Scream (To the Silence, Maybe Someone Will Hear)


United States
34° 1' 25.7484" N, 118° 9' 11.6208" W

The smile on her lips
Had never reached her eyes
She hid her pain and worries behind
Her perfect porcelain disguise

No one suspected
No one ever thought
"--She was always happy"
A good reason to think not

But she took her life
The girl with the smile
Thinking that living
Wasn't worthwhile

She lays in her tomb
The scars marring her wrists
With the abuse "hush-hushed"
She seemed out of her wits

No one dared to notice
Or did they even care
Of the pain that she cradled
That it became to much to bear

Just a look at her wrists
The bloody message in welts
She engraved on her body
Her hopeless plea for help

And in death do they listen
Will they finally see
The abuse that she suffered
How she died to be freed?

But no one would hear her
And her voice had gone silent
They where blinded from the bruises
And deaf to what they meant

The abuse, it finally ended
As they put her in the ground
They ignored her cries for help
And now she makes no sound



WOW! So handsome !

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