you scream? Did you want to continue the cycle of abuse? Now you generate the same theme As your father who made you bruise Then right as you made me hate you You left
Dear Mom,   He was there for you. He loved you, kept you in his arms each night. Until you went to another.
Dear Mom, Or Pam, I suppose. Enabling the lowest of my lows. Do you remember me? Is it the memory or the idea? Cheap wonder bread and ham, cool kids who couldn't care less.
Yellow. What will life be outside of this thing? I often hear yelling from the outside world.
Dear Abuelo,   I see you on mom’s nightstand almost every night, But I’ll never know who you were when times were right. I know you caused pain and I know you were vain
When my abusive ex boyfriend showed on up on my recommended accounts on instagram
Ode To Lewis:   Lovely cards of life Define her future They spoke with their eyes Minds gleaming and newer Carnival prize,
To you,                 You know who you are, so dare I write your name? Dare I continue writing? I dare because that is what you taught me to do.               “Dream on, dream big, never be subpar,”
Don't fall for the rich Please do not be deceive by the ice on their wrist It’s not genuine
Dear You,
Why  Why am I still afraid of you Why do I still cower Or feel the urge to run away You have this power over me Maybe you just took it and  Never gave it back I certainly didn't hand it to you
She heard his ragged breathing, but there was no one on the other end of the line. It was another voicemail, just one of the many he sent late last night.
dear the person we thought we could trust, here's to another night, of being curled in a ball,  sobbing out my emotions. you hurt me again.  and it left me confused as to why?
bend the bruises mend the stains, go ahead and break the chains, wait outside the wrong track door, hear the voices, not good for anymore.   break the bones, like all souls show,
I hear myself say it too often. I probably just fucked up again. Maybe you broke me, again.   Perhaps it's my astonishment, quite possible since I'm great. Until you tell me I'm not.  
Jordan,   Because they were rough, and calloused The worn fingers that laced with mine matched the temperament of their owner The hands of a hard man  
you say you love me but what is love love isn't bruised knuckles and fights at night at least I don't think it is love isn't pinning me down under your knees and yelling at me and me begging you to let me go
my mom's gf and her roommate would have parties almost every night and every weekend random guys and girls would come over to drink the night away and that's when I'd want to just sleep my life away
it's hard writing this part it's hard even thinking about this part in my life it's hard living when I think about what I went through. but the hardest part? is that it won't ever go away. I have nightmares.
Dear Dad, You were my most influential teacher I learned when I was six When given a choice between A glass bottle and your daughter's hand
The ring Oh how I loved that ring... Shining oh how it shined... Finally, the man I loved would be mine.
Sometimes you make me feel strong when I feel weak Sometimes you make me weak when I should be strong It's something about that grey smoke that seems so colorful Why am I a slave to your grip
Power Dynamics are strange. We would like to think that everyone is equal to everyone, But in reality We are all bouncing from one power dynamic to the other Never truly finding equality between partners
To Those Who Wonder Why I No Longer Trust:
Dear divinity.   I have many questions for you That I'm not sure you'll ever answer Because over the last few years of my life My fealty to you Has grown less and less steadfast.
When I was 6 years old I saw my mama weeping She was crying in the back seat and I just took a whoopin When it was all over she said that she was proud of me, that one day I would grow and succeed
To my ex-lover, or, perhaps, “lover” is too generous   You were my friend first, and then we were more. And even though we lost contact, we came back to each other
There’s a ghost in the front seat of my car She’s twelve, maybe thirteen And cries as much as I do   She remains quiet against the music, or as I talk With green-gray doe eyes
Dear Mother, who is dear to me no longer,    
  I wanna meet ya mother. And I wanna tell her how much I loved ya.
I am Ukrainian. Russian was the first language I learned, English was the second.
When you are hard on yourself, you cannot escape Running through your mind, from these thoughts. Your mind constantly drifting, lost at sea. Some dark places can be found, some bright places too.
The coldness you would put me through would make me appreciate the warmth you straightened me with You thought i would bend You thought i would yearn for your approval as i did as a child
Dear boy, You're not a man. A man does not hurt women A man does not manipulate A man does not use social media platforms to harrass an individual A man does not make me say #MeToo A man loves women
Mirror, mirror, upon my wall. Tell me is this even me at all.  You have no choice but to show my reflection. Show me this and I'll pick out a new imperfection. So, what will I do today?
You were my first love, At least that is what I thought. You messed up my life, Because now everything I do is related back to you.
  Wasn’t Enough I wasn’t enough
Dear Aidoneus, Goddess of death! Za, God of men! Why must you sit on your ligneous chairs drenched in ichor?
Sitting round the table waiting for Dad to join us, Me and my mom spent two hours gazing at the main entrance Hoping the door bell would ring And dad would come home spring me up in his strong arms
You bit me when I was tenderbecause you knew i was easy prey.Knowing i would fall weak at the knees on the cogency of your wordsKnowing I was soft as the petals scattered on the bathroom floor.
Dear Daddy,
And when you left I thought   You had taken     Everything     From me.  
Have you ever dreaded to take a breath Not the kind that fills soft moist lungs But the kind that follows a silent death Let me go no further For I can see you I don’t have to be there
The life in him runs under the skin, under my hand, running through the splotches, smelling up into my nose
run to the water  to the shower the river  the ocean to rinse  to cleanse the dirt  left on my flesh  but the dirt is far from brown its blue its purple its tender 
Dear Mother,  Hello, I just wanted to say you aren't a mother.  I mean a mother couldnt do what you did to me could she?  You left me in the streets so you can get high. 
Dear Luck, You know I am always thinking— hoping— for you. Everyone is.
Dear mother, I know you don't wanna hear it You've made it clear a thousand times but you know mom I fear it, I fear the cycle, the turning wheel, the parallels I've drawn,
I called you my love, I called them my family, Then you broke me.   I gave you my heart, I gave you three years of my life, You gave me sadness and hurt and abuse.  
I'm holding onto the last few grains of sand that fell from your mouth when you told me that, I was your everything.
I count to ten and i'm calm but I swear it's all in slow motion. One.. Her yelling echos through my head over and over, everything she has ever said to make me feel, worthless. Two…
Once sacred bodies thrown promiscuosly about, Angels and Demons reside within the same house. Here lies a soldier, Here lies a clown. One missing its arms, One missing its frown. Here lies a Princess,
The body was four years old when it   lost its sense of touch because of all the hitting.   The body was eight years old when it   lost its sense of smell
This little girl, staring you in the face. Why, she used to be yours. But this little girl, staring you dead in the face,
She’s been living in a white dress, since you got down on one knee. She’s been living in a black house,
There’s a list inside my head of all the ways I’ve done you wrong. There’s a list underneath my hands of all the ways I’ve hurt you. There’s a list in my heart of all the ways I’ve failed you.
Hello. Please, don't get your hopes up. This is NOT a love letter.  This is a letter to say goodbye. Goodbye to the days of whimpering with fear, everytime you stepped near.
Dear Rye,   There are a lot of things swirling inside you Emotions and memories and darkness that You don’t know quite how to process
Dear Past Me, Looking back, I now see the problems. They were flaws in myself  that I thought were my strengths. Forgiveness. Do not forgive so easily. To not accept any rock
Were you ever my friend? Were we ever good friends? Sometimes it felt like you were using me, and now that I know that, you're losing me. Somtimes I wish that things could go back,
Mother didn't care Father didn't know. Now dear heart, You are all alone.   No one notices, Or really even cares. They won't see you.   Just a broken girl.
Through the Years
There is a boy who always smiles as long as he's not home his friends all think he's happy and no one really knows he goes to school happy just to get away
Here’s to the children, Who go home to another fight. Another wrong, another insult. Here’s to the children, Who tend to their siblings, because no one else will.
you fooled me once, charming and true, every inch of my heart was devoted to you.   your breath was like the wind whistling over the pines. your palms felt like home,
  I never once explained to you how I became the person I am today Dad, I'm sorry I broke all of the rules I made up when I was younger
Dear.   The time left on Earth is relative now. Every second by your side reflects a drop of water, — and every humid touch is a violation to my sanity   Inside this body there is a trap,
You gripped my chin with cold pallid fingers forced my mouth open and poured your poison inside of me. It traveled down my veins and you turned around with a frown on your face.
An aftertnoon stroll has me walking by houses,   with doors that let me back   into realities I used to know. Run down homes with doors whose    screens are coming off the hinges, with doors that
You taught me to fear You taught me to worry You taught me fake love You taught me to drink away the pain You taught me I was ugly and worthless
I have denied that a tear ever touched my skin While you apologize for your actions, once again like fire and gasoline dancing our flame has grown brighter, more destructive
Dear Daddy,Where have you been?It's been 13 years,but my skin still crawlswith imprints of your finger
He is a monster.His mouth widens to reveal three rows of teeth, and he is covered with blood.My blood.Even though he is hidden in the shadows, his pale skin shines through,Blinding me.When he walks into the light, his demon black eyes shift into a
  Dear Lover, Because I love you, I let you walk all over me. I forgave your infidelity. I gave you my heart. You replaced it with yours.
That empty-headed smell lingers in the house chanting his name as it swims through the chilling breeze. His name. His name spits out of mouths and into my ears.
 no one invites me anywhereno one wants to hang out with meno one likes me as more than a friendI have tons of problems tooI hate myself I feel so ugly I feel so fatI starve myself
We grow up hearing "stranger danger" but what do we do when the danger isn't a stranger but someone whose half of DNA lives inside you? 
Girl, why do you stay with him? And make an excuse Haven't you had enough of his mess? Along with all of the abuse Time and time again You have sadly, sat there and drowned in tears
Because I love you  I can too much about your health than mine  Beacause I love you  I'm aware of how much I've hurt myself just to get your attention  Because I love you 
Dear Grandma,  i took the wrong turn into the ER. “go to the red lot.” they said “that's where they die.” i thought no that's not where they die -
Little one don't even try To rid yourself of sin Little one just live your life Sweet child of the nephilim Little one please keep in mind The way you treat your fellow kin Little one be fair and kind
Breathe in... Breathe out... Swallow the threatening tears down. They have no place here now. Breathe in... Breathe out... Inhale past the tightness and knots inside.
Too much to take, too much to give Too aware to die, too aware to live. Too white, too black, too inbetween. Too loud, too quiet, too asleep to dream. Too good, too bad, too broken to try.
Take the child Break the child Then fix her up with glue. Her parts will heal But she won't feel She doesn't have a clue. Take the child Make the child Then wash her clean of shame.
you insisted every masterpiece had a signituture as you relentlesely carved your name into my skin with blood running down your knuckles. "you're mine" may be music to the ears of a lover but there was nothing romantic about how prisoner
Ash like snowKissing my skin, It fallsThe bitter warmth of the flameThe crack of the light, it dances
Was it love when i felt his hands around my neck more than around my waist?When his touch bruised but in those anamalistic markings I felt passion?Colors defamatoryThe rainbow was bright but it wasn't beautiful.My eyes couldnt handle the light I s
Her face as red as her name  As she screamed  YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH HER!? His blue eyes looked into hers  Baby, Baby no she is just green with envy of us  and our perfect purple baby 
Back then, first gen, It was a lot easier when Mom and dad used to love each other since then Fights happen, physical actions Again and again  
“No one loves you like I do” The words that once seemed lovely Burrow into the crevices of my mind Right next to “you’re not good enough” and “you’ll never achieve anything”   “No one loves you like I do”
‘Thermodynamic equilibrium is defined as the state of an isolated system in which there is no tendency for spontaneous change a tenuous balance between unimaginable forces.’
You once told me I was beautiful, But now you call me ugly. Whose fault is that I think, Never daring to speak.   Bruises adorn my body, Never seem to fade. I muffle my cries at night,
You hit her again, and I look not knowing what to do Is it because I don't know? Or because I know she'll just choose you. You hit her, and you hurt her, and I stand by and watch.
Same old stories once again You’re trying to pretend that everything is alright The fact is nothing is okay But that’s something I can’t say I just have to say “I’m fine”  
Purple bruises Red blood stains The hole punched in the wall More yelling More pain I begin to bawl   How did this
Because I love you, I sigh and take the food, refusing to eat. Because I love you, a fake smile, as you kiss her, I do fake. Because I love you, I’m trying to be happy, I’m trying to change!
words grip me into a choking hold as i grasp for air from your overbearing love that tighten my vocal chords   i ask for you to leave
Warmth. Drowsy. Burrowing into your chest, arms around my back. And then, like a gunshot, shaking. And tears. And disassociation.
I care, and Why by Henry Rude   You text me all day. What is going on right now? I would like to know.   He says "I love you" Beats and bruises, scars and slaps
You can do something Reads the sticker on the mirror Adjacent to it one that calls stop domestic violence Empowering As I stand In a university bathroom
Too happy from the fact you were holding my hand, I didn't notice the bruises forming under your grip.     
“Love” is a powerful word so full of intense emotion and desperate desires. “Love” can mend or break you, healing wounds of the past
Love.   A crazy little thing. It sets our hearts aflame, makes us brighter, radiating stars in the crowded galaxy of existence.
Some nights full of tears Others full of tossing and turning I've put all the code in my brain to fall asleep But I can’t.   I can’t stop remembering
The three simple words ‘I love you’ hold mass amounts of worth People do crazy things for love  Good and Bad  Healthy and Unhealthy
“Because I love you” is not an apology is not a ball and chain is not an excuse. It is a truth. It is a reason. It is a motivation.   When it is sincere And pure
I'm sorry I woke you You used to say I could. You crossed your fingers, nodded your head, like I knew you always would. You whisper sweet words of decit, as you look into my eyes
Black eyes, bruised skin Just because I love you, doesn't mean I'll let you in. Love with you is fist fights, broken glass. Harsh words that cut the skin, broken plates littering the floor That's not what love is.
writing’s gotten harder than it used to be leaves thickening, stars playing games with the sticks they throw at me
Despite the eloquence ofMy words;My actionsShowcase merciless intent My actionsSeem to display meAs selfishAs ifI don’t love you BUT YOU ARE WRONG
It’s because I love you, That I would make you cry. And that’s why I’m your greatest ally.   It’s because I love you,
#becauseIloveyou600 miles meant nothing to me because I loved you.I gave up my freedom, and that was okay because I loved you.
Because I love you I will care for you, I'll become your other home. I'll be your best friend and your listener, and I'll be your pillow to cry on.   Because I love you, we'll move in together,
October 7th, 2017 Today was a horrible day. There have been more and more days like today. And I met a boy. He smokes cigarettes, and hits me when he drinks. He tells me I am worthless.
