Because I Love You

“Because I love you”

is not an apology

is not a ball and chain

is not an excuse.

It is a truth.

It is a reason.

It is a motivation.


When it is sincere

And pure

It is not said –

It is implied.

It is woven between

The words that are said


The words that are heard.


“Because I love you”  

is when he kisses my forehead.


“Because I love you”

is when he tucks my hair behind my ear.


“Because I love you”

is when he orders me my own pizza

with no cheese

because I like it like that.


“Because I love you”

is when I ask him

multiple times

a day

an hour

for pictures of his handsome face.

And he replies with a selfie and a smile.


“Because I love you”

is when he calls me

after a long day of work

and talks to me about nothing

and everything

all at once

as he drives home.


“Because I love you”

is when he surprises me

with bookmarks

and board games

just because he was





“Because I love you”

is when I’m wrapped up in my photography

and he’s watching me

and I look back

and he smiles.


“Because I love you”

is when I tell him

about how those boys –

the ones before

the mistakes –

how they hurt me

how they let me down

how they used me…

and he just pulls me tighter

and exhales

and his breathe

tells me that

he won’t let anything like that

happen ever again

because he loves me.


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