Mom Tried

Mom tried

tried to protect me from people like him.

She did this with hope for safety.

She did what she could,

but failed.

Mom warned me

“don’t let them touch you there.”

She knew of the evil that existed,

she didn’t know it lived next door,

she didn’t know it can lie and deceive.

She didn’t know this evil being enough

but she trusted him.

She had no other choice

her surgery was taking place

I was forced to stay in there,

with him,

forced to stay quiet,

forced to stand still,

forced to abide by His will.

I didn’t do what mom said.

He had to go there

He invaded like a disease.

It wasn’t mom’s fault,

It was mine.

So I thought.

Leaving me soulless and heartless was the worse this man did

Leaving me to live with this ball and chain.

So I told mom

So I could try to rip these chains

Then she cried.

Then I cried.

Nothing was said.

Nothing was done.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Ever since then I said “Fuck this Shit!”

I will speak out,

I will stand out ,

stand up,

scream out,


There was no good will,

But from then I have developed my own skill

Speaking about evil and others like him

I have overcome this curse and have rose from his sin.

I will not stand down,

I will not be quiet ,

I will be better,

know better,

to make this world better.



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