My dad throws a plate at the breakfast room wall,   As he throws it he adds on his life, marriage, and family, It shatters into smaller images of himself, And the sound it makes is nothing short of deafening,
Sometimes I can't fucking stand noise, Every smack of your lips, Every breath you take, All amplified in my head like 20 speakers stacked on top of each other,  
Muted grey Shades of pain Blurry sneers My arms stretched out Coils freeze on my limbs Hanging above soulless concrete
“How was your day, Sweetie?” “I should get one for my partner too.” “I mean… Would you want to?” It’s as simple as that.
Drunk on old fashions, the wind takes a breath And exhales all his anger through golden Red leaves, falling to her pathetic wreath; Hands bleached like old Bluebeard's, he's stuck within  
Relationships can change like gusts of wind I know not of what you were thinking then             How did you ever get me oh so pinned You were changing me again and again  
Because I love you,I listen,I feel,I cherish,I know,I understand. Because I love you,I ignore,I abuse,I condemn,I assume,I neglect.
“This is it.” Society breathes, “This is all you need. This man, This husband, he will tell you who you should be.”   Roses and
     -Don’t speak- Look around. I am a girl who provides for my six siblings I have 2 jobs paying minimum wageBarely brushing by, i don’t get to have much to show off My bully doesn’t know this;My bully picks at my clothes, my hair, my rough finge
Are you willing to wait for me? I don’t know if it’s right to abuse you like this   This is my fault Retching at pictures at everything you do the moment we kiss
Grandfather, I thought you loved me? You said it as you held me close. All the times we laughed with glee, And when we would garden outside. Then we were in your room, I froze I begged for you to leave me be
I love you this much, More than all the tears from your eyes. If you love me, You'll not worry your pretty mind over my lies. What I mean with my fists My love will persist;
“Because I love you”   I love you so much,   every breath you breath    every little touch.     You’ve infected me    with something i fail to see.  
Love is a term, that harbors an array of connotation. To some, "love" is the black eye they received from "falling into the door knob" of a situation that intensified quicker than they could dodge.
My mom is a thousand ticking bombs Wrapped recklessly In coarse, Black, South pacific skin. Pervaded by the thick stench of marlboro reds,
They built me up, And knocked me down, Over And over And over And over. A cycle of trying to impress,
    Part One              My thoughts are a corpse, buried beneath the surface in a sickening coldness.       Looking at your face sends shivers, like spiders, crawling down my skin.
It's crazy what i did for love You put me in a box that kept getting smaller. and smaller. and smaller. Instead of breaking out, I curled up and made myself smaller. and smaller. and smaller.
Because i love you, I let you walk all over me. I forgave your infidelity. I gave you my heart, you replaced it with yours.
am I dead to you yet you almost killed me that last time when my eyes glazed over and you fucked me anyway This poem is about breaking Because you loved me. this body is riddled with breaks
Love is not tears Manipulation or jeers Nor is it lies and coercion. Love does not hurt
“Because I love you, you should stay.   You should ignore whatever they’ve told you. I love you, don’t listen to them. I know I hurt you.
Love is nothing but an empty promise filled with Venom.   Love is a venom. That's why love is affiliated with the heart.
Normal couples fight, right? It's not out of the ordinary to be coerced  To need someone to push me out of my comfort zone Normal boyfriends keep their options open, right?
Blair A beautiful wonderful, girl who needed someone. But there was no one. Alone. Forgotten. And seemingly worthless. Abandoned at birth and taken by strangers.
I would do anything for you. I loved you...as much as my stupid hormonal 15 year old brain could. All I ever wanted from you was for you to care and at least tell me that you love me.
Because I loved you, I felt worthless Because I loved you, I saw myself surrounded by darkness when you were supposed to be my light Because I loved you, I saw blood on my hands instead of your fingers between mine
My mirror only sees how much I love youHow bad you hurt meHow bad you burn meMy mirror only sees the bruises you leave me  
Me and you I thought would be forever We’ve been through it all and it basically turned into a never I don’t feel the same anymore  I thought we were compatible  I’m done I hope I’m being understandable 
I am not her I do not have the effortless waves that fall below her shoulders The works of art created that exceeds any previously set expectations   The good grades Top athlete awards Perfect social status
  The heat of my tires   Was the blood on my hands       The honest words   Were the smoking gun            The alone I desired  
Walking on eggshells in order to please you,  you said that if I didn't listen you would sabotage me.  Send my pictures to college admissions, tell my parents that I had begun drinking again. You claimed it was 
I love you Three simple words That’s all they really are, just words Anyone can write them down I love you. I love you. I love you. See? I did it, but did I mean it?  
The most favorable flowers, Snipped from their leaves, Snipped from their roots   I want to hold you, I cannot seem to let go.  
I feel like your choking me when i am around you, but i breath, because i love you.   I tried to fight my feelings,  but victory was impossible, because i love you.  
  He is a hollow shell found on empty beaches You try to get a hold of him, and he breaks in pieces His words are venom but his eyes are tears
    Because I’ve learned to love you, I’ve learned to love myself. No longer am I empty, like a forgotten dime-store shelf. Because you let me love you, I’ve learned what love should be.
Because I love you I give you a kiss Because you don't love me You lash out and hit Because I love you I hold you tight Because you don't love me I'm scared to sleep at night
Time is a  soft and gentle mother,  who puts a steady hand on the small of your broken back and whispers, "It's time to move on, sweetheart," and for once, you can actually listen.
She dug her seashell pink nails into my back Angry red and charcoal black My Angel's got a temper, seeing red when I dare speak to somebody-Anybody!-else Her love is wrath,
     Do you think what you say doesn’t hurtBecause i'm here to tell you it doesYour words are like a hot knifePiercing deeper and deeper with each sentence You think you can say anything through a screenBut in reality you're just a coward Who does
"I told her once with my mouth."  You snigger to your friends.  You repeat your joke.  How many thousands of times have girls begged with their mouths "stop"?
could it be possible that you love me because i am the worse half   is it possible that i love you because i was never given intimacy   is it possible that my your love for me
I was stupid. On that moonless night, I wished for a guiding light that would lead me to happiness. On that moonless night, I was empty and emotionless on the inside.
He spit ink into my throat, told me it would soothe the ache I felt. It wasn't until a week later, when my lungs collapsed, that I realized he was hurting me.
I’ll respect you, not abuse you I’ll encourage you, not discourage you I’ll cheer you, not depress you I’ll stand up for you, not ignore you
It was when you told me you loved me that I really began to faulter the words that came to my ears from the mouth of my love but instead   made my ears sting
“I do it because I love you,” He will say when he goes through your things.  “It’s not because I don’t trust you,” He will tell you, but he enjoys the fights that his actions bring.   
“You’re just worthless, that’s all you will ever be.” “You’re a whore, and you’re not good enough for me” “I’m too good for you, can’t you see?”  
I put on my rose-colored lens The day I met him   When the “I love you’s” and “You’re my everything’s” Were clouds covering a dark storm  
She realized that it could not work When he hit her And it hurt And when tears ran astray On a young, weary face There was something deep inside That had dried beneath a fiery gaze
Trapped in his own asylum Letting fumes take hold of his lungs Booze takes over his brain Like a video control game. Midnight thoughts Rake at his mind Like jubilation Being exiled.
No matter how much you look at others I'll still be here No matter how much you ignore me I'll still be here No matter how badly you treat me I'll still be here Because I love you
Your silence makes me want to scream   Did I do something to make you mad?   Your replies make me want to cry   Did I say something to make you
I love you They are words we hear all our lives  "I love you" says my mother as she kisses my small head before bed "I love you" says my father before hanging up the phone  But what does I love you mean?
She came to visit me last night, lips cracked, knuckles bleeding. She's off again, trembling with want. She's come to light a fire, come to steal my light. Her fingers find their way around my neck
Because I love you I heard it every day After each beating After each round of screaming   I cowered Because he loved me He loved me so much it was an honor to be his To be worth his time
He holds you close He helps you out Everyone obviously knows it's Because he loves you   He grips you tight He tells you no He never really lets you fight Because he loves you  
Because I love you I believe your lies when you tell me I’m your everything   Because I love you I listen to your evil slurs when you drunkenly push me against the wall  
Because you love me, you told me to stay with your friends 
When you see him, ask him about December. He’ll say he doesn’t remember.   Ask him about our fight, The night he claimed to have the right To touch me as he pleases Because he loves me to pieces.
I wasn't loved You cheated, lied and hit I felt the blood run down my cheek You cheated, lied and swore It would never Happen Again I gave up I broke it off
Why do yours shake when they reach my waist why do they make me want to grow smaller and smaller and dissapear why do your fingernails dig into my skin as I speak
You kept me on a lease like a dog.  I would come to your whistle as your body lay slouched into our couch. No, MY couch. The couch I had bought at the flea market that Saturday.
Every time you look up at me towering over you, Your almond shaped eyes seem to grow larger on your tiny face. Like soulful puddles of warm chocolate, They sparkle with a sort of knowing innocence.
Love is a beautiful thing, when done right Love can be amazing, without all the fights You should always be happy, never sad  Never tell your partner things you'll regret, just 'cuz your mad
Eden was never a symbol of perfection Aphrodite was never a symbol of love Love to the Greeks meant madness, meant that someone had fallen too far  
You are worth more to me than bloody knuckles and purple bruises Because I love you, I won't You are more important than my foolish teenage desires for intimacy Because I love you, I won't May 23, 2013
Because I love you, I'm not going to let you go out Friday night; it's for your own safety. Because I love you, I'm going to go through your phone; to make sure nobody is trying to steal you from me.
A bouquet of flowers "because I love you." A box of chocolates "because I love you." A ring on one knee "because I love you." A holiday trip "because I love you." An angry red face
“ Scream! Scream, my darling, I promise you that my words are not nooses, my love not poison, my kisses not lethal injection.
I grew up in a house filled with I love you's, Eyes and cheeks painted black and blue,  They got I love you the most,  My mom was as white as a ghost, When my dad would say.. because I love you,
Because I Love You, but not really, I will slip my hands into your mind, Your Heart, Your Soul, Your Body, And I will slowly destroy everything that makes you, You.  
I don't want to drown in your sea of sadness.I don't want to stand in your rain of madness.  I was a prisoner in your cave of sweet nothings.I was frozen in your winters, in love with your springs. 
Because I love you, I let you be you. I love you because, You let me be me too. We don't worry about the future, and we don't worry about the past. If we work together, forever we will last.
I want to be with you all the time Because I love you I want to not be miles apart Because I love you Don't talk to other guys Because I love you Don't talk to anyone, just go home
Love is not living lies, or screaming in faces. Love is telling the truth, and talking through phases. Love is not hitting, or holding back eachother Love is holding and cuddling, or if needed letting go.
My Dearest Love, How is it that one person so entirely enraptures another? You make my soul feel light and give my heart a reason to flutter! The worries I once had seem to melt away at the smile you give me,
In our generation, we only care If  the relationship looks "good" for the gram "Wait let's show off on Snapchat"  And let me tweet that your meeting my fam But no one questions  the behind the scenes  
You said eterinty I though our love had purity Thought I wouldn't be alone In pain I moan You left me gasping for air  What even was your issue You made my heart scar tissue Is this love to you
Little girl, little girl What do you see with Those brown eyes of yours? I see my daddy throwing mommy
Because I love you does not mean I have to get rid of all my friends. Because I love you does not mean I need to change my style. Because I love you does not mean I have to silence myself.
you stole something from me. pieces of me I can never get back, and all the others after you will try to rebuild me, like the toys they
I know what an abusive relationship is, Its not always physical,  Though sometimes it is,  I saw it in the eyes of my friend who was raped by her boyfriend,
To my first love:   Just 'cause your dad went mad, and your gad made you shake...   Just because God was shoved  down your throat, like a foul tasting medicine...  
age seven [don't hurt me again] "why are you doing that?" handful of assorted pills stained nightgown, innocence ruined "it's okay, munchkin. i do it because i love you"   age thirteen
That's so stupidYou're the most beautiful woman in the world  I love you most.  And thrashing and hatingAnd loving and hating I'm just so tired of thisWell, maybe just one more chance And knowing and "forgetting" And soaring and hell And I love yo
He loves me when I smile He loves me when I laugh He loves me even when he calls me silly names He loves me when he calls me bitch or stupid I don't care when his words are mean Because he loves me 
she worried about him as his family drama drew his cigarette closer as the smoke filled his lungs, time kept getting slower. as the aroma of nicotine filled the air, she could feel and smell his hurt and despair.
Because I love you: I’ll make sure you eat and drink, I’ll stop pestering if you say “I’m not hungry.” Because I love you: I’ll wipe your tears when you cry,
No control, No marks to hide, No taking its toll, No scars inside.   No blackmail,
No control, No marks to hide, No taking its toll, No scars inside.   No blackmail,
Soft blankets reluctantly pool in a heap, Still warm from your body, As you rise up-- Stretching languidly. Yawning softly you slip out of bed
Because I Love You By: Miranda York   Everyone always wants to know why. Why does he hurt me? Why does she leave me? They don't understand like you do.
Everything you say starts with, “Because I love you.” But you don’t. You never did. If this was love, you wouldn’t say everything Is always my fault.
I love you but you don’t know Yet How I gaze at you through your bedroom windows How I marvel at your beauty as you study in the library
The King is never wrong Everything is in His time The whole world just sees it As devoid of reason or rhyme   The world is His oyster All must bend to His will His family- His friends
Words. The most powerful thing we humans posses  It can bring together nations and end wars They can mend families and broken hearts But  They could tare nations apart and dance in their ruins
Text me when you get home safe (because I love you) You know you can talk to me about anything (because I love you) I heard this and thought of you, so I had to share
Leaf falling down a tree A whole life attached to a native bough Clingstone to freestone, pinnate to palmate, Persistent untill the wind sets it free, Far from crown it goes now Hate's leaf scar on its state
Love is everything, Love is beautiful, Love is all, for most.  For the unfortunate, love is gone I am a victim,  There are many factors to have and hold someone, These are essaintal,
The Trap   I am the only one Who loves you Who else could ever love you?  
Waking up, you're by my side , I'm so in love with you . I want to stay with you until we're old. I know you don't mean it love the kicks ,the screams,the punches. You're hands , so soft ,
you are more than I deserve than I will ever deserve you are the cool and glorious rains that fall blissfully to the scorched lands that have been plagued  by drought
you are more than I deserve than I will ever deserve you are the cool and glorious rains that fall blissfully to the scorched lands that have been plagued  by drought
He said he loved her.  Shouting matches, leaving her with a life he helped create, he said he loved her.  He said he loved her too.
Free Push her to the ground, watch her fall.See how strong you are?She cries from the pain and you just listen to her screams.Over and over again, In her mind, she dies.
