Dirty Dishwater

He pours scalding water

over your wounds

boiling you from the outside in. 

His words are poison soap

grating off layers of the world

and attacking your reality. 

He washes severed emotions

in your sea of compassion

sharp edges slaughtering. 

Chemicals violate you

stealing any innocence

you once possessed. 

He uses you

a grown-up committing

grown-up acts. 

He lies that loves you

leaves you sloshing there

in shreds. 

Step up your game

you're going cold

in the head.

He drops objects in your fog

and they float there unwelcomed

character loops to your rollercoaster. 

He kidnaps all you have

drying your soul and setting it

just out of reach. 


He's done with you

for now

finished with your mistakes.

You have no bubbles left

you're slipping from life

you're dancing with death. 

He grins at your disgrace 

and offers to pull the plug 

-- you're dishwater anyway. 

You're on your knees

begging him

use you again. 

He drains you down

and chases you with grime

never looking back. 


Ocean salt stings your wounds

stitches your existence

as you sew into yourself. 

You are crystal blue water

no longer defined by

dirty dishes. 

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My community
My country
Our world
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