I Survived

Speckled shadows on my collarbones
Where your greedy hands wrote your name,
Where my selfish whispers angered you,
My desperate pleas denied you
The prize buried deeply in my chest
Where red flowers bloomed below the surface,
Aching sorrows whispered wearily of my distress.
Your voice screamed that you loved me,
Like nails swiftly scraping away at my seams,
Opening me up and tearing me apart;
The current raging, tugging at my heart.
The fist I could take, the hits I could shake
It's the words that caused my world to break,
The stolen touches, kisses taken,
The shape your hands made
When they wrapped around my waist.
I stood silently, shaken,
Crying tears you loved to taste.
The tongue you wielded like a knife,
Left me bloody on the bed,
Screams echoing in my head.
Day by day I dwindled,
A scarecrow of a girl,
Lost myself to you, but 

I survived.

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