I love you, we're told, is the most wonderful- desired emotion. Some search their entire life. Some have never been without. Some hope the truth lies
I did not know what love was until I met him It was not until I felt him caress my skin He captured my heart And locked me away Because I love you, he said
The woods are where the bad things happen, they said Where the evil goes To celebrate its victories To dance with hungry wolves
A 16-year-old died last night And he felt no Love Only the Darkness His life consisted of   His mantra to the world Was, "Reveal the truth!" However when it came He sought to delude 
Once upon a time...   There was a young couple with too many kids: Poor Isaac, Miss Sue, and sadly, young Sid. The three of them had never enough to eat. Momma didn't know what to do or who to meet.
The house is on fire What will you do? Your further actions Will reveal you   Are you the Firefighter Who seeks to quell the blaze On the surface it is quite noble
Dust. Sweep. Mop. Clean. All day every day.  I do what you say, my Prince Charming.  But you still hit me anyway.  You said I was your dream.  Remeber how we danced? All the way until twelve. 
She melted the sun, He took away the moon.   She plucked the stars from the sky, He organized them into neat piles.   She painted the roses white, He ran them over with his truck.  
A sweet young flower a delicate Rose dancing in the April shower learning as she grows    A man drunk with lust  came from behind hid in the shadows  her peace and dreams he crushed 
Rubies glint on the sill in the light of the sun-- A light she'd once seen through miles of murk. "Happily ever after" she heard herself say, While her stranger of a husband prepared for his work.   
Water rushes without the light All alone, a lonely plight A whoosh of air, I’m not alone A bright, bright light Your face then shone.  
  Boom! Crash! Snap. "We can't protect the fallen. We can't relieve the screeching Even if we try."   Trembling and weak
The Castle is elegant Ornate and pristine However its configuration Was made to deceive   Who will believe The evils that occurred here? The yelling, screaming The palpable fear  
Picture of the past, Replaced with pictures of you. The fun times that turned sour then, Is just history now.   Standing on the edge of , Dark and light, We raise our hands, and
You make me love you,You make me hate you,But can't you see I always get what I want,so stop messing with my head.You can't make me say "I love you too."Even though I do.
Bound by blood, This wicked hate This unsettling darkness, This thing that only we know about.   Trapped by fears, We shiver in the cold. No one knowing what we hold.
Mom I am scared. I’m scared because I feel alone. I’m scared because she made me.
It was pure luck I saw her from far away From the darkness of the brush And I prepare my jaws to crush   Her name was Little Red
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your fears.  Do what you want as long as the witch doesn't hear.   How did the witch feel when she found that you were with child? A baby with a baby
The Open Cage The cage door remains flung wide Yet the bird remains inside, Trapped by the wide open door, Blue like the world he won’t tour. Refusing to walk away
Cut me open like you do those scars on your wrists. You use to hate the sight of blood, But now the sting and crimson oozing from your wrist has become your favorite addiction.
Was it the way you said my name?   Or could it be the tender touch Of strong, masculine hands Gently caressing the dull locks Of my hair?   Average feels like a death sentence
Odessa stumbled in Bruised, bleeding, broken "Honey, what happened?" "Just some tea, please." Hijab around her neck like a noose Ripped silk and torn skin.
Him Twisted, violent Charming, sickening, terrifying The reason I can't sleep anymore Mort
I was born with puppet strings in my skin. With hooks in my joints and a painted-on smile. I was born to please and placate, To be Mommy's Little Angel (To look pristine). I was born to vomit bubblegum pink
Once upon a time A girl loved a boy. A bewitching boy. A boy she had never met A boy she only knew from afar But a boy she loved nonetheless.   One day the girl got a message
Late at night my soul Cries and Weeps . laying in my bed I hope He doesn't Creep into my room or onto my bed waiting for the "midnight" Treat. Holding my legs and eyes tight Shut
how dare you! leave her childless; how dare, this world... this icy world, with sin and shame. allow two boys to take the blame. who sadly lost their mother, to the fists of a drunken father!
She's in love with an alcoholic, I find it a little scary, that people can go and gossip, not knowing what she is feeling. Abuse that she has to face, his anger she have to taste. Her life is a metaphor,
My childhood's full of stories-- Happy endings and of kings: Of fairy-tales where love prevails And princes give me wings...   I knew that prince was coming, But I couldn't stand the wait;
Hands or claws? Fangs or teeth? Fur or skin? The broken dishes The broken chair The broken girl The broken home Shakingly removing the weight from her left hand Realizing the danger
The  Brain"You're so smart."   "Such intelligence is so mature for your age."My books give me knowledge.My good grades.The praise from everyone feeds this false ideology.
Will you remember the way you made me hate myself? Will you remember the tears I cried from your continuous cheating? Well I remember the scars you left, Stabs into the heart as you degrade me of my worth, 
Sick love. We hold each other. So sick and tainted. Our flesh is whole but our souls are rotten, It's a maggot ridden love. Our feelings nibble holes through our hearts.
Forbear me- lest I remember The 1500 hour For those less than 16 it was the hour of R&R For me it was the prelude to the dour   Oh minor me!  How you had to give your voice variation
I. Forgive me, father, for I have sinned   II. Fluorescent lights contrast dawn the Sun has yet to break
She grabbed her pearl beads And her room key Left her soul in agony Cold street corners Search for donors Empty handed she won’t be Empty hearted, possibly Dying slowly, audibly
We walk Through the woods of my backyard My fingers skim across The rough bark of a tree.   I’ve lost sight of you,
It’s amazing how you have the ability to cut me down and bring me to my highest of highs, In a single sentence, you have this uncanny ability to remind me how small I am.  
I am sitting in a hotel room, staring at a three dollar bottle of wine when I realize that I do not have a corkscrew. There is blood on the towels in the bathroom which I do not dare revisit and I remember the first time you held me.
Well, I squeak and I switched when I saw them coming, They are about to bruise me again, And they caught up with me, What have I got to say? It's a world so cold when you're living with the harsh one,
Like a little kid When the lights go out My soul is dark and scary This there is no doubt My brain wages a war it cannot face
The pounding of your fist at the door of my chest Can no longer withstand what you tell it to No matter the number of times you use your sultry words to beckon it to life
You told me once that you were fine I told myself you were right, you’d never lie I know now where i went wrong Seeing you today was the reminder you are gone
To keep ourselves from going mad, we tell ourselves little lies. "He didn't mean it in that way, it was an accident, it's my fault, he didn't know what he was doing".
I was born from drug addicted parents, but no one saw me. I father killed himself when I was at the age of two, but no one saw me. My mother was mentally ill and abusive, but no one saw me.
whether it be the weather , or too much alcohol somewhere inside the stone monument , erosion clapped its hands and its job was completeweathering down a great stone monument from the inside out when they told me stories of great monoliths and str
You trust me, don’t you? I love you. You whispered so sweetly, I believed you, I believed you could free me from my cage. I loved you, I trusted you.   Our bound was unreliably new
You'd tell me that you were terrified to go home That he would beat you even though you were his own I'd worry for days on end Horrified to lose a friend Each night as tears cascaded onto my pillow case
America the beautiful, the broken   The late night party, he takes advantage When she wakes up, she feels the damage There are no repercussions for his evil deed
1492. The year America stopped being great, and turned into a country full of abusement, a center of hate.
I'm three years old and I can't speak about the things my mama does I caught her once
Death was a beauty she could not afford, Endless day with even more restless nights, Sitting there saying, "oh help me lord", No answer would come, and ended in fights.  
America is greatbut the people who made is great don't get to experience it when profits are low they cut jobs instead of their paychecksthe only people who feel the burden are the ones just trying to scrape by
I brush my lips across my abusers cheekThey say the abuse lies skin deep, but I say it rests in my heartAnother night we spend like this, all snuggled up like we lovedBut we did not feel love, we felt resentment deep within
They call it the land of Suburbia, Where I can live the rest of my days without worry.   There is no  Violence.   No thought of War.   No one thinks,
Can I try to escape from All my nightmares and demons Soon this era will be done The truth of time is too blunt To not cut like a sharp knife
Alcohol for the first time Alcohol every weekend  Alcohol every free-time Now the drunkness came to an end.   Weed for the first time Weed every weekend  Weed every free-time
There's a song in the streets. It's right below our feet. We choose to ignore it. We all learn to take a hit. There's a child screaming mercy. The President's a controversy.
As I write my final letter to you, I don't feel any remorse. In fact, I almost feel relived to know that little parasite is gone. I know I put the parasite on me, and I let it drain me for so long.
Ab(use) A helping hand turned into a hurting hand Good guidelines gone too far Daily duties met with demand What should have been a talk, ends up a scar
Your sun sets as mine rises. My mind thrashes as yours serenes. Oh, what a beautiful tragedy it is. For a girl to love a guy who has forgotten.
Slamming doors Screaming voices Don’t make a sound. Slamming doors Screaming voices There’s not a soul to save you now.
Meek. Shy. Eyes cast downward. Cringe.  Flinch. Hide the bruises. Break.  Fling. Leave a Note. Cry. Die. A small, pink cloak.
You say you love me,  So why do you hurt me? You isolate me.  You say it's for my safety, But what is it keeping me safe from? My friends, My family? You scream at me.  Spit flying from your mouth, As you cry obscenities at me, For breaking rules
1997-2002:  [No memories]    late 2003, one hour south of Switzerland:   Dad smashed my Gameboy.  He told me the screen looked better as a sunset. I’m only seven, but
you say it all the fucking time   Should it mean more than what I feel it does?   Nothing?  
You play like a broken record I just can't throw out What with your intense skips and gaps and repeats in a song I used to love
he’s a snake these days slithering around an anaconda he suffocates me   I wish you were here you’d stop him
When you score your first goal, go out for ice cream When your teacher gives you your first gold star, frame it
Her eyes, So deeply unsettling, As I watched The tragedy unfold.   Her hair, Tangled in his fist, Was used
Sometimes you look at me as though i’ve never kissed a girl before. I cannot tell if it is pity or love which causes you to fret over my virgin lips.
I hear the clamorFrom behind the door.I hear the shouting,The racket, the roar. I long to silenceThe voices outside,And the strength inside meSays, “God will provide.” They fight and argue;They can’t get along;It’s like they’ve forgotten You,When
the united statesin a separated stateMinorities vs Majorities brother vs brother separated like oil and vinegar because Liberty and Justice For All only quailifies when your Caucasian father and motherpull 100K a yearno justice for the black boy w
i never wanted to admit this to myself. i never wanted it to be true. i feigned ignorance, hoping that maybe if i pretended it wasn't happening, it wouldn't happen.   but it did.  
Ten was the first lie. “I’m not doing that crap, I’d never lie to you.”   Nine was the next fight. Slamming doors, throwing things, and hitting each other.  
My body is paper. I fold myself to what you need Scribble pretty words on myself So that you’ll think I’m Pretty Smart
Sometimes I think I see him still, in his old white Benz, blasting rap like he used to.   Sometimes I think he will find us again,
Hey old friend, I'm glad you're doin fine Thought I'd stop in just to drop a line  Heard you were worried Bout my life Guess you heard people didn't treat me right Hey old friend, did you forget What you did to me, do you regret? Cause though othe
Promises, promises. What do they mean? We give in to the lies, we give in to the need. You told me you wouldn't hurt me, you told me it was the last time.
Open. I see my window and the light shining through, I smell the toast in the kitchen, I feel the sheets on my bed, I taste the damp air, I hear the singing birds.   
A Cadet in college takes another sipalong with his brothers so why would he quit?Sitting on a bean bag having the time of his lifehe'd drink away his problems and wouldn't think twice.
My father stumbles in Feet tripping over- Heel toe, heel toe At a quarter to 2 -Am, of course   My mother is asleep in her bed
Falling asleep with someone is comforting, Waking up intertwined is gaiety. But trusting someone is hard and trusting yourself is the hardest.Lips on that bottle, crying until your smell was no longer lingering,Life became transparent.My future wa
This is not my body This is not my body This skull does not belong to me This skull that you bashed in with a beer bottle is no longer mine This neck that you wrapped your fingers around is not under my possession
This is not my body This is not my body This skull does not belong to me This skull that you bashed in with a beer bottle is no longer mine This neck that you wrapped your fingers around is not under my possession
When I was thirteen, I knew exactly who  I was going to marry. He would be tall, and strong, with black hair  and even blacker eyes. He would be my protector.
There's a ring in the air A whoosh of the wind breeze taking you away from your computer's' ting ting and a reminder bell in my brain clanking "finish me Serafina" finish before you fail
Day one. The Year is born, boom! Fireworks gleam above shaded cities today. Years back, fifteen, to be exact. Beat. Mother's love? Pah! 2016 sends her away. Feel unhindered. Free, they say.
Deceivers, yes they do deceive. Believers, o how they believe. Take heed to the warning, Let me be, I must proceed.   Blindly walking in misconception, Twenty Sixteen was a year of deception.  
As I write, my heartbeat accelerates. As I think of him, my hands start to shake. I thought this was what I was waiting for all my life. The year 2016 is when I really had to put up a fight.
From the vibrations of my screams  to caper-colored bruises you denied me to be all women, a Woman in passion Woman in tears Woman with smiles Woman and proud.
watching the rain fall makes me vulnerable every emotion i've ever felt pours out of me you all of my emotions lead  back to you joy desolation envy lust all at once
Stabbed in the ear by ten different tounges That made me work for silver one. You are neglectful of my own neglect Now I am sitting tall, purched over the blind Calling me weak made me bench weights so I can bench you
And then, there was silence. You were just a memory. Your voice, your words, your face, your smile.
I swallowed my pride, remembered that Patroclusdidn't have to die and that Enochleft no bloody body to mourn. I knew the tragedy of mourning. 
A year ago your angry handsLeft red and purple sunset marks on my porcelain skin.Your lips dripped honey-covered apologies,But nothing ever really changed.
Let me tell a story About my heart getting broken He made me feel like crap, so he could get a token I was outspoken, nothing I could do or say Theres only one thing I could do to numb this pain  
I really trusted you, I really bothered to care I gave ya' honesty but truthfully it wasn't fair Gave in to truth or dare, took off my underwear Naive and prone to danger, now I'm left with shame to cater
I can't watch shrek anymoreIt sounds like a little thing but it's notIts the story of loving someone beautiful or notNot just when they're falling apartThe song comes on and i shake
The clock strikes 2 am As I wait for him To blow down the doors The phone rings That is probably him I answer it It was not my husband Rushing downtown I run through the doors
Encrusted red splattered walls Red spotted floors Serve to remind me How everything I do Is wrong in his eyes Those bloodshot eyes Coming home every evening With flammable breath
You can't hurt me like you used to Its been six years you should be through   You taint my name Spread your distortion All in consequence to your shame And obsessive discomposure  
Katrina DeKett Papered Love Poem   999. 1 more and peace.  Half over half, color side up.  1 more and peace.
