Despair Whats the point



Whats the point of living if theres nothing to prove. Whats the point of living if theres nothing to loose. Why do people strive to be perfect when its never gunna happen. Well great job for them. But im not clappin. They say to try and try again. But when is it ever gunna happen. Please. Tell me when. 

Then we talk pills to relieve our depression ills. We like it so we take more. Next thing you know you lost your job and everyone is shutting the door. Theres no hope, theres no strength so you take more pills to relieve the pain. You get a knife cause your in the mood for some blood. Your eyes grow dark and your mind is a flood. You try to call for help but u cnt even yelp. You fall into a deep endless sleep. Your in a corner all alone so you start to weep. You feel something in your heart, sole and head. What a suprise! Your dead. 



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