Dear Lover, Goodbye (A letter to my abuser)


Dear Lover,

Because I love you,

I let you walk all over me.

I forgave your infidelity.

I gave you my heart.

You replaced it with yours.

I can hear your comatose whispers.


You forced your grip between my rib cage,

Grasped my heart to extract.

Sound of flesh ripping open,

As you amputated my contact.


Because i love you,

Even though you were choking me,

With the same hands you caressed my face,

Your mouth said awful things,

But had a sweet aftertaste,

I could not leave.


Your hands around my throat,

Suffocated my objections.

Quietly, my reasoning subsided.

Append my voice to your collections.


Because i love you,

I believed it was my fault,

When the accusations flew.

You did not remove your hands,

Until i went blue.


“911 what's your emergency?”

Flat lines drown out your apology.

Unconsciousness’ comfort,

Protected me from your lies.

All i heard were sweet lullabies.


Because i loved you,

I overstayed my time.

Resurrected by self worth.

I must escape.


Because i love myself,

This is goodbye.


My deepest sympathy,

your victim


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