Rainbow Love   My sperm donor Some people would call him my father Said he loved me more than a rainbow And that was when I learned  
Sleeping is peaceful, the darkenss is a blanket that surrounds and comforts. Dreams are vivid, full of life, and love. I lay my head on the pillow ready for peace to overcome my soul.
I’ve never had stitches.Though my efforts to scratch my itching bones
At night I feel it I feel hit I feel split Between who he wants And who I am
The sun had risenThe sun shines inAnd I’m forced to awakenTo this world of sin. The clock is tickingAs I lay in bedTime drags onAs I fantasize about being dead. I tell myself to “get a grip”People have had worseEveryone has told me thatBut it does
It was bliss in the start, it was only you I gave my heart to. You thought I was a fool, Now I don't know what to do.  It was you that I turned to to keep the pain away.
Thanks to you  I was left feeling blue. You finally gave me a chance To get out of your trance. Thanks to you I was left without a "how-to" I didn't know how to move on
When I was 13 I wanted to be dead. It was the year I told about the abuse. I finally stood up for six year old me and suddenly I was the bad guy because of it.
if i could tell you one thing i would tell you that i was sorry really sorry, aching chest sorry and i would tell you to love yourself
Why is it that I can sense a snake in the grass and will run in the opposite direction but when I felt you inching closer and closer to me I watched you like a National Geographical special, a child mesmerized by the carnival rides
Drink, drink, yell, yell, hit hit The little girl is the target Swing and throw until she falls down Go to the lake and try to drown
There are minimal downsides to being a Poet, But one of the few is that it's difficult to simultaneously be One As well as the girl you want me to be.   It's difficult becuase we'll be in English class,
Mom always writes in uppercase I watch her in repose, The phone in the nape of her neck still sighing Like a helpless long-necked rose.
You called to ask me how I was today Though the last time we talked I was breaking your heart.  You were yelling and you were crying and you said I was to blame. 
I reached out to the sun, but he burned me No matter how I approached, I was scorched. The sun seemed to burn brighter each day for months I wanted to be close, to feel the warmth
he was so bright God, he was bright he made my skin burn when he touched it he made my heart race,  air so thick I couldn't get a breath like the hottest day of mid-July. yes, he was bright
So here’s how it goes.I breathe my life into the wind and the mists carry it to the sea
I found a faded photograph  Of my grandparents Not the grandparents you’ve met My grandmother who died of cancer The one I’m named after My biological grandfather who killed himself
Just keep my mind inside my head We’ll be us both inside my bed I’ve got to keep my life instead Of staying in my lonely head  
Dreadful Dreadful In every cell Dreadful Daughter Lives in hell Dreadful Dreadful You cant tell Dreadful Daughter Fakes it well Dreadful Dreadful Hear her knell?
A year defined and caged by a measurement, and constrained by time, could never explain the revelations, or cover the cost of my silent frustrations.
He walks with a step more than man Bowing beneath the doorway of her room And when he speaks it replaces the air Like cigar smoke He urges her to sit as he lights the fireplace Though she is already hot  He stalks to her and his fingertips are rou
There's a path lost in the plains. It leads nowhere It is worshipped for its ability to mislead It knows you. It knows what you have done, It has seen the inside of your skull and all of it's
Could you hear me if I shout, Or have you forgotten my words? I taught them to you when we loved in separate worlds, They weren't words at all, but our own special language
The boy who always yell, He bullies, He fights, He cries.   At home, Abused, Alone, Frieghtened.   No friends, No love, No one listening, No one.
​ I'm doing this because I love you, Don't you get it? What happens when I'm gone, And you have no one to look up to.   Huh? Huh?
I am kid again
On the fifteenth day Of April, Of the eighteenth year, Lay my motivation To rub dry tears from my eyes And have a great day.
Father has become a forgotten word, Lost in the back of my head. Every now and then, he appears in her lips. Every now and then, I get to hear what I missed.
You are simply divine! Just look at how your hair, in the sun, shines! That makeup has not even a single stray line! I bet you're compatible with everyone's sign!
I found the one for me. Or so I thought. I found the devil. Found it in him. Found it in the one who said he'd be there for me. For now my vision of love is nothing but psychosis.
One with rainbow hair and one with golden eyes. A high school project turned sweet
walking through hallways of deceased childhoods and wet pillowcases where little boys and girls couldn’t find protection in their own homes their lips cold
  I am just a girl. Unaware and overdressed. Spent too long looking in the mirror You weren’t there I guess  
I recently wrote my first poetry book and I thought I would share it with the poetry community. If you would like to support it you can type in Gissel Grizzle or Untold Verses into the Amazon search.I'm not able to post the link here.
  Dear Brown Boy  Why are you so scared to let me in? Allow my honey kissed lips to graze upon your coco butter skin And effortlessly our two chocolate bodies will melt together
This pain is simply pulling me apartCaught between you and the freedom of hopeThe simple irony of your oath"I promise to let you breathe," Yet your hands are around my neck."I promise to let you see," Still you are all I know."I promise to let you
She DEFILED herself!  Body pains, sunken eyes, flaky, sore, bleeding lips and her body as cold as ice. She chugged the water to silence the rumbling of her stomach as she walked out the door. She gave all the right answers and was
My words are deafened by the sound of an unspoken tongue;A language more ancient than mankind itself.She uttered phrases that Shepard's used to heed their sheep
She was beautiful like sleeping in on a Monday morning. No, she was as a caboose arriving for the man about to break loose across the tracks,
I was stopped by a man in a room made of gold He sat and told me his life story yet he couldn't look me in the eyes as he called me beautiful   We were both looking for "God" in all the wrong places
In this life, I will die a thousand times over.  I've learned the sun doesn't wait for me, and it doesn't wait for you, and that's okay We can watch the stars together in the meantime  
hope n. - grounds for believing that something good may happen The definition of hope is open to interpretation.   Hoping that mothers will leave abusive husbands,
I have grown to hate my grandfather.  I have grown to hate my grandfather. I have grown to hate his smile. I have grown to hate his smile that used to greet me with such kindness and authority. 
Abuse   Do you like this? Do you like seeing my suffer. All the blood and tears you've gave me... I don't cut for a chuckle or to amuse. But to show the pain and years of abuse.
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. True. Those are the lyrics to a song, but let’s be real here for a moment. You know you need me, just flat out admit it.
Parents. I no longer view this word this way P4r3nT5. Now this is much better A mess of stuff that is put together to make it look, decent.  
Trigger WarningsThey aren't always easy to avoid. Simple phares"Because you're special"I don't feel special when things happen to me and I don't understand them."But you are"When someone tries to argue back when I ask them not at say that.Trigger
Awake choking, Bathe crying, Walk limping, Become deserted, And you'd understand why suicide is prevalent, It's just another way out of this claustrophobic world, Some times fate takes too long,
I took the pen where words failed me I had no sword to fight, The dragons that had besieged me From day to my very first night I wrote to silence screaming And bid demons stay away
How interesting that I have never loved anyone I have  slept with. How interesting that I have never slept with anyone I love. Such a paradox. It makes me sick.
Words are like water. They flow from the mouth as if it were a waterfall. They cause rain in the form of teardrops to roll down the mountains
I've never turned down a dare.  They call me fearless,  I don't tell them I cry most nights because of the unknown. I do what I want when I want.  They call me bold, 
I awoke to a loud bang as my room was filled with the Flashing blue and white lights. This was normal in my life because my parents loved to fight. My father while high had beat my mother because she was a "bother".
She wondered why he was never home And only thought and thought Maybe he was really near Or maybe he just forgot
6 torn cardboard walls hold distant memories- hah, more like serrated puzzle pieces with razor sharp edges, stabbing one another yet fitting perfectly - yet willingly accepting the nerve wrenching pain and sudden discoloration of their o
The Land of Trees A Place that's quite green. Filled with lush and so many hearts. The beauty it offers is a luxury. Nature is so vast... there is so much we can do. But I warn you...
she cries herself to sleep every night, holding on with all her might. She worries about what the future will bring, Will she lose everything?   She thinks that she's all alone, And that nowhere feels like home.
He hurt me. I have lost count of things broken and blood spilled. 1,5,20 to many punches to the gut and kicks to the shin. Remeber how you burned my skin?
Forgive me,  but I have such a hard time believing that you're being sincere. I feel my fingers rattling— tapping other bones, nervously checking my phone,
I stagger through the gate and my daughter comes running, “Daddy! Daddy!” she screams running into my waiting arms. I lift her, I throw her up in the air, I see her flying, I want to break her fall,
There is no end to the circle I live in. I attempt to trace back my steps,  but my resistance is met by force. Around and around I go: Stuck within the rotation- my existence is characterized by one of two states:
It's only 5 letters but feels more like a mouthful. You've bit off more than you can chew now you're choking on it. You can't swallow your pride so you spit it out.
Pulsating pain shatters her fragile bones Her mind a whirlpool of thoughts An engine drone A burst of heat! She moans A Jab! A Stab! She groans   Aching for survival A gentle voice
  A needle: a small, thin object with a sharp point that mends our open wounds.   Sewing needles are polished and used by seamstresses to keep our clothes stitched and tailored.
The night he took my innocence. Was the night everything changed. His shirt had been my favorite color, A color that I can no longer bare to see. His laugh, So pure and happy,
Dear little black girl, You are not so much little but your heart is the same, broken.
Smokey room filled with chills, Empty bottles, and pills. Today's fears are tomorrows tears.  She feels Euronymous creep in, As he shatters every seam. Today she is seen but tomorrow dreamed.   
And There I was with my mother with the stumbled soul and already fallen as hard wood and perforated The suffering made me my father in life so fierce the anger of my being to have hope to continue living
Again. A scorching night of booze-inspired yells lingers in the air. The Heat causes the mistakes to stick to the yellowed, resin walls and the sweat soaked sheets.
I have an illness. I have an illness you cannot see. I have an illness you cannot see that is terminal. I forgive.   I forgive you when you warn me. I should have been more grateful.
That moment, where words from my mind Flow through my hand and into my pen That moment, when all of the thoughts Become organized, and no longer scream Are you listening?! Can you hear me... Do you even care?
Women in the Web by Kari Barge   Things have changed We may not be burned at the stake But we are forced to fake…
As a way to not feel depressed, Or maybe it was oppressed. The fifth grade was only a start, As a senior I still feel its mark.   My mother felt the bottle or aluminum can was an escape
She wore her hair a certain way, so she could cover her face. No one would question her puffy eyes, it was her disguise. He saw her once; her hair all down,hiding her face filled with disgrace.
I read that words have the power to change us and for the longest time, I refused to believe it.
that crawling feeling when you're feeling all alone that buzzes from the depths of your soul to the teeth in your skull to the tips of your fingers, bouncing on the keys,
i’m becoming what i hate i’m becoming who i fear hanging on another day holding out another year  so three cheers for self improvement
to whom this may concern: i am now free i do not wish to sing thee barren praise nor have it fall on eyes that cannot see
They say that the most talented are also some of the most broken That the authors of poems and the artists of paintings had to have felt so much more fiercely than others to create such beauty
Inability to communicate To Elaborate To Speak It is quite a terrible fate  One which should not be cursed Even upon those that you hate Yet here I was  Crying
my dog lani had a hernia on her stomach she spent a lot of time crying now she spends her time wreaking havoc on our brand new carpet--and it's my dad who's crying   my dog lani
I used to have a God I think I left him, but is there a chance that he has left me too?   It's so that eveything hurts and words are all that come. No feeling. No understanding.
I hear you words everyday in somhow in some way you say you aren't controlling me but I am trapped I'm not free.  You degrade me in public call me names to make me feel pychotic
Black tips on the wings of an angel Dipped in the ashes of her hell The life she lives is less tham holy Because of the things that rule she In light of the lasting maturity That made her grow up prematurely
Bam bam! One fist after the other. Pow pow! One too many hits.
I wish I was a bird.I could fly far away and never come back.I would finally be happy, and this depression I have I would finally lack.I would soar higher than any bird has before.
I wish I was a bird.I could fly far away and never come back.I would finally be happy, and this depression I have I would finally lack.I would soar higher than any bird has before.
Hello, Do You Love Me? I know the last time we spoke you made it plain That you didn't care about me, or my pain You shoved all the blame on me And now it's as obvious as can be
I can stop at any time, I don’t need it. I just want it. The needles, the pills… The crystal, the shrooms… The dust, the dragon… My tabs, my acid… My herbs and my rock… I like the warmth,
They give us their devotion and love, We respond with hate. They show us their loyalty, We cast them out on the street. They offer us constant companionship, We leave them alone to die.
You don’t get to have me
You can’t have me anymoreI take a deep breath
Everything is okay
KindaI’m scared
I feel trappedBut there’s no reason for me to be scared anymoreYou can’t get me and you never will.You monster.“Is this what you think of me
Picking up the bottle The stinging taste Burning you're throat You feel the heavy liquid Rolling over your tongue You roll the joint next to you You light it up and take a puff Coughing uncontrollably from the toxins Your friends keep telling you
I let my breath goPlease don’t let me be a statisticI cry into my mothers arms, the first time I told her of my abuse.I refuse.I will not let someone else feel what I have felt.
There are times in your life, times you’re overwhelmed by joyous feelings, then there are times in your life, times you’re overwhelmed by deep, dark, hurtful feelings.  
Laying on of hands You pretend it’s poetry But I still can’t breathe
He scratched me and beat me and threw me around But I let the tears fall as I dont make a sound.
Once there was a girl that cried at night Her daddy would hate and hit and fight When she got older her mother remarried And it felt as if a great weight had been carried But she couldnt forget the scars in her mind
They’re fighting again, I think they’re going to kill each other. She’s screaming for them not to, She’s on the floor, but they won’t listen.   “Wounded pride is not conductive to apologies”
I held my champagne glass high A man made a witty toast, We all laughed in agreement. And then we raised the liquid to our lips   As I looked around the vast living room,
Broken wings Shattered piece of mind Trapped on Earth Unending time No way back No way home Surrounded by evil No place to roam Good is evil And evil is here
Hurt runs deep Tears are shed Hearts are torn Love is dead Try so hard Always fail Bruised and scarred Blood's red trail Makes it's mark On my heart Like a bullet,
Run, run, run away Run 'til you reach a brand new day Far from the prison you call your home Where fists and screams have broken your bones   Cry, cry, cry away Cry 'til you run out of words to say
I never realized how much I was missing out on life Never realized I was still in the night You found me smoking a cigarette and you reached out your hand Why me?
