I once thought of you as my father
Although your blood doesn't run through my veins
That's what I claimed
But then one day;
Like glass shattering, something snapped in you
You took advantage of me
And now I'll never be the same
I can't even stand hearing your voice over the phone
Everytime I do..
It's like salt water lapping against my open wounds
Ever since that horrible summer
I've been left bloody, broken and used
I will never ever be the same as I once was
It's like a tattoo I keep trying to carve away
But every time I try,
I just leave bigger scars
Most days I muddle along getting through okay..
But others..
It takes everything I have to even get out of bed
So many people say 'just let go of the past'
And I just want to scream and tell them,
'how about you freaking try it!'
There are horrible things in this world
No one realizes it until something effects their life
The world is an ugly, beautiful place
Like yin and yang
And finally,
I think i'm starting to see the beauty.


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