To My Beloved Mother (Inspired by Dearly Beloved and the pains of slavery)

You called me beloved

Yet you were so irrational

Mama you can’t handle it

Them dogs who be so watchful

Mama why you give yourself up so easily?

Can’t you see you getting played

So abruptly

Girl, You shoved death in my face

Thought you were an ace

Schemed good

Figured death would save me

from the chains of slavery

Baby girl, that’s wrong

It takes more than the Navy,

but bravery to save us from

this history of painful mysteries (Reference to Slavery)

You looked at me stunned

then you went

Baby no girl

I’m gonna make yo’ life living hell (Chorus)

Because I love you oh so well (Chorus)

I’mma pounce on the guy whom you love so much

So he’s out of yo’ life

Now it’s just me you

Even Sister

but I’mma make her very bitter

She took the milk away from my body (She took my life)

Thinking she be somebody

Greedy dog, dog, dog, dog, dog

What a hog, hog, hog, hog,

Imma make her suffer

Though yo mama taught you this (You must know?)

Which you never really took for granted (Never will)

Imma make yo’ life living hell (Give you back your pain)

Call a record in the books (Suffer like no other)

So you can understand the pain

when I fell (Chorus) (I had a life before me, you destroyed it.)

Damn girl, you slit my throat (You’re my mother, why?)

I bled a mile wide

Did you think I wouldn’t croak? (Revenge is sweet)

Oh hell no

You got it wrong and all raw

Sure as hell

Slavery may as be well

Ruined your lives, But don’t run

Don’t be fighting that fight alone

Think you got me blown?

It gets you nowhere

Sure you may love me

and I to you, so much I could kill you (Obsession)

But in conclusion baby,

Change ain’t gonna happen

Cause If it were,

I wouldn’t be rapping


did that hurt mama yo?

Cause I hope it did,

for I feel the pain (That you inflicted on me)

Big girl, Fight me (Like a real man)


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