I didn’t want to wake up. I wanted to play dead Being blind and not even knowing it Daily activities going through life in a daze Running, always chasing trying not to be caught
Gently blend the makeup inCover those tired bruisesThen forgive and forget
You were the death of me Those venomous lips with a sweet toxic taste Your hissing tongue twisting with mine All of this lead to my devastating fate   I was told what a biohazard you were
So show me why Show me the light Don’t let me go I’m scared to be alone so hold me close And don’t let me go I know your hurting me From the inside out And yet why Why do I love you? Why I see you dear Tears in vain What if I tear rain?
Love is as sweet as honey, yet True love is a steel chain that stretches over the broadest ocean. A feeling as delightful as sunlight, yet
Another smile, another tear, Another kiss, a lot more fear, Another hit, nothing is clear, Another memory that will last for years. Another heart that has been broken, Another wound that has been opened,
Kiss my hand before you break my fingers,  The stinging pain will always linger.  Light fingertips stroke my cheek before you leave a bruise,  Without an option, there is no way I may refuse.
I told myself the only way to heal is destruction. “You will be rebirthed,” I said, “your destruction equals creation.”
We like to pretend that we're the three wise monkeys, We pretend to be blind, We turn a blind eye to evil, We pretend that we're blind and that it never happened,
Because of you I'm scared for life Because of you I'm scarred for life Because of you I'm afraid to trust my best friends...
I believe in a god But not a god that others do   I believe in a god That makes bookstores feel mystical That makes you catch a whiff of old books That makes you almost swoon with nostolgia   
People tell me that they find it amazing that I can't hold a grudge.
Clumsy moves on tippy toes spinning on those itchy carpet floors vibrant colors and familiar smells he takes it all he takes some more... mothers voice and soothing hands knotted hair and sticky fingers
Everyone is different. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. But there is this one girl. She doesnt see her beauty like you do. Shes been told she is ugly. Shes been told she is worthless.
Like a ballet dance on blades,Your mind is a fickle thing. Relevé, going fully en pointeOn razorblades,Slice your sole to sorry shreds--So very fucking sorry. 
here I lay on my face so ashamed such disgrace they wanted me  for sex alone when they have it you're on your own battered torn hurting bruised by those men
I was told to write  my feelings down,  so I inked pain on a piece of torn paper, instead of etching  it onto my skin. I wrote  with ink instead of my blood. So why  did the tears  fall the same? And why did my heart   ache the same?  Thoughts cry
I’ll get you high if you want to take the climb. Ten thousand steps. Explode, land mine. Watch your feet. Ecstasy.
Never scream. The one unspoken rule, the one and only coveted truth.Not when she cries, not when he lies,Not even with maggot-like fingers caressing your thighs. Never, ever scream. 
Baby, please, sunshine--darling;Gimme more of that light, little bit ofEnthusiastic beaming, sunrays I tore from your shy smile.I love making you think it was your idea. 
Poppies asunder put me under;A slumber bathed in deep, dark umber, Oneiroi aplenty approach me there;Company where there exists no air. Poppies given to me by you;Poisonous mixture, a warlock's brew.
Bloody carnations, stamped down flat into sizzling concrete;The smell of their demise is sickly sweet.It's caught in my lungs, filling them up as thoughAll the air I now breathe is just tar--
Why care so much when all he did was hurt you? Why do you cry when you think about him being gone? He hurt you to no extent, severely broken and unable to be fixed. My love, tell me...
My wrist, formless, shifting and breaking like a cloud;You grab hold, tightly--too tightly,And I vaporize before your eyes.  
From between the tangled legs of the trees A thousand leagues buried in the oyster of the Earth Lay it's pearl, entombed in the roots of the ancient wood And one day it was alive.  
I've got the scars on my heart to prove my pain After this I will never be the same You say I only have me to blame But you, the liar, should feel ashamed I've got scars on my heart to to show why I cry
days like these i miss you warm, windy days of summer 2,853 miles apart
I hate how the word hopeimpersonates a pleasant state of being How it whispers wishful whimpers  Soft promises to keep my heart beating As if I need to hold on
You.. You were so beautiful.. You were so beautiful, but not like your attractiveness,I was attracted to you for you gave off the feeling of home.. Safety.. Love.. The feeling I needed. You were so beautiful and so large..
Dark tracks of you follow me,Taking the breath out of my lungs.I choke on the thought of you;Till my heart upliftsTo let you go.
A 16 year old girl, innocently dancing to the music of love   BLANK   She awakes to feel her body ache
All you do is hurt me. Your actions are evil and so are you. I don’t know if I’ll ever be free.   You are so abusive and beastly.
You broke me Threw me to the Floor Let me Shatter Glass everywhere
To say I depended on you would be an understatement. I was addicted to the way we were. To say you were my everything would be an understatement.
One day I couldn't reconize myself. I looked in the mirror and couldn't find my face from all the troubles of the world. I wear a smile to cover the pain as I wash away the blood and scars. He hit me. As the red washed away my mind did too.
I heard the hurricane  Felt the air pressure change Terrified for my crouching child Holding her as tight as I could Blocking her from danger As my master cracks his whip
Even when I close my eyes, I can still see the fists wildly being thrashed at me Even when I cover my ears, I can still hear the spits of insults and names being flung at me Even when I touch my skin
If you loved him,Those words wouldn't roll off your tongue like a ball down the alley. If you loved him, Yelling at him would burn your throat like you just look 7 shots of liquor. If you loved him,You wouldn't be able to call him names because yo
If his eyes were a gun, they would've shot me. If his heart were a bomb, I would've been blown to peices with my head on his chest. If his soul were a black hole, I would've fell in.
He pours scalding water over your wounds boiling you from the outside in.  His words are poison soap grating off layers of the world
Stay with me.For my heart will become a bitter place without you. You have taught me what happiness isand have guided me towards everlasting bliss.
All I need is my Bible, my faith in Godpursuing through my blood and enveloping loveFrom the man who taught me to hate, and stole my loveMy teacher, my abuser, stole my heart away.
Putting her on a pedestal makes you a fool. Lust only lasts for so long, so take time for yourself so you don't get stuck in the wrong. Return to your interests instead of what controls you.
He broke me, dragged me to his dingy white van I could not stand, bruised and waving out of reality for how could he do this to me Even that night beneath the stars
i can feel you looking at me when i walk past you. you see me, you act like you didn't, but i can feel your eyes on me. you only have two eyes but it feels like a million. it feels gross. it feels dirty. it feels scary.
You say you're here for me You say I can count on you You say... a lot of things. "You just aren't like that" "You should lower your expactations" "Reality check..."
Depression is an abusive relationship One that starts out small and slow You don't notice at first But you're slowly isolated From all the people and things that Might be able to help
ABUSED SURVIVER   Balling your fist Just hoping you missed Every single throw. But then agian Oh, there you go With every blow. Just knocking me down Smacking me around
His hazel eyes can only see so much But he has no clue, i live in this ditch Where there lies pain and disgust, tears and perhaps one day it will either break me or mend.
i will gouge his eyes out i will splinter his bones i will spill his insides i will break him like he broke her piece by piece my best friend was molested by her grandfather he deserves it all
I know you have said it all before I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it The fight we had last night, you called me ugly I’m sorry, you’re beautiful
I watch as she says she loves him The way he loves isn't love Why can't she see  He beats her when she does something wrong She says she'll leave him But it's not true
1.     Simply, if my mother had not met my father I wouldn’t be here today. Regardless of the fact that I was an accident… I can’t live without my parents.   2.     I was never not thinking,
My mind is not my own.  I gave it away piece by piece -  tied it up in a ribbon with bits of my beating heart  and put it at the feet of a girl whose love was a pair  of spiked cleats.   
How could I walk and not hit into that wall I do not know, for those bruises I bore left me unhinged and broken For times I thought not for myself I became a blank slate. I wouldn't talk to you or anyone else.
I cannot stand, nor sit here in this darkness i dread There is none to follow me or compliment this ability I cannot hold such negativity here in my hand The pain, too much for me is now rotting in the corner.
my hands still shake when people ask about you i try to stop the trembling in my voice as the flood of memories hits me  
My face, distorted in the sun under my right eye a deep scar remembers the pain of abuse, and the tears he has left me inside I could not cry under this mask, yet I find another route
I hope I always remember  
There are times   Times of happiness and times of joy. Moments that I feel like the sun.    But you can't look at the sun.    The sun It shines so endlessly, affecting everyone it touches
He ripped out her heart  And left her lying on the sidewalk A single tear rolled out her eye and slowly swam down cheek She didn't know why She didn't feel her emotions  being torn apart  
"You Motherfucker" She said as she let the darkness within her That she suppressed and kept hidden for so long, awaken. Rendering him powerless  with every word she spoke.
Lately this darkness has been eating me aliveThis darkness that I was lost in.Standing in that extra 7 miles.I was a fool to have walked in it.Like a chemist, you brewed up meth.Feeding me with happiness,
cold hands which anchor a young daughter's soul  the introduction to a labyrinth never ending yet what is love but a mere property of The man in which case i will always belong to thee
What part of "no" did you not understand? Are you really that incopetent, man? You had me convinced afterwards that   it was all in my head. That I was making this up
  They see the shiny outside,the one that looks brand new.They see the gloss and all they think is“That’s what I want, too.”  
The night was dark     The shadows darker     As they danced on the walls     They sang of a story     Of a young boy     And writhed in the pain of it all   
Your bruises are obvious. I wish you would cover them. I know you are only showing me my mistakes, hoping I will right my wrongs. But, my darling, you have forgotten that I am the dark monster under your bed.
He arrives at his living hell,School.Tortured and taunted by bullies,Like buzzards skipping and flapping around.One bully, the Dark One’s true name.The rotten bastard and his posse,
He was throwing bottles at us againA Heineken bottle barely missed Mom's head and I had to duck and roll to dodgeA few bottles of GuinnessHe stammered and slurred his words before he went towards Jenny
It’s small and white. Beautiful with its purple stripe on the left and complimentary hint of green on the opposite side.
Yelling and crying.  Screaming and dying.  This is the circle of my life. Why try?   Every time you get happy, Life becomes crappy. This is the circle of my life. 
How Could You? How could you know? We were only kids. We were only best friends. How could you know? The signs of depression.
Along  time we  go. To where? I  do  not  know. But  swift is our motion, commotion, and conversation about timeless 
Whoever said life was easy was wrong. The walk in the park for me has been like walking on glass for me. Years of abuse and pain, from "I love you" to "I hate you".  From a made up face with makeup to a face with bruises. 
Laugh if you wantI wouldn't care if you knew me Hit me hardI deserve the hate and resentment Say mean thingsEven though not an ounce is true Break my heartIt is already broken beyond repair
“Get out you whore,” I hear piercing through my peace. The lies I hear are no less painful than I feared Night after night came where I could only fight or flight
I am grateful for all those years I had with you For all those days I didn’t whine and cry I was just five I thought you were too cool
With them Problems are laced into me Like a greedy dog’s drugs in a poor girl’s drink People have taken advantage of me Violated me
One in three adolescents are victims of cyber bullying. Now I don’t mean to belittle, but i’ve never understand cyber bullying because your eyes are your choice and you can turn away.
you down bottles like you're going to find something special  don’t act like you love her  because if you did you’d be kissing her and not cigarette butts you lied to everyone about being sick
“Don’t push me to make decisions that I may regret later.” I heard you say this while on the phone with your sisters right before your dad died. I laughed. I fucking laughed out loud. Now what do you think that says about you?
“I love you more than the sky.” You told me that every day as a kid. “You’re fat. You’re attention seeking.” You told me this every night as a kid while you scolded me and grabbed my arm, but I doubt you remember.
Go to your room and turn up your music. You sit alone and you turn up your music until you can’t hear shit. Your stereo will be on full volume, but you can still hear the sound of their teeth shattering on vodka bottles.
Bite your lips; your words are robbery. You try to destroy anyone with a basilisk’s glare. Do you grin inside? You’re killing me.  
The pain from another the abuse  Your words hurt me not heal me  You say you miss me but then demands for submission  Trust is what I gave you once upon a time  But regert is all I feel for you now   
We have superpowers, like waking up daily, sometimes getting dressed, managing schoolwork despite so much stress. We are the best at being alone, and wearing long clothes,
Grandpa bought me a package of makeup; "Keep quiet about this," he said. I didn't see any wrongs so i did. I handed it back when my chest grew heavy.   I caught my brother obsessed with a boy;
Like love at first sight She takes your breath away and smiles As you can’t help but stare It feels so right Her sweet, angelic voice lures you Into her arms, but beware  
I'm not ready to forgive you.I can't forget what you did to me.When you told me no one would believe me, that it was your word against mine.  Whenever someone asked me "Are you okay?" or "How are you?" I always replied with "I'm fine",I wasn't fin
My child, look at me. You are so beautiful and precious to me. I love you more than the sun and the moon and the twinkling stars in the heavens.  What happened to you- it's done,
I lied for your attention. “It’s broken” “Sorry, ran out of ink” “I had to shut it down because of the storm” All of these excuses I told Not because I hated you But because I loved you
  One whip Two whips Three whips Four whips He lays on the floor with tears in his eyes   One hit Two hits  three hits Four hits
  In a little town close to homeI found the grave of twelveNone were old enough to bear a weight of woeBut none were young enough to shame
Imagine this huge castle- and in this castle, you’re the king. Or a queen or whatever. But there’s nobody to serve you- and yet you’re happy to be alone and rule a world entirely your own.
What happened to that little baby that gigged at the little things What happened to that baby girl who smiled at her family What happened to that little smile
                                                I Promise…                                         By: Wardah Elghazali       I called for attention I asked for protection
There are demons in the darkness of your eyes, in the bruises underneath them   I look at you, but you cannot look at me   There are demons in the downward curl of your lips, lounging on your tongue
The Giants have found her again. No matter where she goes, they will find her and throw her back into her cell. She’s soaked in juice             Sticky. Gross. Warm. Will suffering end?
he begins drinking at five; i begin hiding at six. at seven, we sit down for dinner. until eight, we nibble and pick.   at nine, we collect in the foyer. we sit and we all watch tv.
Who am I? I am tired. Don’t wake me. Don't touch me. I’m lost, Inspired.   There is a time
"I don't drink" There was a time when those words were true But now. . .  Well, not so much.   Now I love the feeling Of drowning in a sea of fog, On neither side of that thin line
And she dances away with a smile on her face  So candid, full of joy and life  But only to the naked eye, will she appear to be this way 
Why won’t I get it?   I have friends both male and female. I go to parties. I’m social with others. I do all these things and yet Whenever I hear my loved one does it as well My brain tells me
A mad man SCREAMING FOR THE HELP IN THE ENDLESS DARK CREVICES OF MY SOUL AND DESPAIR THAT CLAWS AND RIPS THROUGH THE THROAT...  ..and it mumbles like the stretching of the skin. Gurgle, Gurgle, dead. 
