Just stand there

ten feet above me

looking down

like the empire state building.

In your eyes I'm small and weak

but I'm rising now.

What do you think about that?

Are your afraid?

Does my new found strength scare you?

It should.

I'm tall now, long, lean, strong

put your head down now

before I slam it down

shut your mouth now

before I shut it for you.

No love here…no love for you

no remorse…no remorse for what you did.

You slapped, you punched you kicked

…you damaged, left bruises,

broken bones, broken heart,

broken spirit

but not anymore.

I'm a big girl now

and you’re an old man.

Does it suck being weak?

Being frail?

It does, doesn’t it?

Too late for sorry…a little too late,

you showed me nothing but hate,

no pity you kicked me when I was down.

Now I rise….be afraid… are you?


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