Because I loved you, I felt worthless

Because I loved you, I saw myself surrounded by darkness when you were supposed to be my light

Because I loved you, I saw blood on my hands instead of your fingers between mine

Because I loved you, I thought I wasn’t good enough and because I loved you I didn’t love myself

Everything was your fault but,

Because I loved you, I apologized

But according to you that love just wasn’t good enough.

You blamed me for your nights with her but, because I loved you I forgave you

You decided you had had enough

It had to of been terrible being stuck with someone like me 

You pushed me against the wall and told me it was all my fault

You yelled and shattered glasses but because I loved you, I picked up the pieces

You treated me like dirt so there I laid on the floor like I deserved

Left in a daze with only the ringing in my ear from your screams to comfort me

Because I loved you, being this low felt like home to me

What I didn’t know then was that ending was my beginning

You see, I didn’t know that it was you and not me.

I couldn’t see that the man I thought was my lighthouse, was my only anchor.

You let me believe I was nothing without you

That I would never find another man like you

And I’m thankful that I didn’t

I moved on and found a new love

When you found love for her I found love in me

So thank you for the years of abuse

Thank you for making me feel used

And finally, because I love me, I don't miss you. 

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I love this poem. It perfectly illustrates how love can be misguided and how love for yourself makes you stronger. I truly believe that once you love yourself you then can be loved properly because you will love some like you. Some one who respects you. Amazing poem. You're awesome!

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