He’s an alcoholic. A genius, but moronic, Meanest when he’s on it. Sedentary, Practically a-biotic As his eyes drooped then widened He would take another shot In the back of darkened corners
No one Not even the rain Can quite feel my pain As I call out your name And its a shame That you left me in vain While I crawled on the floor leaving a small blood stain
Because she'd heard him laugh through new moon darkness
              My mind mulls over the past and asks what counts? What crossed the line? The car ride to the movies?
Give me an inch I will take a mile   While your soul in my tether We shall dance, the lover's dance   My soul shall sparkle and daze For you gave me a inch
I have settled in you Like soot in smokers' lungs. We sleep in waves, Shifting, pulling the blankets like teeth. The alarm sounds.   My cigarette's half-ashed On the back porch.
As I release you from my life , for the first time, I can breathe. 
To All Victims.. Keep Walking If you plan on lying to me and then break up with me when I catch you lying instead of owning it and communicate, keep walking.
My finger tips, cold Touch bare chest My heart beat, loud Frozen in time   Arms grabbed me, forcfully I had no choice I looked away, tears Blurred my vision  
Lashed by
I’ve let you control me For the better part of my life Trample everything I have loved While I lived a silent strife You’ve abused me And used me All because I’m not yours
They say the hottest love ends cold It's true After all, if a relationship is only heat the fire must go out eventually And then the frostbite begins licking at your nerves, at your life
You put words in my head but they do not mean a thing I lay in my bed my phone goes "bling bling"   another message from you your words like a snakebite but you dont have a clue
I am looking into a mirror.   I see myself, yet I see someone else.   I don’t know who this girl in the mirror is.   Her brown hair was messy and tangled.  
I need a release to find some peace Take me away with your grace To find some peace in this space Calm the raging war in my mind Close those doors in the sky. You're making my plans with such demand
I'm sorry   I'm sorry you think you can hurt me That you can somehow reach through the dark and grab me You can touch my dreams, but you will never have my future
Last week someone told me that I shouldn't speak Because I was a monster not by design But by the way I define myself Because I was found in Christ They said I wasn't a lover but a liar and a hypocrite 
You whispered in my ear Songs of myself And I was raptured By your words You held me to your chest And I felt like I was home You wrapped your Arms around me Squeezing the life out of me
Here is to the women who hurt. How their pain never told though their stories ever sold, intuitively resistant and bold.
I am a survivor One of many Same story different writing So how am I unique?   I could go on and on I am a survivor of domestic violence I had Daddy Issues
My heart leaps up, Not in fondness, But in fear. Over a year of Abuse and Rape. Too scared to leave. Too scared to stay. Bravery came at last And I was finally free!  
Did you know an Elephant never forgets a face Once the creature catches a glimpse it can never forget and your face is one that I can never forget.
Breathe. Broken. Helpless. Hurt. Cast down. These words burnt a whole into Kendra’s heart. Breathe.
This ones for those who know how it feels to be belittle Ashamed abused Pride tore from the soul That moment when life and death is in the palm of there hands
Waking up Weary and teary eyed Wearing his cologne unwilling Wanting to escape his grasp Willing myself to move on Wanting to escape the memories Wearing my own name Weary from my fight
When I was little my father used to let me use his belly for a pillow. He was my rock in this tossing stream we call life, but just like any sedimentary he started to erode. Parts of himself were chipped away with each wave of sorrow.
I was strong. I was stronger than you ever wanted me to be. I was strong in the face of your words, your actions, your “love”. You called me weak.
okay, so maybe I'm not the most experienced gal,  and I'm probably going about this all wrong.  You see,  when you say my name you make it sound pretty  not like a curse, or burden like he did. 
The way you touched my skin made me tremble. Your cold fingers swiftly carresing my cheek. The way your hands grabbed me from behind  I never thought one look would keep me silent
There is a boy who wishes he was a daughter, Dresses in skirts and dresses who bothers can't tell the world, not even his own father.   They call him a faggot, they call him a dork,
All hopes are shattered The damage is done and wounds, fresh Time to cut all ties
I am a foster youth, I am the voice of countless others Though my lips speak, this is the voice of my sisters and brothers The voice of those that are still silent in despair
I remember—
See I don't see See me I don't please Tell me you see Them there Using me See, no I did not come with! I was not with them I was blocks away!
I am your slave-master, The fists that beat down on your beauty And the feet that stomps your face   I am your thunderous nightmare, The past to which you are shackled The sorrow that enshrouds you,
Captivating conversation Make sure not to miss the meaning You are, perfect   Constantly Occluding my Motivation for a lie You are, unnerving ... Am I, serving   
The longest journey Is finding joy. And it's hard to find In one certain boy. To use a cliche, He's been through hell, And things aren't going To turn out well. Everything is a trigger,
(singing) Tick tock , tick tock, tick tock, tick tock  The time keeps tickinh, the time keeps ticking yeaaaaaaah.     (starts poem)  you psychologically abuse me, 
Misused, abused and left sitting confused Disrespected & rejected
My arms are long,  My hair is wooly, no I am not worried because,  Who will ever see?   You know my back is strong and,  Just as sturdy as it can be.. after
It’s been
I am here to represent all thos
I am here to represent all thos
As a child all we want to hear are the words 
No Doesn't mean Try to change my mind Or try again. It doesn't mean  Repharase the question,  Or Tell me come on. It doesn't mean pressure me  By saying it's been a month
getting tucked into bed  kisses goodnight  telling stories  turning on nightlights   being told "i love you"  before they close the door care with the flu a broken house runaway dad
Power On.   Channel One: A little girl plays outside, kickball, with her neighbors.  They laugh and run.  The sky starts to get dark, Curfew.  She wants to finish the round; it’s her turn to kick. 
"Imprisonment, detained, day by day. Take away these chains for my child's sake."  
Writing a poem about how everything is awesome   but my possum it ain't the truth.   Sometimes I think I should get my dreams and tossum  
It first arrived in my life the day I was born It wasn't there for me, God's breath still fresh on my skin It was there for my parents, eyes clear, paw raised in reassurance as if to say “know this child will be able.”
SHADES OF RAIN     “He loves you,” my mother tells me He’s yelling again He’s drunk again No, drunk still “He loves you,” the teachers tell me
This one goes out to all my kids, my teens, my peers All of you who've found yourselves bruised, abused, misused, unable to choose The life you deserve to live; all the while you give, forgive, just try to live
Your hands are raised. They're raised in praise. To Jesus Christ.  He took your vice. He paid the price.  You rolled the dice. He gave his blood.  You crashed in mud. His arms extended.  Mistakes amended.
“From dust you came and to dust you now return.” A mound of earth sifts through the preacher’s hand Small rocks break free, hitting the coffin’s lid With pops like tiny bullets
Dive in. Feel the water embrace your bones. Watch the many bubbles blossoming from your peach nostrils float to the surface. Break the surface and breathe as deeply as you possibly can.
Shadder my innocence, Erase my love song The secret is written black and blue. How did so right turn out to be so wrong? This is the story of me and you.   Only these walls
I never had a wall. There was nothing therefor you to climb over or knock downbut the more time I spent lingering in your shadowthe more bricks I foundand the faster I learnedto build. 
Dropping cocktail names because they sound so sweet Auntie's house last night too easy, score some at the meet
They are not here to hurt us They're supossed to be here for love Now it doesn't feel like enough Punished. Beaten. Abused. They used us up Now who am I? Look at me and see what you have done!
That night rain made the skies look like wet parchment
In my dreams, I see you. That person, who despite my flaws, grabs my hand and jumps; jumps into the blue wild world smiling and dancing in the streets, pointing at the stars,
Here I am with him,
Violence would have saved me. A thought I struggle to comprehend. It were the words that degraded me, broke me down, they wrapped around my neck. "Piece of shit" "worthless" "a mistake"
I remember the time I first saw my mother cry. Her soft blue eyes were puddled with red.
He caressed her and touched her This wasn’t right
I have always lived with strangers in my home. The agony of not having a true family is greatly disturbing. You see, demons terrorize my household.
The walls were built high High as a skyscraper
All animals feel pain Primates make different faces for different emotions Dogs remember who you are when you walk through the door Dolphins are known to communicate with each other
I am alone in this.
You say that you care is it really true, I'm hurt I'm bleeding all because of you, it was perfect before what's going on now. Have you found another heart? Are you playing around? Wiping tears from my eyes. Something you use to do.
  I’ve seen too many women crucify themselves for the wrongs others have dealt them.  
I know it might seem like the world is crashing down Trust me I know what it's to feel like that It feels like you're standing in the rain without an umbrella Stuck in an eternal darkness
Your skin wears thin, white against your knuckles
  Pain is an inevitable part of life. Pain is your body, mind or spirit way of telling you it hurts.
For you;
I remember his eyesThat they reflected mine,The golden encapsulated,Red-flecked beautiesThat so often got us confusedFor brotherAnd sister.
You have had too much hope Inside your soul And when you wake up With blood streaming down Your legs And tears Falling down your face The first person you want to curl into
Say no, say no, say yes, say yes. No- to abuse. It's not necessary, not right. Twenty-eight percent are in an intimate relationship! Ninety-eight percent of offenders- aren't punished!
I’m a raging inferno, a ball of fire,
Stability is a joke. When I feel fine, it is time to plan on going somewhere else. All because of YOU. You came in acting as a replacement father and came out as a joke. A lying joke with no point and only offense. You think you can control me?
You pull me closer into you  And lean in for a kiss I don't know what else to do But to find a place of bliss
Heart beat pounding Exaggerated sighs Lips tracing scars Pupils peering into mine     Mind racing Endless hours   Piercing whispers Lingering kisses Even in my sleep
Shut your mouth and listen to what it is I have to say I will take you all back on that specific day I was laying in my room listening to the two of you argue
Music is the drive that moves me from the thorns of a rose up to the ovary. Where a sweet smell dwells. I lay in the middle and listen Healing from the prick of the past thorns I bleed to the beat and memories flow
she barely drank the poison, barely tasted it at all. she walked home a little dizzy, suprised she didnt fall. she snuck through her window, afraid to just walk in the door.
Flickering lights Sleepless nights I wonder When will my home be in sight? I travel alone Like a dog to a bone I search But never once glance for a phone What am I looking for?
I was a deer stopped dead in its tracks. My head pounding;
Take, take, take, All you do is take Give, give, give, You struggle to give Feed your children Feed your people Allow your kind to thrive To reach the sky Allow them to shine bright
Anger never suited me It never did and i vow it never will
Crying, screaming, with a runny nose until your voice is hoarse,  suffocating slowly from all the noise even though there isn't any force, 
My bones were feeble My breath had weathered My voice can be heard as a bare, cracked whisper And I listen at how fragile we are... For which my lungs, they were thirsty for air
We’re sitting there drinking coffee in my favorite place
Mama once told me “You’ll never find love If you can’t love yourself.” Maybe try to look like you care.” She left me in the bathroom Crying while I brushed my hair out. Mama said to me,
I think I started my new life As an anorexic angel. I woke up to my chapped pink lips Breathing snow that looked like ash
She sings a song so soft and sweet But it's filled with such sadness It makes you want to cry This song lets you feel her pain And you want to scream   How can this be fair you wonder
You know something is not quite right when you find yourself battling to stay awake cause of that man you hear moving behind the wall the one you called "Papa" the one you thought cared for your feelings -- no
I hear it stumble in the door  Crash!  a drink splills into the hardwood as  glass shatters  my body flinches in shock shoulders quickly rise    pungent smell musty with a little spice
Adults always tell us that they know best They have more experience, and time, they'll attest They feed those words Into our brains Inject that message into our infant veins
Daddies been out drinking, yet again
BoozerUserLoserRed puffy eyes pleading with youAbuserYou are the one I am forced to loveBlamingShamingDrainingSlurring words from drunkin lipsClaiming
I am 18 years old and I fully understand that the world is so cold. I am 18 years old with a story that is not yet told. I am 18 years old and I've seen a lot of things.
I wear my scars like a badge of honor.
She lay there naked and dying
There are some things I cannot say with words So rather than write a poem I'll pick up another face Except this time, When I sew it on I'll leave a corner unstitched.  
At night I lay on my feathered bed and wait. I wait for when I will feel again. I wait for an unspoken to God in the sky I wait for the police who never come. I wait for the lady upstairs.
I don't appreciate  when you approach me just to tell me that I'm so blessed  with such a sexy body.  And you have no right to be offended when  I don't kiss the ground you walk on
I demand change. In these twisted, damaging days. Where women are afraid to leave for work for fear of merciless rape Where people of color  cannot receive a fair wage
"I'ma rape ya!" They say "It's just a joke" They say 
full y liquid wind                                 people  g
The wind will blow away my sin Copper devils wait in the tall grass I walk on doves feet across the clouds Fallow my feelings little fish Sing about rain I sometimes wish I was a monster
I swallow the poison my body craves, While I know the things at stake. I claw at pieces of my skin for my mother’s sake. I hurt my insides, to save the out; There’s always a price to pay.
My mother is weak And I cannot stand it She is feeble, stupid, and plain Who are you? And where is the woman that I once knew? You’re a weakling, darling A scaredy little ghost
What about us kids. The ones that nobody thinks about looking at. The ones who are beat and molested. The ones who suffer quitely while having a positive front. The young kids that tried to get help but were denied because of their parents jobs.
I cry a lot, don't you? I trust people too easily I'm trusting you. I forget things a lot, don't you? I lie to people too easily I'm not lying to you.
I suppose that in a way
I suppose that in a way
When I was younger Peter Pan told me to never grow up
I am made of sticks and stones. I rebuilt myself from those I found Strewn about the kitchen floor, Remnants of your drunken tirades. My bones felt hollow When I learned that yours
Her eyes swollen from the tears, whites of them wide with fears. She's been so strong, she's carried on, but  how long can she go along? Pushing through everything she does,
I feel numb inside…empty & lost. I find myself trying to rekindle my soul, while keeping my eyes open for the lost pieces of myself; they were sold, but at what cost?
And this is how it starts. We're halfway into this cheap bottle of wine, both of us have seen "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" at least three dozen times, and don't think I haven't noticed your hand on my thigh.
I was three the first time i remember 
 lay on my bed crying until I had nothing left.
Here's what I do remember about this particular rape. 
I didn't want to, but I picked the glass up and took a sip.It was horrible and I told my father there was no way I could get this terrible tasting st
One day when I was 13 and in the 8th grade, I had gotten the stomache flu and had to stay home from school.
My father took his trusty knife, wrapped her hands around it and they slit that rabbits throat without a sound.
I started feeling really dizzy and nauseous and was crying so badly, I could barely see nor breath through the tears.
I don't remember what set this next incident off with my father, I just remember it was one of the things that showed me just how much of a psyco nut
Coming back from the dead was always a terrifying experience for me. I hated it almost as much as the dying.
I remember wondering if my father could hear my heart pounding, then realized it didn't matter.
Have you ever been in an accident or so near death that at that very moment, you thought your life was over?
I raise the camera, Tilt it to the right, Use a filter and capture the perfect light,
When I was just a wee young thing,I was taught life's lesson well     
Waking up from a dream feeling all bubbly While everyone else looks  at the world humbly I get out of bed everyday with the thought That today and no later is the day that I ought
We all have dreams, though most seem to never prosper We all are sinners, nothing can save this gospel The pigs we gobble, the devil we follow, the poisons we swallow, all lead to evil bethrothals
Screaming bloody murder, but no one can hear the cries Cannot hold on forever, can hardly put up a fight Locked inside a cold room, lying on the hard floor Beaten in the gloom, here be he prisoners of war
They said it could never happen, so when you told me to give you my hands I gave them to you. I even smiled. Now I am tied up and I'll probably die. They say better to have loved and lost,
He keeps saying he will change But it seems to worsen everyday There’s nothing else to do but pray.   He comes home drunk
Growing up your my main inspiration, I gave you hardship and lots of frustrations, But you’ve always been there when I needed some love, Arms spread open hugging me like a glove,
I smile  post Then continue cutting   What would mom say? post And finish my drink    We pose  post  You beat in my temples   Find inspiration P O S T 
Loud nights, ears closed, doors locked,  tired floors.
It's about the locked door it's about the sound of a slipped belt trauma like brain damage it's about shrunken corners that don't shelter it's about hearing pants drop to the floor wishing ears to deafen
I love coffee stained breath in the morning.
It's 2:00 am, he lays awake in bed contemplating life.Should he stay or should he go?Will they even notice he's gone?He cries for help but they dismiss him time and time again.
Who am I? I'm the girl in a cheering crowd frowning I'm the girl who loves but never was I'm the girl who was hit constantly by someone so close Who am I? I'm the girl you left behind
i’m sad sunshine body sunlight veins the sun it’s a new day but not a fresh start and i shouldn’t be sad
Flawless sometimes I see just a girl A little speck inside the world.
My lost little boy cold and alone I couldn't know you I couldn't hold you Nothing could ever repair the damage Nothing could ever mend a heart so broken My lost little boy now grown up and full of hate
Twisted lies and teary eyes These news titles on the rise Wrong perspectives, strong objectives Activists are the real detectives Police brutality? Our reality? Families surviving on calamity
   I was the girl that grew up in hard brick matter. At 3 years old my pearls were stolen then shattered. Beaten,broken and tossed to floor. And all I could can do is plead "PLEASE NO MORE!!!"
Thumbing through the past, I remember when Kenny Kwan punched me in the face and broke my glasses.   I spit up blood like a spittoon and floods of tears drowned my words.
Love can make us do stupid crazy things, Things that never in a million years you thought would do. Things you regret doing.   However, at the time it does not occur to us how our actions ruins us on the inside
When I was five I was considered for having OCD. To my family at the time they laughed at how I was "considered". It's a mental illness, you either have it or you don't.
I picked a flower and as the melody goes You love me not it landed on
Why Does Daddy keep hitting me? Why Does Daddy keep yelling? Why Does Mommy keep hurting me? Why Does Mommy keep screaming? Why Am I so hated? Why Am I so worthless?
German decent, eyes sky blue Pretty I am but that's not all you see,
Don't be a brat! BAM BAM Stop being stupid! BAM BAM You need to learn! BAM BAM Don't fucking talk to me!
My Room. Its calm.
The door finally closes, another day spent, Another act finished, but I’m not content.   I look in the mirror, stare into my eyes – Were they fooled today by my act, my disguise?  
The feel of the keyboard Is like the piano keys How I make music with words That no one wants to hear They continue to disappear  Like Forbidden Fruit  Can anyone dare to ever take a bite
whistle my entire existence is contingent upon
I dreamt that I was witnessing a war Not in full action But of its ancient history   Looking at the artifacts of someone else's life Wondering who'd they'd been Where they'd walked
  To signify the pulse between my veins Escaping outside             Of my paper-thin skin   To identify who you are        As you are choking me In my sleep  
My body is a cocoon of pungent regret holding its breath for the metamorphisis to a butterfly of knowledge my body is a hub of nocturnal imagination paints my dreams in garish tones and people hues
My flaws are my weapon. The scars on my body distract from the scares on my mind. I have seen things.
"Write about a trouble in your life," they say- but in no way      can I relay        the way that I got laid
Hearing the screaming and shouting in my house, I don't know what to do but grip my blouse.   I used to think "This is where it all ends", But I looked past that and started to ascend.  
All of our years we work and try to see, The girl or boy we are supposed to be. We go through school being judged and bullied, Just to turn around and judge and bully. We are called to act with love and kindness,
Facebook, Twitter, the 'Gram It's all make believe, like a fairytale People will go to the 'Gram,
4 years old,
I am weak.My skin is crisscrossed with
Dedicated to E.J.S. Blood boils beneath the skin. A hatred for you deep within. Your "BIGGEST MISTAKE", at least I am something.
Look beyond my tattoo of a smile
So sickly.  Someone with such a heart  Ready to do...anything. And Everything. To get ahead.  Destroy their friend for the drug called. Ambition.  Fear of losing to others In turn. Losing
  You twisted my mind,       With your words and your lies. You stole away my childhood,       In every way that you could.
The wind picks up and the horizon turns burgundy red The people of this city scurry to their expensive cars  Racing to get home to see the kids, to finish the game, for dinner. But what they don’t see
We were hurt onceand then they told usthat the pain thatsettled over our shouldersweighted like the worldwas our cross,was our albatrossto wear, to bear.
The layers of tears that I've cried have stung my eyes to that point of where seeing just becomes painful. I don't want to give up. But I'm being forced to give up. Or am I? No, this whole situation is fucking bullshit.
When it really comes to it, I look away in the hallway.
existence crafted out of abuse
Thank you for electricity.
Love is not a choice. It is like falling asleep Or floating gently And landing in someone’s heart. But love is also an action. It is like learning to walk: You start by crawling
  There are millions of voices that are silenced
I have a special affinity for the x-ray machine,Faultlessly highlighting my bones, heart, and spleen.
Anger. I can see it in his eyes,
I have to hurry home and prepare dinner tonight I have to finish my cleaning or else it’s another fight I’ve still much to do: the laundry, the dishes, the dusting, washing the stains off the floor
My heart no longer mourns for your love,
Mom tri
I should've known better than to let you in  I'd be defeated in every single game that you'd play
All across the nation people are searching for retaliation.
You saw me as your porcelain doll your darling girl Your perfection but There was an immaculate exception you thought i was your faithful pet the dog who'd  "she'd be back"
I come fro
When you're a child
I hide behind a mask of hurt, insecurity and rejection. Maybe its because I was never a boy's first selection, not having an hour glass figure really killed  
My life has been full of secrets My thoughts much protected My personality a big puzzle
The world only sees What I want them to see The true me is a mystery I crumble behind the scenes   I smiled once today And it was a miracle, see, For the first time in months
Even if I tried to leave woke up and saw, you’re killing me   don’t think I’d have the strength to be alone.     Because when you hold me, kick and choke me, whisper softly
Intoxication by substance,Abuse is a common word inA user's dictionary: vocabulary,Mundane feelings of pain,Take it all away.
A woman knows how to wait without despairing Gives all her love excpecting nothing in return A woman is as tough as bark and as fragile as a crystal She's able to suffer without spilling any tears
She was whole. Everyday was words From the mouths of those around her Those who she loved Words She wasn't good enough She couldn't do anything right She never met expectations
Neglect–ed Ringed out with blood and stretch marks. Wrinkles written in between the crevices of my eyes. They sting and burn. Fighting, fighting, and falling. I kept falling. I failed.
the blood in my veins are the tears that cry out from the lacerations on your heart.  i see the ones on your wrist and i say to myself, "has she never felt love?"
Sideways glancesSmirksSnickers behind binders But they don’t knowThey don’t know what she’s been throughThey wouldn’t do this if they knew
Seeing these days of darknes
Tired Eyes, and broken vessels..  Crimson streaks, and open wounds... No escape for me, only the passion I once had. No will left to fight, no life left to live 
Watch Out I scream to the sun The moon is beginning to take over Sun take charge
Because I'm a broken glass behind the scenesI am an entire home in shamblesI'm only so sturdyThese shelves can only hold a heartAbsolutely nothing else
A day filled with guilt and pleasure. How could someone defy that which sustains them? Yet how hard have I worked to indulge? Meager dreariness coats the beginning of everyday.
Gun walks down my street
Flaws and all She was born like this not very tall with curves he likes to kiss the chubby cheeks on her face a smile that lights up the place in her heart is very pure and soft voice that's hard to hear if you're not listening to the words she s
Insanity is the first time you saw him it's the smell of burnt chicken, he tryied to make on the first date it's the sound of the phone ringing  and the feeling you get when you see his number on your screen
I stay looking down I can't even look them in the eye
Darkness  Is all I can see  Death  Is all I dream  Happiness  Has long since faded away  Struggle  Each and every single day Mind  Is slowly turning to dust  Pain 
This girl is always smiling, filling our hearts with love. But no one knows the truth.. what it's like when shes alone. Broken dreams, slashing screams. not what we call home.
Who do you pray for at night before you go to sleep? What do you feel when you see the homeless on the street?  How can you walk with your head held so high when an innocent mother never got to tell her child goodbye. 
Bus seats coldChildren glance
It never made sense til now and the sense I've made makes no sense at all. If I should say the truth I hope it be opaque cause I can't stand myself or the perils left unscathed.  
She sat there in disbelief, The things they had written were so malicious. She read the words on the screen: Whore, slut, bitch.
The last time that I saw you,you were being pulled through the front door by police officers.
Scared in a world with a variety of people, the rejects, the nerds and quiet people . With the people who belong on stages and are natural leaders , those who belong at the steaple.
Our eyes are once again forced open by the sound of a beeping alarm. Morning has stolen our precious sleep.
A knife to my chest Or a gun to my head as i  breathe my last breath though  im already  dead Who cares if i die Or is this just satans lies its myself i despise All these tears i done cried
Your honeysuckle tongue has all the backlash of a whip, 
The moment I met you, My soul knew to stay away from you, For it knew you'd be the death of me. Of course, my heart felt what it did And I suffered the tragic consequence.
The great buffalo Was a great liar.  He promised food And warmth
Be strongNothing ever last for longIt wouldn't last forever you knewBut its okay he still cares about youJust hold on to your heart for nowWipe the sweat from your brow
Mouths I have kisseda thousand timesLetting fanged words slither out"Why is it always about rape with you?"little venomous soundshissing at my heels."It’s not love if you don’t fuck."
Just stand there
Hush, it’s okay There’s no need to take a peek. What are you doing, trying to look in so deep? Do you wish to be clawed at, do you wish to be scorned?
“Blood is thicker than water”
Sir no sir.                                                                                   Please leave me alone sir. Let me sleep sir.. This isn't rite please don't touch me.... I'm only 11; you're 50..
Watery Sight at times of lonesome Nights, To Ponder, To Whimper of tomorrow’s whispers and what will be in store Or if I’ll mourn. Boiled blood, tears are shed and burn to nothing
You told me You told me the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. But now I realize that not everybody has the same taste. So your eyes partake of my identity and you spit me out of your mouth and exclaim
Sitting by the vacant school parking lot
I dreamed a dream of a little girl in a yellow dress She was dancing with the white roses Her feet running gaily Her arms twirling as if she was a ballerina She turned to smile at me….
Fingers dance across my throat  No marks are left this time  But even still I feel you as though trying to merge our skin  I can't speak can't see can't breathe 
A young girl just twelve years old sees a guy from a few feet over s
Its not my fault mom didn't love you
Empty shelves, empty roomEmpty heart hear it boomHear her lungs, they still breatheNot a want or a needLife still moves, it didn't quitThough she stops, doesn't bother with it
Mama, I know you're hurting but I'm hurting too, I know you're angry, Mama, But I'm angry too, So stop raising your voice and listen, One, two, thee, four, five,
Little girl's tears run down a red cheek All she ever heard is "You are such a freak!" Sitting quietly with metal death in her hand With a lot of fear and nothing more to stand
I'm tired of looking at the human race in the eyes To see death, poverty, abuse all covered up by lies We told ourselves it wouldn't happen again But it never stopped my fellow men
Teardrops can stain a surfaceTeardrops can destroy a work of artTeardrops can destroy makeupTeardrops are their own silent stormIf only people cared as much for teardropsAs they did for storms
I cry for the ones i love.   
I wish we didn't have voices. Everything would be so much more intimate. Because people lie and hurts others with words. What if we didn't have them? What if we just had our actions.
We hide behind a mask of lies To keep the truth from waving "hello" and "goodbye" But have you ever cried through blood shot eyes? Hit after hit, on that emotional high Have your lungs ever hurt so bad,
We hide behind a mask of lies To keep the truth from waving "hello" and "goodbye" But have you ever cried through blood shot eyes? Hit after hit, on that emotional high Have your lungs ever hurt so bad,
Our love is like the wind. It's like it never ends. It takes me up to places I've never been. Our love is like the wind. It breaks, hurts, and destroys. It's dangerous and nothing can stop it.
He downs another beer, His twelfth one tonight. I watch him.
Cracks shine through the sides only to be left A dark cloud comes through, a dissapointment They expected something different not theft Not suddenly drained of their excitement
Sick heart, dripping with gasoline, fueled by the cigarettes thrown like darts the whip’s bullseye that tore her apart, innocent and caged, helpless to cleanse itself, gives in to the rage,
Tweedle-Dee, tweedle-dum. She lays there likes a drum, as he's pounding into her. Treating her like no one. This goes on every night, and days when Aunty is away. He rapes her and beats her, forcing her to stay.
The sticky sweet smell of your cologne in my hair I couldn't push you off, I didn't even dare No, you didn't rape ne But what you did was just as bad Your hands down my pants, around my neck
would you miss me if i died? Would you stay up late at night if you knew today was my goodbye would you try when you woke because your the one who wished it on me would you try to call the next day
1980-The year Rodney Alcala w
It was winter where you were and summer where I stayed When you'd weap to me Tell me of the previous day My heart broke in half With the secrets you spilled My knees grew weak I turned ill
Scars you gave to me last year are still burning Are still visible and stained Scars you gave to me last year are still spilling blood Are still screaming for dear life
Before you laugh in my face and tell me that it was my fault, Know that I, am well aware I fell for you and i thought I knew what I was doing I thought I could play the game as well as the game master himself
Yeah, I see you girl at the back of the class hoping if she keeps quiet  no one will ask her to speak hoping that if she wills her lips sewn shut no one will see her   Yeah, I see you
I love you I am sorry, I just lost    control
You wouldn't think that it would be this hard to listen to your own thoughts and your own heart. The silence doesn't help, it only makes it worse. The silence makes my thoughts lonely, makes my mind race.
I never regret it
Did you ever think about how lying is just another way of telling someone they’re not worth the truth?
i bright eyed typhoon of giggle fits over a ridiculous picture where my nose looks too big for the screen
you little man of golden sand  you share my face my eyes my blood the tremble of my hand
 See thats the thing between you and her. You're getting better and she's getting worse. She ductapes her sadness with a smile and cries in silence. No one notices her bruises and cuts because theyre within.
I made you believe me… You didn’t have a reason to doubt… Why would the first words I ever spoke to you Be a lie? It was psychotic.
I let it go. I gave up. I stood my ground and was put down.
You say you love him. But do you? What about the bruises? Do you love those? You love the way he treats you. But do you love the way he uses you? But you love him right?
She does not know when to behave, never asked me if I am ok, criticizing and jabbing at my brain, the pounding heartbreaking pain. She knows there is someone to blame,
Trapped.  She is trapped with no way out. The fraction of hope that she contains is the only thing that is keeping her sane, if that is what she is. At this point, there is no doubt in her mind that he will return.
Drowning. She is drowning in the loneliness that is clouding her thoughts. When she thought. If she thought; she thinks she feel him, just in the back of her mindset.
HOW would you feel if you were talked about to your face? You would feel as if they hate you and you're a mistake. WHATwould you do if you didn't fit it? Another bathroom to eat your lunch is where you'd sit in.
White lips, pale face Wants to be erased
The day I met him, he had my heart.Then everytime I saw him it was like it was going to beat out of my chest.Shortly after knowing him I was ready to give him the restAnd no. I don't mean sex.
Hear me out, he said    And as the tears drip down my face   My energy begin depleting   This happens to over  one in 45 people  
Don’t let people know who you are, who you really are, since glass hearts shatter easily by those who have been equipped with stone swords from birth. Don’t let people know what upsets you, since
She is a rose And I, her thorn. What a wondrous thing To look so beautiful While someone else Lies at fault For your pain.
I get kicked down the halls and on the inside I scream No More I here you two scream and fight breaking things into the night my brain is drained and all its going to say is
    Abuse is a filthy stain that leaves its residue on your soul,
i've listened to it more times than i can count, but who's to say that i'm wrong. what you can see is the fading memory of me in a song. why can't i be true, why do you have to love  please i'm begging you run away
We live in shadows all by ourselves And sell our bodies on street corners Why? We smile to each other's faces and act like everything is okay When it's obviously not Why? We feel okay to tease others
When steps are heard Looks are exchanged And head bowed Tears won't help now So they'll take the hits in silence And spare a smile only for the other   When young, learn well
They say every action is either done in fear or out of love
Words are thrown out to hate,Before it can be stopped, it's al
"he's still here."   here.   Here and gone. The words meld into one.    I screamed. I cried. I lost my mind. Is it possibly to feel so much at the same time?
Many people seem to forget 
You slapped me for a year, I endured.
I thought about what it would be like Without you. I thought about how that would change me For flowers bloom and trees root With the beckoning of spring, And the chills of winter
Lonely is not a word that I like to hear,  it echos in the vast silences that are filled by lies,  Lonely is a storm shadow cast over an empty jungle gym,  
One too many times, I swallowed away the pain While all the time, you were buying my love and I am still overdosing, choking on you endlessly
I watched you fall, limbs and sins Sitting there watching all the pain you soaked in Dancing on your heart, laughing at your words,
The clouds have veins, at the end of the day, when the sun kisses the edges, and the purple spreads along the blue, dancing on the white
They whistle and howl Am I just a piece of meat? Faster, wolves devour   Note to Reader: I am a woman. I expect to able to walk down the street and not fear for my safety. I am a woman.
What is love?  Is it that splintering feeling of pain when you reach over from the driver's seat to touch her shoulder and "Apologize" for yelling?  Is it that fear to go to sleep because I know what the alcohol does? 
1.  A lab report lays on the table, a chart with a name too familiar
Here I sitand wonder why.Why am I here?Is it just to die?Or is there a reasonFor this crazy world?A reason to be hereto spin and to twirl?
he's a man but really he's sarcasm lanky, underfed, patched whole with drugs. he scares away crows but he doesn't scare me. I'll pay for this later. but sunsets sitting in a haze of
The cheating hurt, but besides that so did the lies and the punches. Im glad its over, I took a stand and I left. Im glad you know that you hurt me.  My tears weren't just the sadness you gave me.
Sometimes, enough is enough you tap out before the going actually gets tough nevertheless, no one else is in your position except you battling and fightng to get through
    Speak, shout, they must know It happened behind a closed door. Arrogance, mannish poison coursing through his veins,  Twenty minutes ago she came in but left.
This poem is directed towards my eldest brother... who has been on a heavy drug addiction for the past year. He has a 5 year old son who he barely sees and has got himself in a lot of trouble with the law. Hour Glass of Tracks
Icy hands of Hope, Frigid blissful voice of Love,
10am, down the first glass Drink off a half-remembered past Dream-dappled sleep can't shake
This is as quiet as it gets So please don’t break this silence Just hush down and fall asleep I promise not to make a sound so you don’t wake This moment is the calming before the storm
Once there was a little girl With blonde curls and wide eyes that shined like a pearl She sat alone waiting for Her carriage and prince to come knock at her door   As she turned the pages of her books
Roses are redish, Violets are blueish, If it wasnt for Christmas, We would all be Jewish
In this desolate forest of once proud, beautiful trees, long ago, stood an effervescent tree. She stood towering and strong with nimble, yet steady roots
In the 3in by 2in picture
Her father doesn't know   Her mother doesn't care
A man walked into a room (yes, it starts like a bad joke) and showed me a thousand pictures.
I find myself shedding tears for past shitWounds t
I speak on fear, depression, and realization.  Success to me only comes when all three of these things plays together as one. The battle is all within yourself and will always be.
See I've given up on love but somehow I still had faith in you, I believed In every word you said and foolishly thought they were true,
See I've given up on love but somehow I still had faith in you, I believed In every word you said and foolishly thought they were true,
You are nothing I wish it were true You aint going nowhere till I'm through Please help please help me God The door is shut now, It’s just me and you Why can’t I
Speak your mind and let it all out.
I shun this part right here Waking in the middle of night battered heart All we do is live in this perpetual fear Again and again I try to avoid this part right here
You wrote the thesaurus in which I am a synonym for worthless, and an antonym for perfect.You wrote the dictionary with my name defining the word ugly, and used me in a sentence to exemplify the adjective disgusting. 
ByeBy her sideYes that's rightWhere you said you were going beWhere you’re supposed to be...Where are you now...You’re her parentsThe ones that are supposed to love her
When the house shakes, the walls crumble. Then the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I'm surrounded by water. I can't see. I can't breathe. I can't think. Further, and further I sink.
Lost in another compilation of complications. A group of her friends worsened the situation. I can't take this nonsense anymore I'm walking out the door. I'm not leaving you but I'm leaving this relationship.
Here I lay on my bed A pillow is under my head My room is dark and silent A paper moves, so pops open my eyelids   Its early morning Late night Sleep is nowhere in sight  
Government officials have fallen into the chains of guilty corruption, Our endowed right is no longer the Pursuit of Happiness.  This backfires on our economic production, We the citizens have no wall of security.
    My story goes unspoken The pain went unknown,
SLAP! I didn't mean to upset you I'm sorry I don't know why I always have to ask so many questions. SHOVE! Down the stairs I'm falling
Violence, much happens to people who keep silence  Oppression led the oppress to depression One gun can kill many sons  Teenage girls are confused, all bruised 
Fading into the darkness,
    I once knew a girl,
I want someone to listen to me. Listen to my story and tell me when I’m done “That’s some deep shit you waded through.” And then say nothing.
A piece of meat cornered by beasts, lured into the trap, and now you're their feast. They don't kill you, but eat you alive. They like it better when you fight.
What the hell is wrong with you?Don’t you know I’m beaten and blue?Leave me alone.I’ve done nothing to you.
You You are unfair.   You You put my life on pause. You filled my life with terror that demands to be felt.
You smelled of stale beer and musty basements,And soon that smell became the only one I knew.You drank until you couldn't remember your own name,And screamed mine until your voice resonated off the walls.
Hugs are weird Hugs are strange I do not want a hug No, no not now or later. The thought of someone engulfing part of their body around mines just creeps me out.
Silence Oh Silence, My hushed homeland hide-out a gem  rarely unearthed main supporter when all is wrong When all words fail Silence  
Growing up- Broken- BeatenActing like nothings wrongCan't you see I'm crying- hurting?Acting out just to see your longface staring back at me.See that look in your eyesHow much you wish that
You're a bully What does that say about you?
Sickness, poverty, nations of the illUncured, losing the battle not at will   Nations crumbling beneath our feetNations tearing at the seams  
Figures lie, and liars figure All wanna' write out a new piece of scripture They'll say count your blessings before you're gone. You don't know if you'll last long.
Is it not enough for you that you've ripped my heart out already. You fucking broke it and now you have to step on every single one of the pieces too? Was it never enough for you to just know that I loved you?  
Brain crackling like electricity touched it. Sharp taps at the back of the skull as if it hit cement. Chest tightening, heart missing, one large gaping hole, no lungs for a single breath. Bloody fingers.
I see her crying I see her
Conflicted, tormented, and loved In the strangest sense of all  Scared, cared for, and protected
I'm the man in the sky  I watch you with my hazy eyes Take my hand I'll set you free Step into my reality   Here there ain't a ceilin' with walls
You hide yourself from everyone else Because there's a monster inside. He can't be controlled by anyone, not even you But you talk a good talk and lie about the truth.
The girl lies on a cot -- The girl with hauntingly beautiful green eyes. With nothing but a battered baby blanket to cover her emaciated body. Her feet peek out from beneath the sheet, bloody and broken,
The Closet   There is the universe. Inside that universe is the solar system,
Nostalgic memories engulf my thoughts
The whispers that she hears as she walks out into the world today
There’s Suffering and crying, and a lot of people are still dying World leaders getting richer while their peoples bodies are piling Up to a mountainous top, corpses spewing like the steam from a boiling pot, of Genocide
Take a bite of the poison It’s the fate that you’ve chosen   Eat it slow, swallow fast
Now, I don't want this poem to be thrown in a big pile of others with a similar meaning. I want whoever hands this lands in to understand what i'm saying and feel what they're reading.
I try to stay away from you But you keep on coming back I see the desperation but I do not give a flack You're a crazy creepy stalking pig who I want far, far away but you just seem to return to me
Maybe I'm a little outspoken, but I held the words on before, and I felt as if I were choking. To you, I am a nobody, but nobodies have feelings too. and your words, well, they stick to me like glue.
  Skies full Downpour
"Why me?" She sits in the corner of her room Crying and Slowly dying "Is it even worth it?" Should she end it?
pour up (d
It started out ok, It started out good. It started out the way it was supposed to, It started out the way it should. But I dont really know what happened, Something had went wrong.
Haven't seen your face in a while; I miss your smile.
Honesty is a lonesome place When you’re lying on the ground And you find yourself
If a child throws a fit in the store,  If a man drinks, drives, and wrecks,  If the rainforests are being depleted, 
Lying next to you felt wrong, but nothing felt right these days.
Here I stand, in my apartment, where you broke me, you took the old me, and molded me into something new. someone I hardly recognize,  who is that girl in the mirror?
He stared into her beautiful eyes, even as the tears of slowly lost love fell.   But he did not care. He knew what he wanted. And he took it, no remorse.   Blinded by
Why couldn’t you love me?
I don't know who I am anymore. I don't know what it means to feel motivated in something that you really love doing since people expect you to be perfect. I continue to push but for what?
Like a puppet with ripped strings I hang limp from a tree that is rooted in bad seeds. I have no direction and no recollection of anything but the present. Everything else is blocked out and I always want to shout.
How, why, was that who I am?
Stand Up Wake up with that dreadul feeling.
It's Just a Compliment By Marielle Eaton         “It’s just a compliment”                         just                                     just                                                 just
   To my abuser: “You worthless piece of shit” The words echo into my brain, From a past I have repressed You thought you could squander my hopes, my dreams To the hurt, the pain,
The sharp and the stabbingLike the shards of a broken bottleAnd its gleaming smoothnessLike the beads of a necklaceThey cut my stomach  liningLuminescent- like stolen stars
Small sad corpse, eyes gone grayI passed you only yesterdayThrough tattered walls you called to meThere’s no one in your home to tellThey left you like an empty shell
Depression is a widow's veil. A black, looming object..light and wispy, blowing with every change of the wind.  It's flowery design serves to hide the pain and agony that lies beneath. 
How Can You… Hit me like it’s nothing, Cuss at me like I’m something Bad, and think that fucking With my head is natural? How Can You… Play these games with my heart Like a board game found at K-Mart,
Do you know what your child is saying? Sticks and stones may break my bones Well they don’t tell you words are rocks They don’t tell you threats aren’t empty They feel full, strong, triumphant
"Hey there sister, my old best friend." I sit here debating, hand trembling over send. I hit delete for there is no use. You've fallen prey to your own abuse. What happened dear sister? What went wrong?
A weed in a lawn full of grass. A disturbance an annoyance Ugly and fowl.
Placid water, My reflection stands still. Though my thoughts in my head, And the emotions that i feel, Run rampant throughtout me, Beckoning tears to my eyes. But no longer will i suffer,
It was a sunny frid
I don't like it. Not at all, I don't appreciate this. This immense hatred, and dislike. That is all towards me. Why? I must ask why... Why am I the target, of all, Your hatred?
16 years old on the street Has a baby girl From being a freak in the sheets Wasn't unprotected But, the condom broke 2 weeks later it was positive So she told her folk Her mom was disappointed
Before you are goneBefore this world swallows us and leaves us all for deadI feel tortured hands holding my jaw bone shut.And,
    Sitting in an empty room, I remember love: In these quiet moments I think of your soul
Is it because me and my gurl dropped out Our sophmore year of high school, for becoming 16 yr. parents? Was it us taking that risk? Or was it life we decided to miss?